Priority education. Six questions about the government’s big bang

The measure had been awaited for a year. But it’s a small earthquake that the Secretary of State for Priority Education Nathalie Elimas has just announced: the deletion of the priority education networks (Rep) in 2022. Instead, the government intends to prioritize contracts between institutions and rectorates. Decryption. What is priority education? It is often … Read more

Breast cancer is a man’s thing too.

International Men’s Day is celebrated every November 19 and is the perfect excuse to remind you that men can also suffer from breast cancer. Identifying signs and symptoms early can make a difference. Surely you have a father, a son, a boyfriend or a husband, maybe also friends and co-workers, everyone should know that breast … Read more

Luis Rojas’s mother: He has a man’s body, but he’s a boy

Ana Zamora, the mother of the Chilean midfielder Luis Rojas, was proud after the footballer did his first training session in Crotone, Italy, and indicated from New York that he has much to learn in his new adventure in Calcio. “I talk to Luis every day. He is fine, calm and eager to keep moving … Read more

Here’s why Bitcoin is in no man’s land from a monthly technical perspective

Bitcoin is currently in a no man’s land from a monthly technical perspective, analysts say. The cryptocurrency will need to decisively move above $ 12,000 or below $ 10,000 to confirm its directionality. Bitcoin is in no man’s land on a monthly time frame Bitcoin can be in no man’s land in a monthly time … Read more

Aston Martin Victor: unique model inspired by the 1977 Le Mans car

The chassis is that of the One-77, the V12 engine has been upgraded to 836 horsepower, the suspensions are from the Vulcan and the bodywork is carbon fiber The Aston Martin One-77 is one of the most exclusive cars of the British brand. And the Vulcan is another one of those ‘limited series’ models that … Read more

Police call for police arrest for black man’s death in NY – CNN

Black man suffocated to death in police custody 4:49 (CNN) — The family of a black man in Rochester, New York, calls for the firing and arrest of all the police officers involved in his death in March, who they say they put a bag over his head. Daniel Prude was having a mental health … Read more

The Last Campfire from creators No Man’s Sky comes out Thursday for consoles and PC – Gaming – News

Hello Games will release The Last Campfire on Thursday. The PC version of the game will appear on the Epic Games Store and the adventure game will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will also be released via Apple Arcade. Developer Hello Games has put a new video with … Read more

Surprise! The Last Campfire, the next game from the developers of No Man’s Sky, will be released this Thursday

We are used to production delays, so the opposite may surprise us: the studio behind No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, unveiled this Wednesday as his next game, The Last Campfire will be released on August 27 … tomorrow! • Read also: September 2020: here are the free PlayStation Plus games Presented for the first time … Read more

Al-Ain enters the man’s grave .. Thus, the sister of Muhammad Ramadan commented on the death of Mustafa Hafnawi

Iman Ramadan, the sister of Muhammad Ramadan, commented on her personal page on the social networking site “Instagram” on the death of YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi. She wrote: “The eye is the right of envy, and from the evil of the envy if envy, my home is your joy and my home is any sweet need … Read more