UV Medicine will represent Mexico in an international contest – Universo – Sistema de noticias de la UV

Students will participate in the 2023 Anatomy Cup America, to be held on Tuesday, January 31 They will compete against teams from six different countries UV students are national representatives in anatomy contest 01/30/2023, Coatzacoalcos, Ver.- students of the School of Medicine from the Universidad Veracruzana (UV), Minatitlán campus, will represent Mexico in the Copa … Read more

Apres Laboral, medicine for companies

At APRES Laboral we continue to fulfill our commitment to accompany companies in their process of development, growth and continuous improvement. One of our objectives is to add value to the knowledge of workers and society in general through training, which allows them to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, such as: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), … Read more


-In August, activities will begin in the facilities of High School 4 This year the UABJO is going to the regions, affirmed the Rector LCP, Cristian Eder Carreño López, when announcing that in August the courses of Medicine, Dentistry and Chemical Sciences will begin in the municipality of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec. During his visit to … Read more

Internist doctors, with arrival of the cold beware of the heart – Medicine

Every year at least 7% of all deaths can be attributed to the cold and with temperatures plummeting, say the experts of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine (Simi), it is essential to know how to defend ourselves from the pitfalls of the great cold that these days it’s hitting Italy. So here is Simi’s … Read more

My son no longer walks, a doctor injected him with a toxic medicine

Paola Caruso, in Verissimo’s studio, recounted the drama that little Michele is experiencing. The boy, who is almost 4 years old, cannot walk without a brace. A doctor would have injected him with a toxic medicine, which would have led to the injury of the sciatic nerve. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Paola … Read more

a step forward in predictive medicine

The pandemic brought with it an acceleration of digital processes and apps that are already part of our routine and that have come to stay. This transformation has led to the compilation of a immensity of data that now represents an opportunity for the healthcare ecosystem. In fact, in Europe the program EU4Health will allocate … Read more

Medicine in Trento: primary-teachers, the first four selections concluded. Here’s who won them – Chronicle

TRENTO. There are four selections that the University of Trento concluded for university professors who will also cover the role of primary in Healthcare company. A fifth is on the way. After assignment a Bruno Giometto (neuroradiology) it’s at Carlo Cosimo Quattrocchi (radiology), the assignments for anesthesia and pathological anatomy are added. The first three … Read more

Rilmenidine, a medicine for hypertension, extends life

Researchers at the University of Liverpool (UK) have discovered that a medicine, the active principles of Rilmenidinecurrently used to treat hypertensioncan extend life and delay aging. The results, published in the scientific journal Aging Cellshow that animals treated with Rilmenidinewhich is currently used to treat hypertension, at early and older ages increases life expectancy and … Read more

Medicine in the future | Opinion

It is difficult to predict the future of medicine, fortunately increasingly supported by scientific bases, but which wants to continue being medicine for the person, counting on the originality of each patient, with their circumstances, with their background, with their projects and expectations. Although it is said that our DNA is like the book or … Read more