“Five Star Safety”: What it means for a car to get the maximum range of protection

Every year, under the tutelage of EuroNCAP (Euro New Car Assessment Program), the list of the latest car models is published, with their respective ratings in terms of safety. It is a European body that has independently tested car brands since 1997, and which created a unique safety rating system to help users identify the … Read more

What the case of New York means for the end of polio

Arthur Allen No polio scholar knew more than Albert Sabin, the Polish-American University of Cincinnati scientist whose vaccine against the crippling disease has been in use around the world since 1959. Sabin’s oral vaccine provides lifelong immunity. It has a downside, which Sabin, who died in 1993, fiercely refused to acknowledge: In rare cases, the … Read more

– The break means that you have to buy shares

Jim Cramer is the host of the CNBC series Mad Money, and has previously worked in large companies such as the investment bank Goldman Sachs. On Thursday, Cramer recommended investors seize the opportunity in the stock market that he believes now presents itself, and believes it is wise to buy shares now. This comes against … Read more

This means the investigation for Trump – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

It has never happened before that a former president of the United States has been charged in a criminal case. It is also very unusual for a former president to be investigated. – Extraordinary. That’s what Sofie Høgestøl calls the news that the US Department of Justice is now conducting an active investigation into former … Read more

It means “Lights”: “Tifawin”, new album by Jamal Rass Derb

The Amazigh artist, Jamal Rass Derb, of his real name, Dehouir, has just launched his new album entitled “Tifawin” (Lights). An opus which compiles, as specified by this singer of Gadirie origin, six singles. “This album sums up my artistic experience which has spanned 23 years marked by research into Amazigh culture, identity and music,” … Read more

This means the WHO global monkeypox warning | NOW

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the worldwide monkeypox outbreak a on Saturday international danger for public health. What exactly does that official warning mean? NU.nl lists a number of facts for you. To get straight to the point: labeling the outbreak as an international threat does not immediately have concrete consequences. Nor does it … Read more

GLOSA: Sparta has a problem at the start. Favorable data means nothing without goals

Acting captain Dávid Hancko pointed out the Spartan paradox immediately. In previous seasons, the team managed to score enough goals to be able to think about the championship title. But uncertain defense and the number of conceded goals thwarted his plans every time. So Brian Priske started in the summer from the defensive end. He … Read more

It means you don’t want to see good Indonesia

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati raises her voice regarding the call to stop paying payments tax or #stoppaypajak which had appeared on Twitter a few days ago. He considered that people who voiced the hashtag did not want to see Indonesia progress. “So those who say the hashtag don’t pay taxes, … Read more

Gualtieri’s gimmick: free means for the Romans. But 40% are already not paying

Situationist slogan. Declaration of surrender. Populist pleasures. Three different interpretations for the boutade of the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, who surprisingly launched his recipe for public transport in the capital, the most disastrous in Italy (the municipal company, Atac, has been in agreement for three years preventive and is saved from bankruptcy only by … Read more