PREDICTION OF Candidates Against PSMS Medan in the Round of 8, Will be One Group Against Dewa United and PSIM – PSMS Medan predicted to join Group Y in the round of 8 League 2 2021 later. The Kinantan Chicken squad will be in the same group with tough teams such as Dewa United, PSIM and waiting for a team from group D. PSMS Medan had previously confirmed themselves to enter the big 8 … Read more

Online Taxi Drivers in Medan Kidnap Female Passengers, Here’s the Motive

MEDAN, -Satreskrim personnel Medan Police Station and the Patumbak Police Criminal Investigation Unit managed to arrest an online taxi driver who was desperate to kidnap his female passenger. The action was carried out by the perpetrators because they wanted to control the victim’s cellphone, named Grace. Deputy Chief of Police for Medan AKBP Irsan … Read more

The driver of the car that hit the Viral Security Guard in Medan makes a report back to the police

Medan – security A viral man who was hit and stuck on the hood of a car in Medan made a report to the police. The driver of the car that hit the security guard also made a report back. The driver reported that he felt he was a victim of abuse. He reported being … Read more

PSMS Medan Defeats Semen Padang, Ansyari Lubis Calls All Players Working Hard, PEKANBARU – PSMS Medan won three full points from the match against Semen Padang FC, in the second round of Group A Liga 2 2021, at Kaharuddin Nasution Stadium, Pekanbaru, Tuesday (16/11/2021) night. The squad nicknamed ‘Kinantan Chicken’ forced Semen Padang to submit with a score, 2-1. PSMS Medan coach Ansyari Lubis said this … Read more

HOURS Show PSMS Medan Vs Muba Babel United, Don’t Take It lightly, Captain Asks Players to Stay Disciplined – PSMS Medan scheduled to clash with Muba Babel United continued League 2 2021, Thursday (11/11/2021) afternoon. Game show time PSMS Medan vs Muba Babel United at 15.15 WIB broadcast live OChannel. Ahead of the duel, the captain of the PSMS Medan team, Syaiful Ramadhan admitted that his squad was ready to compete against … Read more

Kompolnas Gives Notes to North Sumatra Police About 2 Market Traders Become Suspects for Fighting Thugs

Daily Chairman of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Benny Mamoto paid attention to the two cases of market traders in Medan who were suspects for fighting thugs, Saturday (10/30/2021). (Source: KOMPAS TV) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Kapolsek Medan Baru together with the ranks of the Criminal Investigation Unit were examined by Propam Polda North Sumatra. This … Read more

LIST of Officers Transferred at the Medan Polrestabes Wilkum until the Sector Head was Removed after the Obscene Case

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM, MEDAN– The Medan Police Chief, Kombes Riko Sunarko, reportedly suddenly gathered a number of Kapolsek and Kanit in line. There is news, the officers were gathered related to the lewd case of members of the Kutalimbaru Police which became the public spotlight. BUTUT Kicks Boyfriend’s Cock, Professional Chess Giovanni Chrestella Sentenced To 8 Months … Read more

Man Kills Wife in Bangka from Aceh, Marries Siri to Another Woman in Medan Before Marrying Ella

SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANGKA – Muhammad Rafli (21) is an immigrant from Aceh who lives in Medan, North Sumatra. He is the suspect in the murder of Ella Andini (24), who is none other than wifehis own. Ella is a resident of the Teladan Village, Toboali District, South Bangka Regency. Before marrying Ella Andini, Rafli turned out … Read more

Results, standings, top score of Liga 2 after Semen Padang won, PSMS Medan lost

PALEMBANG, – Week 4 of Liga 2 2021-2022 leaves 1 more game in Group A. Meanwhile, in Groups B, C and D, all teams have completed match week 4. In week 4 Group A, Semen Padang won the first victory against Muba Babel United. Semen Padang won 1-0 over Babel United through Mario Alberto … Read more

Jukir Medan Like Ninja, Came Not There, Came Home Appeared

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution said all this time the parking attendant or technician at Medan when quoting public roadside parking fees often act like a ninja. “What we have felt so far is that we think we are like ninjas. We come and go invisible, we can see,” he said … Read more