Inventory/The host queen used to be naked and pink and married a wealthy Hong Kong businessman and faded out of the entertainment industry for 17 years. “The current situation is unscientific” | Entertainment | CTWANT

There are quite a few actresses in Taiwan who marry wealthy families, some of whom marry domestic political and business celebrities, but there are also some female artists who, after marrying into wealthy families, settle down in Hong Kong because their husbands and wives follow suit, and live a trapeze life, or simply fade out … Read more

83-year-old married for the 11th time 83-year-old married for the 11th time; Currently four wives, 18 sons, 20 daughters and 88 grandchildren.

Currently he has four wives. Also having 18 sons, 20 daughters and 88 grandchildren, he has never had any problems with polygamy because he has the ability to do so. The 83-year-old Saudi national married for the 11th time. Ali al-Balawi had his eleventh marriage. The wedding ceremony was held in Tabuk area in the … Read more

The young girl who has known each other for 5 days nods and gets married! The reason for the super-madness was exposed, and the family reacted in shock | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Mainland China Center / Reported by Zhang Jianing Marriage is a major event in life. Many people hope to find a partner who knows and cherishes each other for a lifetime, but there are also people who decide on a partner at the speed of light. Recently, it was reported in mainland China that a … Read more

Freed from shackles: the famous writer who equated the priesthood to prison secretly married and sent Stalin to the dog days

“We, the people of two wars, may remain physically healthy, but we already have a considerable amount of spiritual disability,” – in these words in 1943. he consoled himself in a letter to Vincas Kreva Vincas Mykolaitis-Putin. Throughout his life, the writer felt distracted not only by external causes, such as two world wars, five … Read more

‘Daughter should be married by spending one crore’; Businessman killed his wife – Madhya Pradesh | Suicide Manorama News

Mumbai: ‘My daughter’s wedding should cost between fifty lakhs and one crore. Those who have borrowed money from me please return it..’ This is the last wish of the businessman who shot himself after killing his wife. Sanjay Seth, a cloth merchant from Panna, Madhya Pradesh committed suicide. Along with the suicide note, he had … Read more

She couldn’t bear to be urged to get married during the Chinese New Year: Do you care if the life is not good? The relatives here are stunned | International | CTWANT

Many people will try their best to deal with life-related plans when they are greeted by relatives and friends. A woman in Zhejiang province in mainland China was having a family dinner during the Chinese New Year and was urged to get married by her relatives. She immediately fought with them. Some sharp remarks left … Read more

‘Daughter should be married by spending one crore’; The businessman killed his wife and committed suicide Suicide | Police Arrest

‘My daughter’s wedding should be done at a cost of fifty lakhs to one crore. Those who have borrowed money from me please return it..’ This is the last wish of the businessman who shot himself after killing his wife. Sanjay Seth, a native of Panna, Madhya Pradesh, who is also a textile businessman, committed … Read more

Turkish celebrity Yozcan Deniz married for the third time, his mother

The famous Turkish actor, singer and composer Yozcan Deniz surprisingly married his beloved designer Samar Dadgar. The couple has been dating for a year and a half, but on January 20 they made their relationship official and shared photos from the celebration on the social network. Yozcan and Samar did not waste precious time from … Read more

Masaba Gupta | After Masaba Gupta got married, the bride and groom’s wedding dresses went straight to online sale

Actress Neena Gupta and cricket legend Vivian Richards’ daughter and fashion designer Masaba Gupta got married last day. Actor Satyadeep Mishra is the groom. This is a picture posted by Nina after her daughter’s marriage. These include the bride and groom, the bride’s parents, the groom’s mother and sister, and Nina’s husband