The key to higher speed and lower consumption is smooth driving

Why does driving with certain drivers scare you and make you feel sick in the car? Why do you sleep peacefully with others? And do you really think it’s just about speed? But go… Honza Červenka repeatedly tells clients in his sports-defensive driving courses that fluidity is the key to speed. And Honza Koubek can … Read more

Self-destructing pacemaker could improve management of heart failure

A group of American researchers has developed a transient pacemaker that dissolves when no longer needed. The device is paired with a suite of wearable sensors, providing real-time data on the patient’s condition. The implant is designed for people recovering from heart injury or surgery who need a pacemaker for a short time. Once the … Read more

Digital dollar: how and where to buy

The dollar It is a “passion” of the Argentines: faced with the controls in the foreign exchange market and the exchange rate gap above 100%, they sharpen their ingenuity to save in hard currency. In this context, growing use of stablecoins, whose value is pegged to another asset (such as gold) or a fiat currencylike … Read more

The new problem faced by those looking to rent an apartment

In a market that specialists say is already dollarized, tenants have more and more problems finding a home By Marysol Anton 07/08/2022 – 08,15hs If you are one of the few who dare to list your property for rent, then seriously consider the idea of ​​doing it through a real estate agent. Surely it will … Read more

[Health Value Added]Diabetic patients beware of diabetes and regular blood tests to reduce fatal risk-Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Smart Consumer

There is one diabetic patient for every 10 Hong Kong people, that is, there are currently about 700,000 patients in Hong Kong. Zhou Zhenzhong, a specialist in endocrinology and diabetes, pointed out that the most terrifying thing about this disease is that the ultimate cause of death for most type 2 diabetics is the serious … Read more

The Czechs are planning energy management over the winter

Due to high prices and shortage of gas, people are betting big on electricity. As stated by the server TN, across Europe household preparations for the upcoming heating season, which will be marked by the energy crisis, are intensifying. High prices and lack of gas are scary. Therefore, people began to buy direct heaters, electric … Read more

First about gold – under the new management, NB wants to buy roughly 100 tons of gold. Czechia would then start building its gold treasure again and would eventually have the most gold in its history

esk nrodn banka by rda rozila dv zlat reserve piblin destinsobn, na vce ne 100 tun. M se tak stt how many let. In the day interview for denk Prvo it was stated by Nov Gov. NB But Michael. Do of gold he decided to invest widely like this, or vvoj the price precious metal … Read more

How much is $1000 argentines in brazilians?

The real is the currency from Brazil and enjoys great popularity in the Argentine territory, either by Argentine citizens who wish to vacation in said country, as well as by those savers What are they looking for in the real a way to protect yourself from inflation. This fact has generated that many Argentines change … Read more

Barcelona in trouble. The LaLiga management rejected the club’s request to register the players

With just six days left until the start of LaLiga (seven for Barcelona), the Blaugrana still haven’t met the registration requirements for new players. This concerns Andreas Christensen, Franck Kessié, Raphinha, Robert Lewandowski and Jules Koundé, as well as Ousmane Dembélé and Sergi Roberto, who have extended their contracts with the club. Old President Joan … Read more

Health. Brittany innovates in the management of pneumothorax

Suddenly, you experience sharp one-sided chest pain that may spread to the neck, shoulder, or abdomen. Also difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath and a dry cough. Symptoms that are characteristic of pneumothorax. “They can go off at any time, even at rest,” specifies Professor Stéphane Jouneau, pulmonologist at the University Hospital of Rennes. “This … Read more