Former Warriors Big Three!US media: “Run TMC” documentary will start filming at the end of this year – Teller Report

Original title: Former Warriors Big Three!US media: “Run TMC” documentary will start shooting at the end of this year Former Warriors Big Three!US media: “Run TMC” documentary will start shooting at the end of this year Live it on August 10. According to the US film and television media DeadLine, the famous American director David … Read more

Vietnamese Media Praise Indonesia To Be Comparable With Italy, Spain and Germany » Next Sport

NEXTSPOR.ID – Vietnamese media Praise Indonesia can be comparable to Italy, Spain and Germany. Vietnamese media, Soha Vn praised Garuda Muda after being able to beat Vietnam U-16, which had been left behind in the first half. Behind 0:1 in the second round, the Indonesian national team was able to beat Vietnam 2: 1. “Indonesia … Read more

Digital dollar: how and where to buy

The dollar It is a “passion” of the Argentines: faced with the controls in the foreign exchange market and the exchange rate gap above 100%, they sharpen their ingenuity to save in hard currency. In this context, growing use of stablecoins, whose value is pegged to another asset (such as gold) or a fiat currencylike … Read more

The Ukrainian army hit the Antonovsky bridge, destroyed the equipment for its repair

The Ukrainian army has successfully struck the Antonovsky road bridge across the Dnieper River on the outskirts of Kherson, eyewitnesses who posted video and photos of the attack reported on social networks. Ukrainian forces fired at the bridge with HIMARS, Russian sources said, confirming the casualties. The spokeswoman of the united press center of VSU, … Read more

“Media Evening” am Filmfestival Locarno

Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga (62) at the “Soirée Médias” Maize in the Bundeshuus and sunshine in Locarno Film backdrop for the first “Soirée Médias”: In Locarno, the Swiss Media Association invited to an exclusive round with Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga as guest of honour. The Swiss Media Association (VSM) celebrated the «Soirée Médias» for the … Read more

The new problem faced by those looking to rent an apartment

In a market that specialists say is already dollarized, tenants have more and more problems finding a home By Marysol Anton 07/08/2022 – 08,15hs If you are one of the few who dare to list your property for rent, then seriously consider the idea of ​​doing it through a real estate agent. Surely it will … Read more

At least a dozen media outlets are “turned off” in Nicaragua

The regulatory body for telecommunications in Nicaragua canceled the licenses of at least a dozen local media outlets in the country. In most cases, according to the authority, operating licenses were missing. The United States, the European Union and local human rights organizations condemned the measure that, they consider, violates freedom of expression.

Big Brother contestants in Jerusalem in the rocket bunker from Gaza – Politics

Rockets launched this morning by Islamic Jihad from Gaza to the Jerusalem metropolitan area also forced local Big Brother competitors to run into the shelter. Unaware – as the contest rule dictates – of the situation outside the house and the start of the “Breaking dawn” operation by the army, the competitors, the media said, … Read more

Haifa Wehbe ignites the social media with what she did with the artist Hama Beca without shame and with all boldness!! (Watch a video)

2022/08/07 12:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Festival performer Hama Beka posted a video on his account on the social networking site Instagram via the Astori feature, from Haifa Wehbe’s concert, which was held in New Alamein. And Haifa Wehbe appeared in the video, presenting Hamo Beca with the song “Hayat My Heart” and … Read more