Watch now.. The Price series, episode 18, in full, in high definition, on mbc, and watch VIP

A popular search today on Google for the series, Episode 18, especially after the end of episode 17, which witnessed very strong events. The series, The Price, has become one of the most important and powerful new and exclusive Syrian works in which a group of the brightest stars participate. The series has been at … Read more

MBC News | Water supply facility damaged in cattle barn due to cold wave Intermittent snow in Satsuma region Cold day without temperature rise Kagoshima Prefecture

A cold wave damaged the water supply facility of the cowshed Intermittent snow in the Satsuma region A cold day with no temperature rise Kagoshima Prefecture[01/28 19:10] In the Satsuma region, from the night of the 27th to the morning of the 28th, there were places where it snowed. It’s been a cold day with … Read more

MBC News | Satsuma region No longer afraid of heavy snow

Satsuma region Heavy snow fear disappears, but watch out for road freeze[01/28 12:15] In the Satsuma region, the fear of heavy snow has disappeared, but by the morning of the 28th, snow had piled up in some places. Be careful of road freeze. Around 3:30 am, National Route 225 in Kawabe-cho, Minamikyushu City, near Kawabe … Read more

Declining interest rates on loans, what will happen next? ::::: Article

◀Anchor▶The Bank of Korea lowered the benchmark interest rate seven times in a row. I uploaded it. However, the bank’s interest rate Rather, it is going down. This is a phenomenon that happened when the government put pressure on the financial sector, so what will happen to interest rates in the future? Reporter Shim Byeong-cheol … Read more

MBC News | Commercial area is “Amu Wee” Central Station West Exit “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” opens around April ▼ List of tenants

The commercial area is “Amu Wee” Central Station West Exit “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” opens around April ▼List of tenants[01/26 19:54] The name of the facility to be developed at the west exit of Kagoshima Chuo Station has been decided as “JR Kagoshima Chuo Building” and the commercial area as “AMU WE”. The tenants will … Read more

Gyeonjadan in the ‘Morning Yard’?… From Cho Hye-ryeon’s meeting to her shocking confession [공식입장]

Martial arts action master gyeonjadan is looking for ‘morning yard’.On the 19th, KBS announced that Gyeonjadan would appear on ‘Morning Yard’. As the first star to come to Korea in 2023, he played 4 roles per person, including production, directing, appearance, and martial arts in ‘The Eight Kingdoms of Heaven: The Legend of Gyobong’. Gyeonjadan … Read more

MBC News | Electric shock accident on Hisatsu Orange Railway 1 worker died Operation suspended for about 2 and a half hours

Electric shock accident on Hisatsu Orange Railway, 1 worker died, operation suspended for about 2.5 hours[01/19 19:25] A male worker in his 50s died in an electric shock accident on the 19th at the Hisatsu Orange Railway iron bridge in Satsumasendai City. According to the police and others, around 10:30 am on the 19th, a … Read more

MBC News | Opponents hold emergency meeting in front of Mageshima Base Prefectural Office Ministry of Defense explains to governor Kagoshima

Mageshima base Opponents hold emergency rally in front of prefectural office Ministry of Defense explains to governor Kagoshima[01/11 19:19] On the afternoon of the 11th, about 40 members of a citizen group opposed to the plan gathered in front of the Kagoshima Prefectural Office and held an emergency protest rally. At the prefectural office, I … Read more

Yoona Lim and Junho Lee open fire again this year with a sweet couple dance[2022 MBC 가요대제전]

▲ Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho. Provided|MBC ▲ Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho. Provided|MBC [스포티비뉴스=공미나 기자] Lim Yoon-ah and Lee Jun-ho opened the ‘2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon’ with a couple performance. In the ‘2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon’, which aired on the afternoon of the 31st, Yoona Lim and Junho Lee, who were in charge of MCs, … Read more

Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Responds To Dating Rumors Caused By His “2022 MBC Drama Awards” Acceptance Speech

The agency of Lee Jong Suk has responded to speculation about his acceptance speech at the “2022 MBC Drama Awards.” December 30th, Lee Jong Suk he won Daesang (Grand Prix) for his leading role in the hit drama “Big Mouth” at MBC’s annual year-end award ceremony. During her acceptance speech, she expressed her deep gratitude … Read more