Meeting with Maya Kamaty at the Musiques Métisses festival

Musiques Métisses continues its incredible adventure which began 47 years ago with its worldwide sound system until Sunday and this first day of concerts on the magnificent site of the Chais Magelis in Angoulême has kept all the promises of a perfect festive balance between well-known figures and discoveries. The large audience was able to … Read more

MAYA, the strategy behind Apple that explains why it releases a “new” product but has a “same” face every year.

25 May 2023 Many people have a question in their minds that when Apple releases new products each year. Why change the design? Or add new functions to just a little bit for example iPhone 14 that was released late last year. Almost no different from the iPhone 13 because of the chip, camera, screen, … Read more

#Fashion_Police: Maya Diab in a dress with an open back and two openings at the top of the thigh.. A special designer for her, but the jewelry spoils the look | album

The star, Maya Diab, was keen to attend the opening ceremony of the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which was held on Tuesday evening, May 16th. Maya Diab chose to cooperate with her favorite fashion designer, Jean-Louis Spaghi, with whom she cooperates in most of her choices, and in turn he designed a bold dress for … Read more

Teng Thoeteng – Tukkie – Paowale invites you to have fun in the event “Samut Songkhram, a joyous festival Thai sports entertainment “19-21 May! : Maya Channel

people of Samut Songkhram Get ready! With a fun festival from famous artists led by Teng Thoeteng – Tukki Sudarat, Paowee Pornpimon and an army of famous music artists. who will go to the area to deliver happiness, complete flavors up close in the event “Samut Songkhram, a festive festival Thai sports entertainment” Prepare to … Read more

Maya Nazor proves she forgot about the Santa Fe Klan by posing from the beach

In recent years, we have seen several couples from the show swear eternal love, showing off their story and perfect family on social networks. However, soon after that love ends, usually in a scandalous and controversial way, rendering everything they swore worthless. This may be the case for Santa Fe Clan y Maya Nazorsince both … Read more

Maya Morsi praises the United Company’s “Jet Saleema” series: it includes messages with a performance that reaches hearts

doctor. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women, praised the series “Jet Salima” for the United Media Services Company, starring Donia Samir Ghanem, Muhammad Salam, Khaled Al-Sawy, Hala Fakher, Sami Maghawry, Muhammad Tharwat, Bayoumi Fouad and Ghada Talaat. And many other artists. doctor. And Maya Morsi commented, in a post on her official … Read more

A leaked video, the scandal of Miss Lebanon, Maya Reaidy, showed the beauty of her body “as God created her” on the sea.. I watch

Yasser Al-Jarjoura – Riyadh – Wednesday, April 12, 2023 03:37 PM – Miss Lebanon May Raidi published a new video of her that topped search engines and social media sites with a very new video. And Maria Al-Raidi appeared, the former Miss Lebanon, and she is a former beauty queen, and since winning this title, … Read more

Maya Diab celebrates the feast of Shaanina.. and sends this message to the public

The Lebanese artist, Maya Diab, celebrated the Shaanina holiday today, Sunday, and Maya wrote: “In the hope that these blessed days will bring goodness, peace of mind, and peace to us and our people and our countries … Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord, a blessed Shaanina to all … Read more

Robinson Department Store organizes the event “ROBINSON THE ULTIMATE WATCH FAIR 2023” and invites young people “Jam-Ratchata & Tee-Thanaphon” and watch lovers: Maya Channel

Be the first to update watch trends from leading global brands! Robinson department store in the Central Retail Group pleases watch lovers with the return of the watch exhibition of the year that everyone has been waiting for “ROBINSON THE ULTIMATE WATCH FAIR 2023” (Robinson The Ultimate Watch Fair 2023), held since March 21 – … Read more

If we meet until we meet! “Maya Nonthawan” single again Hispanic boyfriend proposes!!

“Maeya Nonthawan” Miss Thailand World 2014 bachelor again Being taken by a handsome boyfriend, a Spanish model Chabei Der or “Chabi” knelt down to propose a romantic marriage. by “Maya Nonthawan” โพสต์ว่า “Having you in my life is beyond the dream life I could have ever pictured myself in. You showed me the dream man … Read more