Hotel Gabrielli in Venice changes management

Starhotels enriches its “collection” of luxury hotels with the Hotel Gabrielli in Venice. Thus the growth of the Florentine hotel group continues, which strengthens its presence in Venice, where it already boasts the Spledid Venice, and in the luxury hospitality market with a new 5-star hotel. Gabrielli, a historic hotel dating back to 1856, owned … Read more

INDUSTRY MAGAZINE | German cartel office searches cable manufacturers

The German Federal Cartel Office is investigating the suspicion of price fixing among cable manufacturers. A spokesman for the cartel office says that the authority has searched several manufacturers of cables and wires. The names of the companies involved have not yet been mentioned. According to the Cartel Office, there are suspicions that companies and … Read more

ANMAT clarifies that the COVID-19 vaccine does not contain graphene

This National Administration clarifies to the population that The COVID 19 AstraZeneca vaccine does not contain graphene among its components. The information on the graphene content arises from a typing error in Report IF-2021-120912800-APN-DECBR#ANMAT attached to the judicial file and that it was clarified in the statement made on Tuesday, January 11 of the current … Read more

GPHL and GAC intend to join hands with Guangzhou football team to hire football management talents with an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan – Xinhua

GPHL and GAC intend to join hands with Guangzhou football team to hire football management talents with an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan Both parties may hold 50% equity of Guangzhou Football Team The “Xiajia” who took over the Guangzhou Football Club (hereinafter referred to as the “Guangzhou Team”) seems to have an … Read more

Usa: poll, majority of Americans frustrated by Biden – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JANUARY 16 – Half of Americans feel “frustrated” and “disappointed” by the Biden administration, whose management of the economy, immigration, crime and inflation does not approve. The president, whose approval is 44%, also loses consensus on the fight against Covid, with 51% who believe you are not doing a good job. … Read more

Management of Covid cases at school in Puglia, the ‘Scuole diffuse’ committee against the Region

“The protocol for the management of Covid cases in the school environment of the Puglia Region is different from the provisions of national law and the ministerial circulars”. This is supported by the coordination ‘The School we want – Scuole diffuse in Puglia’, which in a note announces that in the past few hours it … Read more

danger of the dollar jumping, with an increasingly weakened Guzmán

The rise in inflation in December, which was 3.8 percent monthly, marks a change from November’s low inflation of 2.5%. Therefore, If the BCRA increases the official exchange rate by only 1.8% per month, as happened in December, it may continue to fall short. Of the last 50 months, in 30 retail prices rose 3% … Read more

Gentville acknowledges: there is a danger in changing land management

On Friday, the minister reviewed the work done in 2021 and plans for this year. He announced that three major reforms are awaiting this year. “The three TOP reforms we are presenting this year: the reform of protected areas, the reform of water management and the transfer of state land to local government,” the minister … Read more

[Health Value Added]Has a cough and runny nose been recruited? There is a way to handle the new coronavirus and colds separately! – Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Personal Value Added

The new coronavirus variant Omicron spreads rapidly around the world. Since the symptoms include cough and runny nose, how to distinguish whether it is infected with Omicron or a common cold? Judging from the current situation, although the new coronavirus variant Omicron has strong infectivity, the condition after infection is not as serious as other … Read more

Covid, the new rules for the management of positive contacts at school

The operational indications for managing the contacts of covid-positive cases in the school environment have been updated. The objective pursued is to respect the need for face-to-face teaching as much as possible, as well as guaranteeing health safety and limiting contagion from Covid. To facilitate diagnosis, the tests can be performed by pediatricians or pharmacies … Read more