“Pope Francis? I don’t think he sees it so differently …” – Libero Quotidiano

Immigrants, Pope francesco, Quota 100 and nuclear power. Matteo Salvini, in an interview with The print anticipates his next battles, starting with pensions. “Quote 100 is alive, costs 400 million and I work to stay in 2022 as well. I was talking about it today with Colao. Think about the digitization of public administration: is … Read more

“How the obligation changes”, who must always show it – Libero Quotidiano

Agreement in the Council of Ministers on the “new” Green pass: after the storms of the last few days in the House, with the League who voted together with the opposition of Brothers of Italy some amendments against the government (rejected), here comes the predictable and announced white smoke, from the moment as premised by … Read more

“I saw him kiss a man in Mykonos”. Bomb against a Northern League player – Libero Quotidiano

In the end, the much talked about book by Alessandro Zan risks becoming a truncheon against Matteo Salvini and the League. What the battle on Ddl Zan which bears the name of the deputy Pd had now become a political club that had little to do with the rights of the minoranza LGBTQ it was … Read more

“We will not leave the government, we will not give this satisfaction to Pd and 5Stelle” – Libero Quotidiano

04 September 2021 Matteo Salvini he dismisses the hypotheses of the secretary of the Democratic Party: “Enrico Letta comes to terms with it: We will never leave this government. A government without a League – my liver certainly goes with Letta and Conte, it’s like seeing Lazio-Milan with Lotito – he would have approved the … Read more

Salvini meets Sammartino (Iv) and discovers the cards: “A Northern League candidate for governor in Sicily”

Matteo Salvini meets the Renzians Luca Sammartino and Valeria Sudano in a hotel in Palermo and openly launches the opa on the presidency of Sicily: “The ambition that Sicily is the first great region of the South to have a candidate for governor expressed by the League – he says. the leader of the Carroccio … Read more

“If Salvini wants me, I am here”. No step backwards – Libero Quotidiano

03 August 2021 “I belong to a movement in which nominations are not asked, but are granted. There is someone who decides who is a candidate. I hope that in the League it will continue to be like this, if Salvini applies to me, I will apply“: these are the words of the Northern League … Read more

“We accept the proposals of Draghi, not of the M5S” – Libero Quotidiano

July 28, 2021 “Giulia Bongiorno he is currently working with both Minister Cartabia and President Draghi. We work to solve. It seems to me that hundreds of amendments were presented by the 5 Stars, not others. We accept the proposals of Draghi, not of the 5 Stars. Why this obsession with 5 Stars? We talk … Read more

leak of news from Fdi, so the reports have become “non-existent” – Libero Quotidiano

Relations between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy would have cracked to the point of becoming “non-existent”. This is what is reported by Affaritaliani.it, which cites the party’s leading sources Giorgia Meloni according to which between the latter and Matteo Salvini there was no contact after what happened on the Rai board of directors. … Read more

first figures on the candidate in Milan, center-right ahead – Libero Quotidiano

Lorenzo Mottola 09 July 2021 First note: the challenge for Milano obviously it is not just a matter of local news. If he loses in Lombardy, the Pd it will turn into a small Vietnam and the echo of the brutal clashes will also be heard in Palazzo Chigi. It is no coincidence that Enrico … Read more

“Does sovereignty row against Italy, does it mean Renzi on the Quirinale?” – Free Daily

Those who work at the “sovereign international” accuse Mara Carfagna, “row against the European positioning of Italy”. Interviewed by Sheet, the minister for the South and “heavy” voice of Forza Italia leads two blows a Matteo Salvini e Giorgia Meloni, just in the hours in which the president of the EU Commission Ursula Von der … Read more