Media: Disney will lose $ 147 million on the cartoon “Weird World”

Deadline has published a large material dedicated to the cartoon “Weird World” from Disney. The film, directed by Oscar-winning director Don Hall (“Raya and the Last Dragon”, “Moana”, “City of Heroes”) failed miserably at the box office, grossing just $27.8 million worldwide at the start. According to journalists, a total of $ 274 million was … Read more

The “White Paper Movement” broke out in China, and the three major central media spoke out in support of epidemic prevention and control | Anue tycoon – Mainland Political Economy

When the “White Paper Movement” broke out in Shanghai, Beijing and other places in China, the three major central media, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV, all spoke out. The People’s Daily published an article signed by “Zhong Yin” on Tuesday (29th) titled “Insist on the Ninth Edition to Implement the Twenty Articles.” … Read more

“Get to know Poles”. A Russian journalist hits Ukrainians and talks about Poland

American journalist Julia Davis posted on social media a fragment of an interview that appeared on Russian television. In it, the political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko argued that Ukraine was an “eschatological threat” to the existence of Russia. As he stated, Ukrainians “reject everything Russian”. “I believe that every effort should be made to ensure that … Read more

Purple toes, laughing tongue, hair loss… Corona symtoms?

▶ Eye pain, rashes, and red spots on the face and lips ▶ Is the virus the direct cause? body reaction? obscurity 5 unusual corona symptoms and how to deal with them After going through the pandemic for a long time, people have learned about the obvious symptoms of COVID-19 infection. They include sore throat, … Read more

They launch an “app” to increase physical activity in young people

With regard to the World Cup in Qatar, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar and FIFA have launched a new digital application designed to help increase physical activity and improve health and well-being. Of the youngs. «GenMove Season1″ is a gaming app that uses advanced motion tracking combined with … Read more

rate and form of payment

The mortgage loan market is almost non-existent in Argentina, but is it possible to save in crypto to buy a property? The lack of access to credit, unstoppable inflation and the continuous devaluation of the peso make up a Hostile environment to fulfill the dream of owning a home. To this we must add that … Read more

I.Šimonytė to the Polish media: “Yes, we pay more for everything, but not with human lives”

Talking to “Virtual Poland” journalist Tatiana Kolesnychenko I.Šimonytė not only remembered her Polish rootsbut he also spoke about other recent events important to both Lithuania and Poland. No need for another fence One of them is about possible threats if a new wave of illegal migrants flows from the Kaliningrad region. Poland is afraid of … Read more

new pass of arms between the deputy and the host

Saturday November 26, Louis Boyard handed over a coin in the clash opposing him to Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, the latter had announced in his program Do not touch My TVthat the Alain Chabat’s new late-showbroadcast on TF1 the week after the World Cup match, cost 500,000 euros per episodeof which 100,000 were dedicated to guests. … Read more

watched TV without doing homework; Eight-year-old boy punished for watching TV all night; Rage | Social Media | China

The parents forced the 8-year-old boy to stay up at night and watch TV without doing his homework. After the video shared by the couple came out, there is a lot of anger. The incident took place in Hunan province in central China. The parents left their son at home after telling him to finish … Read more