Cars, mansions and a ring valued at 300,000 euros, the fortune left by Diego Armando Maradona

Guadalupe Piñeiro MichelFOLLOW Updated:26/11/2020 01: 00h save He was not only a legend of world football. Throughout his 60 years just turned, Diego Armando Maradona also managed to accumulate a millionaire economic wealth that, despite some warnings from «Pelusa» himself during his family disagreements, will remain in the hands of his descendants. His personal assets … Read more

Tenancy cars, borrowed mansions and fictional opulence: the musicians who pretended to behave in the vastness just for the cameras

The fictional luxuries of singers From Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, to Sandro’s Banfield mansion, to Elton John’s luxurious home in Nice, the musicians’ abodes have always caused as much curiosity as their work. It even becomes a must for any tourist: it is not uncommon for a stroll through Punta Cana to tell you that … Read more