WhatsApp: what to do if your phone runs out of the app this May 31 – News Technology – Technology

starting next May 31, WhatsApp will start making modifications within its application and the phones of several users will be compromised It should be noted that the computer services company is targeting suspicious activities for criminal and misinformation purposes in order to sanction them. This, in order to encourage the proper use of digital platforms, … Read more

You can combine covid-19 and influenza vaccines

The Ministry of Health reported that this Saturday at the national level began a massive vaccination campaign against influenza, noting that this vaccine and that of covid-19 can be applied on the same day, depending on the brand of injections. The vaccine against covid-19 from the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen laboratories and the vaccine such … Read more

Xbox Game Pass: new features for the end of May 2022 unveiled, including several titles added as soon as they are released

Big end of the month in sight for subscribers to the Game Pass ! The service will host several hits, including Jurassic World Evolution 2 et Farming Simulator 22but above all many titles as soon as they are officially launched, such as Umurangi Generation – Special Edition, Floppy Knights, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Pac-Man Museum+ and even … Read more

Great weekend. The young men got out and can fight for the title at home

As a great domestic talent in the past, Kvěch has already become a European champion, now he can step even higher. He won the World Cup qualifying race in Gislaved, and the second Klíma got to the podium for a change in Daugavpils. Chlupáč finished fourth in Krško. An almost historic weekend of young Czech … Read more

Leo Gassmann on social media: “I’ll never forget that girl’s screams”

The singer rescued a girl who was victim of violence and commented on Instagram <!– CONTINUA A LEGGERE » –> CorriereTv “Last night I and some passers-by rescued an American girl who had been abused by a boy of French origin shortly before. As soon as I heard the screams, I approached and asked a … Read more

Vader Returns in Latest Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer

Image: Lucasfilm. May 4 is known as “the day of Star Wars” thanks to the English word play of the date, May the 4th, with “May the Force” or “May the force be with you. Year after year Lucasfilm celebrates this day and this month with events and announcements. This year, one of them has … Read more

The son of the artist, Mohamed Abdo, sings “For you, Habib, I will never forget his word.” Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip was documented, the son of the artist, Mohamed Abdo, singing the song “For you, Habib, don’t forget his word, always hope.” Abdul Rahman Muhammad Abdo sang the song during his hosting of the “Ramadan Nights” program, which was presented by artist Ilham Ali and Khaled Saqr on mbc1 channel. The … Read more

‘May’ crisis in oil is at the door! International Energy Agency announced – The correct address for financial news

The International Energy Agency (IEA), in its monthly report, pointed out that Russia’s traditional oil customers are decreasing and there is no sign of an increase in Russian oil exports to China. The organization also emphasized that the increase in COVID-19 cases will reduce demand in China, production increases from OPEC+ members, and the largest … Read more

Detected in the lungs. It has been found in human blood before

AA In a study, microplastic particles were detected in a human lung for the first time. According to the news of the Guardian, researchers from Hull University and Hull York School of Medicine conducted the study by taking tissue samples from the lungs of 13 patients. Scientists announced that 39 microplastic particles threatening human health … Read more

Microplastic found in human blood for the first time

Scientists from the University of Vje Uje Uje in the Netherlands analyzed blood samples from 22 donors and found plastic particles in 17 samples. A quarter of the blood samples contained polyethylene from which plastic carrier bags were made. The effect on health is not yet known. However, researchers are concerned that microplastics, which enter … Read more