Marcelo Tinelli revealed how he helps Soledad Aquino in her visits to intensive care – Paparazzi Magazine

What is the best that can be “Of love, after love”how he sang Fito Paez? Perhaps, support and containment in the worst moments. And also laughter, like a balm, as a way to overcome the most painful. More, when there are two daughters involved and a past together, how is it that unites Marcelo tinelli … Read more

Marcelo Tinelli told details of Soledad Aquino’s delicate health, who is still in intensive care – Paparazzi Magazine

Worry plagues the family of Marcelo tinelli, since his ex-wife has been Soledad Aquino He continues in intensive care at the La Trinidad clinic. Cande and Mica’s mother was admitted with a picture of liver cirrhosis and despite the time that had elapsed, she remains under observation and monitored. The driver of ShowMatch served as … Read more

“It is the Law that serves the policy, it is not the policy that serves the Law”. Marcelo puts an end to the next chapter – Observer …

Hours after António Costa have explained to the country that “law is law” and that, for that very reason, I could not fail to send to the Constitutional Court the three diplomas with the reinforcements of social supports approved by Parliament, with the votes against the PS, and promulgated last Sunday by the President of … Read more

List of Haaland-Mbappe’s Victims at Real Madrid, 4 Senior Players and 2 Most Expensive Forwards

TWITTER.COM/EIFSOCCER Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe will eat sacrifices if they really go to Real Madrid, namely four senior players and the two most expensive attackers. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe will eat tumbal if really to Real Madrid, namely the four senior players and the two most expensive attackers. Erling … Read more

The daughters of Marcelo Araujo tried to usurp his apartment: they threw them out

Araujo’s wife was at his premises and was alerted by the staff working in the building. He automatically showed up at the scene to stop the forced eviction and gave notice to his lawyer Mariana Gallego. “The police threw them out and fringed the apartment, prevented them from taking the goods“, affirmed the lawyer to … Read more

Real Madrid news: Marcelo enters Real Madrid’s starting line-up again

Marcelo – Real Madrid – La Liga Sport 360 – Brazilian left-back Marcelo storms real Madrid, The starting line-up for the royal team in the next match against Celta Vigo, after a period of absence from the starting line-up recently. newspaper Spanish Marca It was reported, today, Thursday, that Marcelo may be the most prominent … Read more

8 years after the turbulent start of their relationship, Guillermina Valdés revealed how she met Marcelo Tinelli

Guillermina Valdes (43) told for the first time how he met Marcelo tinelli (60) after divorcing Sebastian Ortega (47), more than 8 years ago. While she clarified that her ex-husband was never friends with the driver of ShowMatch (El Trece) and she was “nobody’s wife.” In detail, the former model visited this Tuesday The Mammons … Read more

Reis Felipe and Letizia receive Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in Madrid

After meeting with Pope Francisco in the Vatican, on the morning of last Friday, March 12, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa went to Madrid, where he visited the kings of Spain. The president was received at the end of the afternoon by the king Felipe VI at the Royal Palace, where they talked about the relationship … Read more

Marcelo Cañete: Why did you come to the University of Chile and not to Colo Colo? the flyer gives its reasons

Marcelo Cañete It is already a reinforcement of the University of Chile and in fact he is already training alongside his teammates preparing what will be the Copa Libertadores duel against San Lorenzo on March 10 at the National Stadium. The former Cobresal midfielder He spoke with Directv Sports where he gave light on the … Read more

Marcelo Araya, Chief General of the Carabineros Metropolitan Area: “What we see on Fridays in Plaza Italia are not protests, it is vandalism”

Fridays of demonstrations and disorders in the center of Santiago are repeated every week. Since October 18, 2019, the vicinity of Plaza Italia, the traditional meeting point for sporting triumphs, has been transformed into an almost exclusive scene of protests. The pandemic gave a brief truce. Even a short transfer of the incidents to the … Read more