Courier of 1.3 Tons of Cannabis in Medan Sentenced to Death!

While – The judge sentenced Mawardi to death, the courier for 1.3 tons of cannabis. The sentence for the death penalty is the same as the demands put forward by the prosecutor. “Sentenced the defendant Mawardi with a death penalty,” said judge Mohammad Yusafrihardi Girsang when reading out the verdict at the Medan District Court, … Read more

Health Office’s Efforts to Prevent the HIV Virus from Developing in Medan

While – The Medan City Health Office (Dinkes) took positive steps to conduct a free viral load check. This is done as a first step to prevent the spread of the HIV virus in Medan City. The Head of the Medan City Health Office’s P2P Division, Pocut Fatimah said that someone who is infected with … Read more

OPPO introduces OPPO Find N2 Flip with various advantages in Medan

OPPO launched a folding mobile phone, OPPO Find N2 Flip with various advantages, such as the latest hinge technology, the widest front screen in its category, capable battery life, professional camera in collaboration with Hasselblad. “This is OPPO’s first foldable cellphone in Indonesia as well as the first flagship smartphone to be produced at the … Read more

In front of Iriana Jokowi, Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution Apologizes, What’s Up?

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 – 17:32 WIB VIVA National – A number of infrastructure projects in Medan city disturbed the Peak participants HUT The 43rd National Craft Council (Dekranas) which was held at Hotel Santika, Medan City, North Sumatra, Tuesday 16 May 2023. The Mayor of Medan, Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution, acknowledged the disturbance of … Read more

7 UTBK Participants at USU Medan Caught Using Recording Devices During Exams many as 7 participants for the Computer Based Writing Examination (UTBK) at the University of North Sumatra (USU) Medan, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), were caught using a recording device during the exam, Wednesday (10/5/2023). According to USU Deputy Chancellor I, Dr. Edy Ikhsan, the seven test takers initially showed suspicious behavior in the exam … Read more

The Pocong Lights were so messed up in Medan that they called Bobby the Failed Project

While – Street lamp work in Medan, which netizens call the pocong lamp, is considered a failed project. From the very beginning of the work, many problems arose. After receiving criticism from various parties, Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution ordered the Inspectorate to conduct an audit or examination of the project. The order was issued by … Read more

Recognition of Viral Medan City Government Officials Showing off Luxury Goods

While – Head of the Industry Office of the Cooperative, Small and Medium Enterprises, Industry and Trade Office of Medan City, Linda Mora went viral for showing off luxury goods on social media. Linda also made a confession about many other officials who like to show off luxury. Initially, Linda explained the origin of the … Read more

The Appearance of Medan City Government Officials Showing Off Luxury Goods That Makes It Exciting

While – The video of the Head of Industry, Cooperative, Small and Medium Enterprises, Industry and Trade Office of Medan City, Linda Mora (LM), showing off luxury goods on social media, caused an uproar. This is how it looks. In the video seen by detikSumut, Wednesday (3/5/2023), LM can be seen wearing a Louis Vuitton … Read more

Viral young doctor goes berserk at Medan Hospital, turns out to be still Koas

CNN Indonesia Wednesday, 12 Apr 2023 07:47 WIB Illustration. A young doctor made a fuss with visitors at Dr. Pringadi Hospital, Medan, North Sumatra, which went viral on social media (niekverlaan/Pixabay) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — A video viral on social media shows a young doctor making noise with visitors at Dr Pringadi Hospital, WhileNorth Sumatra. It … Read more

The Medan Polrestabes Visited by the TNI After the Gambling Raid, Here’s the Kodim’s Explanation

Jakarta – A number of people suspected of being TNI members came to the Medan Police Headquarters after the police raided a gambling location in the Deli Serdang area and arrested a number of people. The Kodim gave an explanation. Reported detikSumatra, Tuesday (11/4/2023), at around 20.00 WIB on Monday (11/4/2023), a number of people … Read more