when repaying the loan, the bank’s margin cannot change due to EURIBOR changes

“My money” received questions from readers: can we expect that in the near future EURIBOR, and at the same time mortgage interest rates, will decrease? And can the bank increase the margin at the expense of EURIBOR decline? The answers are provided by the President of the Lithuanian Banks Association, Eivilė Čipkutė, and the Head … Read more

US Tesla, profit margin declines above expectations in the fourth quarter | Reuters

[25日 ロイター] – US electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla announced on the 25th that sales and profits exceeded market expectations in the fourth quarter of 2022. The number of vehicles delivered in the same quarter reached a record high, which contributed. However, the profit margin of the automobile business fell sharply. US electric vehicle (EV) … Read more

Maneuver: Pd, no penal shield or we’ll skip the bank – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 20 – “If you intend, in addition to the work done so far, to bring criminal issues related to some tax crimes for the Democratic Party, it skips the bank”. Thus the leader of the Pd Debora Serracchiani, on the sidelines of the work of the Budget commission in the Chamber … Read more

THE BALL – Sporting defeats Oliveirense by the smallest margin (Roller Hockey)

Sporting beat Oliveirense, by 5-4, at Pavilhão João Rocha, in a match for the 6th round of the National Roller Hockey Championship. Matías Platero, Gonzalo Romero (3) and João Souto were the authors of the goals for the lions who follow, thus, in third place, with 15 points, behind Benfica (1st) and Óquei de Barcelos … Read more

Kovanda: Food around the world is already getting cheaper. Not yet to the Czechs

Food around the world is already becoming cheaper, but Czech sellers often cut their prices even further instead. Czechs should be careful when shopping in the store and not buy food at any price, says economist Lukáš Kovanda. Global food prices appear to be falling this month for the first time in more than two … Read more

Regular margin is good ─ 500,000 yuan deposit for 3 months or less to earn $5,600 – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Income Strategy

It is best to analyze the fixed deposit of the bank from different angles in “Fixed Interim Good”. Remember to click on the first few articles at the end of the article! The rebound of the market is not only a good opportunity to enter the market, but also a time to clear low-quality stocks … Read more

Razov, I do not rule out Italy has sent men to Ukraine – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 01 – “I do not exclude” that Italy, in addition to arms, has also sent men to Ukraine. This was stated by the Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razov, answering a question about the Donbass, in an interview with Oval media, on the sidelines of the Verona Eurasian Economic Forum which … Read more

the fines fall in bursts, with sometimes several in a few minutes for the same driver because of the end of the tolerance margin

The end of the floor’s tolerance margin has had its effects in recent weeks. Some drivers receive bursts of three or four hits. suddenly for speeding at 121 or 122 km/h! ********* ******** **** *** ********** *** ** ****** ***************************** ******* ********* ** *** ** ******* ** ******* *** ***** ** ******** **** ***** **** … Read more

Energy: A2a, EU agreement would have rapid effect on bills – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, OCTOBER 13 – A common agreement at European level on gas could have an effect on bills “quickly enough”. This was stated by the managing director of A2a, Renato Mazzoncini, on the sidelines of the presentation of the Milan territorial sustainability report of the multiutiliy. “Prices have risen with incredible speed and … Read more