Relocation of EU sourcing bases: how Moroccan medical devices plan to do well

Through various partnerships, the Medical Industries Cluster capitalizes on all skills, industrial and intellectual, institutional and private, in order to achieve national sovereignty in the health sector. Better still, the organization is supporting market share for Made in Morocco medical devices and health products in the midst of the relocation of global sourcing bases. The … Read more

Increase in STI tests at sexual health centers

Of those who got tested, 1 in 5 had an STD In 2021, more than 138,000 people had an STI Sexually Transmitted Diseases test performed at a Sexual Health Center (CSGCentrum Sexual Health). This is 30 percent more than in 2020. But the number is still 8 percent lower than in 2019, the year before … Read more

Florida Medical Community Wants COVID Vaccines for Infants and Toddlers, State Hasn’t Requested Them

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already approved Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID vaccines for children up to 6 months of age. Despite claims by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration that the vaccines are safe and effective for children, Florida has been the only state that has not … Read more

Maradon’s medical team will go to court for his death

Eight people are to stand trial in connection with the death of the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona. They will face charges of neglect and negligent homicide. The judge ordered this after the medical commission found that Maradon’s treatment was full of “deficiencies and inconsistencies.” The agency informed about it Reuters. Maradona died in November … Read more

Foreign media: Argentine court will try 8 members of Maradona’s medical team for homicide

[Global Web Report]According to a Reuters report on the 23rd, a legal document released on the 22nd local time showed that after the legendary star Maradona died of a sudden myocardial infarction in November 2020 after an investigation, eight carers for Maradona Dona’s paramedics and psychologist will stand trial in an Argentine court for homicide … Read more

Dr.Orn Medical Hair Center organizes a promotion for free Red Light Therapy for LGBTQIA+

It is truly a month to celebrate LGBTQIA+ people. Recently, “Dr.Orn Medical Hair Center” would like to celebrate “Happy Pride Month” with a free trial promotion program Red. Light Therapy LED light for LGBTQIA+ especially For the Red Light Therapy program, it uses red LEDs that are projected onto the hair and scalp. With a … Read more

Rare brain disease ALS culprit identified by zebrafish

Loss of cells called microglia in the brain is likely the culprit in ALSP In people with the rare disease ALSP, the white matter in the brain shrivels, resulting in death. New zebrafish research from Erasmus MC shows what is going on: loss of microglia, the ‘cleaning cells’ of the brain. Less strength in the … Read more

Should we fear a new confinement in Belgium? “We must not procrastinate”, according to the medical director of the CHU Tivoli

Published on 06/18 at 15:14 Par Cedric Lobelle We spoke with Dr. Pietro Scillia, medical director at CHU Tivoli, about the recent increase in the numbers of the covid-19 pandemic. He wants to be cautiously optimistic. “We have a lot of possibilities of reactions if the situation worsens”. ****** ** ** ** ********* *** ***** … Read more

Philippe Boxho, medical examiner, speaks cash: “I vomit on the electoralism of politicians”

Meeting with Philippe Boxho, medical examiner and columnist on Vivacité. Philippe Boxho: a well-known face and voice, an ultra-cultivated free-thinking, a frank charisma of the necklace which makes him audible to the general public. On the sets and facing the camera, he is often there, to shed light on legal facts or to discuss the … Read more