European markets fall and China eases epidemic measures

LONDON (Reuters) – European stock indexes fell mostly on Monday, getting some support from the easing of domestic epidemic restrictions in China, after U.S. jobs data dampened market sentiment on Friday amid fears of lingering inflation. Asian shares were higher early on Monday on hopes that China’s moves to ease its non-Covid policies would boost … Read more

two years of anti-pandemic measures trigger respiratory infections

The researcher, Vicente Soriano, has indicated that “there will be more” and has stressed the need to differentiate a cold from something more serious LOGROÑO, Dec. 3 (EUROPA PRESS) – After two years of anti-pandemic measures, the cold has arrived accompanied, as every year, by many agents of catarrhal squares. However, now, “we have more … Read more

Covid, Iss: “Adopt protective measures, get vaccinated and make boosters”

To deal with the covid in Italy, “the need is reiterated to continue to adopt the individual and collective behavioral measures envisaged and/or recommended, the use of the mask, the ventilation of the premises, hand hygiene, paying attention to the situations The high vaccination coverage, the completion of the vaccination cycles and the maintenance of … Read more

Chinese major cities lift corona measures after fierce protests, deputy prime minister hints that the whole country will follow

© via REUTERS The protests in the Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou seem to be yielding something. After the demonstrators and the police clashed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the local authorities decided to lift the controversial corona measures. The measures are also being relaxed in the metropolis of Chongqing. Deputy Prime Minister Sun … Read more

Enforcement of measures decided in the Judiciary Committee –

The reform of the implementation of measures can be decided by the National Council in December. The Judiciary Committee today made the draft submitted by Minister Alma Zadic (Greens) ready for a plenary session with the votes of the governing parties ÖVP and Greens. Zadic was pleased that the “first milestone” was finally being set … Read more

Very concerned about scabies, GGD Amsterdam is considering additional measures

News hour Eva Doesborgh news editor Eva Doesborgh news editor The number of people with scabies has risen to record highs in recent months. The skin condition is a common problem, especially among young adults. The GGD in Amsterdam is concerned and wants to focus on expertise and group treatments. Doctor Ewout Fanoy has been … Read more

ASTHMA: Its incidence has doubled since the cessation of COVID measures

People with asthma even experienced just after the easing of the barrier measures, here in the UK, an almost double risk of severe asthma. These episodes of progressively worsening asthma symptoms, called exacerbations or attacks, are the leading cause of death from asthma, a disease that affects more than 300 million people worldwide. Symptoms that … Read more

The ten preventive measures to avoid bronchiolitis on the threshold of the epidemic that is looming in Belgium

While an unprecedented bronchiolitis epidemic – particularly intense and early this year – has been raging for several weeks in France, the epidemic threshold is about to be crossed in Belgium. If, at week 46 (from November 14 to 20, 2022), the number of positive tests for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) carried out by the … Read more

Invoice system for bullying freelancers and small business operators … Outline of “burden reduction measures” revealed!What are its contents and problems | Gentosha Gold Online

(*The image is an image/Pixta) Regarding the consumption tax invoice system to be introduced from October 2023, the government and ruling parties are considering proposals such as setting the tax amount to 20% of the sales tax amount when a conventional tax-exempt business becomes a taxable business. It turned out that It is positioned as … Read more

Maneuver Meloni: 12 measures recycled from 7 previous governments, from Renzi to Draghi. The only news? Anti-Income crusade and cleanup on the obligation to post

I tax credits to cope with the expensive bills launched by Draghithe mini extension of the cut of the tax wedge by Draghi himself and bySingle birth allowance during the Conte 2 and implemented by the successor, i early retirement with quota 103 borrowed from quota 100 (Conte) and quota 102 (Draghi), the Women’s Option … Read more