These CEOs who have become ministers, vice-presidents, mayors

De private boss to public boss. The path taken by the Walloon Minister Adrien Dolimont, the vice-president of the Committed Yvan Verougstraete or the mayor of Seneffe Bénédicte Poll is not the most obvious. If there are similarities between the positions of responsibility they occupied before and the political function they now exercise, all confirm … Read more

We mayors of green cities ready to lead the change

We are the Mayors of the 9 Italian cities selected by the European Commission for the Mission Climate-neutral and smart cities al 2030. We have applied for this important initiative because we no longer have time to reverse the curve of greenhouse gas emissions and we believe that Italy needs a courageous environmental change. We … Read more

Government: 1,300 mayors have signed the appeal to Draghi – Politics

They have arrived with 1,300 statutory auditors who signed the appeal to Mario Draghi to move forward in the name of stability. It is a long list that goes from large cities to small municipalities, with a representation of various political forces and civic lists, including from the center-right. “We Mayors, called every day to … Read more

The dog Odin may have eaten up the Toten mayor’s dream holiday – VG

BEWARE: Stian Olafsen and 10 month old Labrador Odin. Now the four-legged friend has made the holiday trip hang in a thin thread. Photo: Private In August, Stian Olafsen will finally realize his dream of traveling to Graceland, Elvis’ hometown. But the Labrador Odin may have put an end to that. The summer has been … Read more

Appreciation of mayors and governors, the ranking of the Sole 24 Ore: in the lead Brugnaro and Zaia (who however loses points). Zingaretti is next to last

Il Veneto e Venezia they are the best-administered Region and Municipality of Italy, respectively. Or at least that’s what appears from the Governance poll 2022the annual research by Noto Sondaggi for The sun 24 hours on the approval of mayors and governors. Among the first, this year, the Palme d’Or goes to Luigi Brugnaro, the … Read more

Piombino regasifier, the no front of the mayors of the right and left: “Government and Region without transparency. And they don’t listen to us”

Full speed ahead with the Piombino regasification plant. From right to left (almost) all the parties at the national level, indeed at the European level, say it. From the MEP of the Socialists & Democrats (and regional secretary of the Democratic Party) Simona Bonafè to the former president of the European Parliament and vice president … Read more

Municipal elections, how the ballots went: the analysis of the vote

The ballots of the municipal elections were completed during the night (THE SPECIAL – THE ELECTED STATUTORY AUDITORS). The center-left wins several of the main challenges in the provincial capitals, while the center-right does not break through in the cities where it is divided. The center-left wins a Verona, where the former footballer Damiano Tommasi … Read more

Paolo Pilotto | Who is the new mayor of Monza

Paolo Pilot he is the new mayor of Monza and after five years of center-right administration the city returns to the center-left. Despite the benefit recorded in the first round by the opponent Dario Allevi, Pilotto after a head-to-head managed to overturn the political game at ballot. 62 years old, married and with two children, … Read more