Mateo Messi went viral for a gift from Kings and not even Lionel Messi could believe it

Antonela Roccuzzo showed the letters that her children wrote to the Three Wise Men and although it was not seen what things they asked for, the publication motivated the memory of the day in which Mateo Messi became a trend in social networks precisely because of the gift he received on Three Kings Day 2019: … Read more

Galilea Montijo explained to his son Mateo who Cuauhtémoc Blanco is.

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 08.01.2023 14:10:00 The sentimental relationship that linked Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Galilea Montijo It has transcended despite time and even, in the case of the driver, it became a topic that she had to deal with with her family, this because his son Mateo questioned him about a song from the … Read more

SpaceX could act as a NASA taxi

Space escort service NASA may have to ask SpaceX to act as their space taxi. A few weeks ago, a coolant leak was detected on the Soyuz MS-22 capsule while it was docked with the International Space Station. Photo : NASA A very small hole, and yet… The leak was said to have been caused … Read more

The Weather Network – Winter on Mars

Thanks to their latest images, NASA space probes are showing us the chilling beauty of Martian winters. If for many, winter is a difficult season in Quebec, these images allow us to take a little height. We found worse than the Quebec winter: a winter on Mars. Mars is our closest neighbor and shares many … Read more

Three space missions to follow in 2023

In April 2023, the European Space Agency will launch the Juice program, which will aim to explore Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, three of Jupiter’s moons, in 2031. These moons are believed to hide oceans under a layer of ice, and would have the best conditions in the solar system to support life. Juice will be … Read more

Messi world champion: viral video of his son Mateo in a play

Notable moments continue to be known after the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022, in which Argentina was champion after defeating France in the final, with an expected role of Lionel Messi. See also: What will happen to the ‘Scaloneta’?: AFA has already defined the future of the world champions Speaking precisely of the … Read more

No more colds and flus in winter: the problem is your nose

The reborn myth Science has finally found out why we get more colds and flus in the winter. And our grandmothers were right: it’s because of the cold. When our nasal walls detect a virus or bacteria, they release extracellular vesicles, a kind of cloud of particles that attack intruders as soon as they enter … Read more

The planet Mars will disappear behind the Moon

Where to observe it? This phenomenon should last an hour and a half in all. The majority of Canadians and Americans will be able to observe it. This event, called occultation only happens once or twice a year somewhere on Earth. At the end of the year, we will be able to observe it on … Read more

A winter where the planets come together

conjunction of planets This winter, we will be entitled to conjunctions of planets. This means that two planets will appear close to each other, even though in reality they are still hundreds of millions of miles apart. “This is explained by the fact that the planets will orbit around the Sun at different speeds, underlines … Read more

Strong winds, abundant precipitation: a major system is taking shape

A strong low pressure system is on radar. Hailing from Colorado, this disturbance is laden with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It risks opening the door to a mass of warm air, which will interact with the Arctic air, which is firmly planted in the north of the continent. This contrast in temperatures could … Read more