First people at medical risk invited for vaccination

Wednesday, 5 May 2021 – 7:43 De Bilt People with a medical condition, who are eligible for an annual flu vaccination, will be invited in phases for a corona vaccination from Thursday 6 May. These are people born between 1961 and 2003. This group will receive an invitation in the coming weeks. The invitation contains … Read more

Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty researched it. 99% antibodies formed after the 2nd dose of Sinovac

Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Microbiology, lecturer Prof. Dr. Bekir Sami Kocazeybek, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department lecturer Prof. Dr. Nese Saltoğlu and Public Health Department lecturer Assoc. Dr. Gunay Can is the leade Sinovac vaccine applied antibody levels of health workers were investigated. The research revealed that the antibody … Read more

Han River’s missing medical student found in six days

【Anchorment】 We are very sorry for the news. On the 25th, Son Jeong-min, a medical student who had gone missing in the Hangang Park in Banpo, Seoul, was found dead six days after the disappearance. Reporter Kim Bo-mi reports. 【 reporter 】 Son Jeong-min, who went missing in Banpo Hangang Park, was found dead in … Read more

Kim Jong-Un punished his official’s death again, due to the import of cheap medical facilities from China

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un cries during a speech at the Korean Labor Party’s 75th Birthday in Pyongyang, Saturday (10/10/2020) night. (Source: The Sun) PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.TV – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un returned to death sentence for both his party official and member. The sentence was given by Kim Jong-un because the official decided to … Read more

Russian vaccine makers sue ‘defamation’ with Brazilian medical authorities

“Sputnik V in Brazil is starting to sue Anvisa for defamation by deliberately spreading false and inaccurate information,” the developers posted on their official Twitter account. Anvisa said on Monday it had rejected several states’ requests to import Sputnik V, noting that its experts had found “uncertainties” over the vaccine. Anvisa did not make its … Read more

‘WINMED’ pin trade mai this May 11, knocking IPO 3.10 baht to bring money to raise funds for a medical innovation project. Creating long-term growth – THE STANDARD

Winnergy Medical Plc. Or WINMED is an importer and distributor of diagnostic tests. Diagnosis and / or treatment Including tools and related medical equipment And sells medical apparatus and instruments for blood storage and blood products Prepare to trade on the mai stock exchange on the first day of May 11, with an IPO price … Read more

Therapeutic cannabis, Walter De Benedetto acquitted: he could cultivate it for medical use. Minister Dadone: “Historic day, I celebrate”

The judge of the court of Arezzo acquitted because the fact does not exist Walter De Benedetto, the disabled 48-year-old from Arezzo, a former municipal employee, ill with rheumatoid arthritis, a rare disease neurodegenerative and highly disabling, accused of having cultivated cannabis in the garden of your home. The judge married the request of the … Read more

Philips calls on chipmakers to prioritize medical device delivery – IT Pro – News

Only hobbyists did and do every chip in a socket. In mass production, it was the norm to solder components directly, except for components that were likely to have to be swapped out later, such as ROMs. Soldering a socket if a chip was missing was an exception, but a very useful exception, because the … Read more

International Holding acquires 40% of the shares of Response Plus Medical Services

ABU DHABI, April 26th, WAM – The International Holding Company announced its acquisitionA 40% stake in “Response Plus Medical” for medical services, viaOne of its subsidiaries. Response Plus Medical, since its inception in 2010, has become one of the largestUAE suppliers of field healthcare management systems and transportationMedical emergencies from remote work sites. The company … Read more

Malaria vaccine successfully tested in Burkina Faso could be huge medical breakthrough | PUBLIC .MD

A malaria vaccine developed by Oxford University showed an effectiveness of 77% in the first tests on human subjects and could be a huge discovery in the fight against the disease, informs digi24. Malaria kills more than 400,000 people each year, most of them children in sub-Saharan Africa. Many vaccines have been tested over the … Read more