SALVATI and MILC present manifesto to support treatment of patients with breast cancer

We are going through a health crisis due to Covid-19; but breast cancer progresses and does not stop The manifesto is a call to the authorities and civil society not to neglect breast cancer patients The nearly eight months of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused other conditions to face new challenges. Only in breast cancer, … Read more

Vox blames magnate Soros for the manifesto against data manipulation

Zamora, Nov 8 (EFE) .- The general secretary of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, blamed this Friday the Hungarian tycoon of Jewish origin George Soros for being behind the manifesto signed by more than 550 social scientists who denounced “the manipulation of data and various information “on the training led by Santiago Abascal. Asked about this … Read more

Manifesto against checkout culture: ‘Don’t let the debate be hijacked by radical screamers’ | Inland

Bart Collard and Raisa Blommestijn wrote a Manifesto for the Free Word. “For the least or least you are called ‘racist’.” Ⓒ Anko Stoffels Leiden – In a Manifesto for the Free Word, some ninety Dutch and Flemish academics, opinion makers and politicians turn against the culture of payment. The free word is under pressure … Read more

Question marks around ‘manifesto’ German forest Rambo | Abroad

However, according to a police spokesman, it is not certain that the text of the 31-year-old is ‘Rambo van Oppenau’. On 2 sheets it is about the increasing technologization of life and the simple life in the forests. According to German media, the writing was found in a local catering facility. According to the police, … Read more