Ewan McGregor divorces after 22 years – must give ex-wife half the fortune

Three years after the news broke that the actor Ewan McGregor (49), known for films such as “Moulin Rouge”, “Trainspotting” and “The Impossible”, was to be separated from his wife Eve Mavrakis (54) after 22 years of marriage, the couple has agreement. In 2017, MgGregor came into the media spotlight when in 2017 he was … Read more

Ewan McGregor Splitting ‘Star Wars’ Royalties in Divorce

Ewan McGregor and his ex-wife have finally reached the end of their divorce case … and we’ve learned the actor is parting ways with half of his royalties from the ‘Star Wars’ prequels. According to the divorce judgment, the judge signed off on Ewan and Eve’s split of the property from their 22-year marriage … … Read more

The former UFC champion challenges McGregor to reverse his early career decision

Tonijs Fergusons | Photo: AP Photo / John Locher Bijušais “Ultimate Fighting Championship” (UFC) lightweight champion Tony Ferguson has called on the scandalous wrestler Konor McGregor to reverse his premature decision to end his career as a professional athlete to end his fight. It has already been reported that the 31-year-old Irish wrestler has announced … Read more

Sports: Sergio Ramos mentions Conor McGregor on Instagram and he responds

Updated on 07/22/2020 at 08:21 TOTAL ADMIRATION! Two ‘fighters’ crossed the social networks, but neglect that the blood did not reach the river since the Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramoswhat days before showed his great muscles, imitated a celebration of the former fighter Conor McGregor who did not hesitate to answer him. Subsequently, both characters … Read more