They married him to improve his mood.. He committed suicide with a knife hours after the wedding

The family of a 36-year-old Egyptian man was shocked by the news of his suicide a few hours after his wedding ceremony. The sad story of the young man filled the Egyptian newspapers and social networking sites. She spoke about the young man’s suffering from a severe psychological crisis that led him to stabbed himself … Read more

STORY OF TKW Married to African Brondong, Now Lives Happy and Doesn’t Care About Background

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Lucky, that’s how Windi, ex TKW origin Brebes who complained of fate at Saudi Arabia. His intention to work for a living, who would have thought, Windi even found his life partner. Unmitigated, Windi is married to a native popcorn Africa. It is known that Windi and her husband are 15 years apart. … Read more

Young man attends his best friend’s marriage as a witness and ended up married to his girlfriend

A rather curious story was the one that starred a young Argentine named Federico, who last weekend witnessed the marriage of Franco, his best friend, who married his girlfriend Camila in Buenos Aires. However, due to an error by the National Social Security Administration (Anses), the data was incorrectly loaded into the system and he … Read more

This Woman Married a Cow, Claims Her Husband’s Reincarnation : Okezone News

CAMBODIA – A married woman with a cow after kissing it and convinced that the animal was actually reincarnation husbandit’s already die. A bizarre video shows Khim Hang, 74, married to a ‘happy marriage’ with a cow bride at his home in the northeastern province of Kratie, Cambodia. Khim believes that this cow has “the … Read more

Aiki, ignored by past dancers..”A young married woman is disgusting”

[스포츠서울|조현정기자]A claim has been raised that Aiki, a dancer from Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ (Swoopa), has been ignored and discriminated against by some dancers in the past. On the 25th, an article titled ‘Why Aiki was ignored in the dancer scene’ was posted in a dancer community while dancers caused cyberbullying (online bullying) towards Monica, … Read more

Was “married” to himself

Ten weeks ago, Brazilian model Cristiane Galera (33) took the world by storm when she announced that she was marrying herself. – Yes folks, that’s true! I follow the wave of solidarity and decided to marry myself! I celebrate my own love, she wrote Instagram in mid-September. Sologami is a trend that was discussed already … Read more

Facts about Choe Sung, the Courageous Man Who Married Kim Yo Jong, Number Two in North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s Brother

JOURNAL SOREANG – Kim Yo Jong is the younger sister of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. Other than that, Kim Yo Jong He is also reportedly active in political activities in North Korea and is a member of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). Not surprisingly, that Kim Yo Jong was mentioned as … Read more

Cris Galera, model who married herself, gets divorced

[{“src”:””,”opts”:{“caption”:”La modelo que se casu00f3 con ella misma, se divorcia tres meses despuu00e9s”,”thumb”:””}},{“src”:””,”opts”:{“caption”:”La modelo que se casu00f3 con ella misma, se divorcia tres meses despuu00e9s”,”thumb”:””}}] Brazilian model Cris Galera fights to be the most talked about on the internet, and look if not: first, it was her dream of having the best anatomical profile on … Read more

“Kae Chollada” and “Hi-so-Pretty” married registration Celebrate Love Marathon 12 Years

Have a good time “Nice Chollada Night Cloud” with her husband, a young businessman “Prom Sirisan” to register for marriage after a year of marriage, revealing that the date (21 November 64) was chosen because it was the 12th anniversary of meeting after a very talented actress. Chollada Night Cloud Armed with a young nobleman … Read more