How to get rid of a cough, from natural to medicine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Coughing is often accompanied by discomfort in the throat, whether it is coughing up phlegm or wet or dry without mucus. The causes are varied, ranging from allergies, asmauntil the effect of drugs. There are many ways to remove cough which you can try ranging from natural to medicinal. These methods … Read more

Dietitians use 6×6 diet as medicine

It has been 10 years since dieticians Wilma Bouwman and Alie Lourens started their Dieetzorg Friesland practice. Whether you are overweight or underweight, or whether you have diabetes, intestinal complaints or high cholesterol, you can contact them for tailor-made dietary advice. Alie explains: ‘We think it is important that you understand the influence of food … Read more

“Six new locations for the Medicine course in the Piacenza hospital”

The specialization of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery of the Piacenza branch of the University of Parma is growing and, at the same time, that of the health departments of our territory. In fact, during the year 2023, six “new offices” of the University of Parma will be activated at the Piacenza hospital. … Read more

“I left Medicine for the theater while my parents separated. Zelig? Total anguish »-

from Chiara Maffioletti The actress: «I can’t bear that actresses are paid less than male colleagues. But when I acted with Mastroianni and Sordi I couldn’t say a word “ It happened between high school and university. “It was as if at that time I was looking for something, without really knowing what it was. … Read more

Food as medicine – GAZETA de SUD

Over the centuries, cultures around the world have used food principles as a treatment for various ailments, acute or chronic. In the Western world, this concept of food as a medicine is now increasingly promoted, due to several factors, from lack of trust in the medical-pharmaceutical system, to the rejection of synthetic substances and the … Read more

Trial of New Alzheimer’s Drug Has Disappointing Results

A thorough clinical trial of a potential drug for Alzheimer failed to prevent or delay cognitive decline, yet another disappointment in the long and difficult search for solutions to this disease. The decade-long trial was the first time that people with a genetic predisposition to develop the disease, but not yet showing any symptoms, were … Read more

Medicine, Computer Science and Engineering: the degrees that have best resisted the crisis

The most marketable degrees on the job market Among the 2016 two-year master’s graduates interviewed five years after the title, there are strong differences between the various disciplinary groups. The employment rate is over 90% for graduates from the IT and ICT, Industrial and Information Engineering, Architecture and Civil Engineering groups and those from the … Read more

Government reduces tax on medicines with low stock – 06/18/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

Camex (Chamber of Foreign Trade), linked to the Ministry of Economy, announced this Friday (17) the extension of the reduction of the import tax on inputs related to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19. The list included drugs with a risk of shortages, such as oxytocin and neostigmine. “13 new pharmaceutical ingredients/drugs were included, … Read more

There are 73 Suspected PMK, Banyumas Suggests Breeders Use Herbal Medicine

The cows were brought by a qurban cattle broker from East Java, the center of the FMD outbreak. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANYUMAS — The Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Service (Dinanak) of Banyumas Regency noted that there were 73 suspected cases of mouth and nail disease (PMK) infecting cattle in the Banyumas area since the outbreak began in … Read more

Staying bald is history! The drug approved by the FDA gave hope to millions

Baldness is a common problem for millions of people around the world. There has been a promising development regarding baldness. Doctor Mehmet Emin Adin, who lives in the USA and works as a physician at Yale University, announced the announcement on his Twitter account. Stating that successful progress has been made in the treatment, Dr. … Read more