Is Ivermectin Really Effective Against COVID-19? | Science and Ecology | DW

The whole world is actively looking for possible therapies for COVID-19. Ivermectin is also listed as a supposed miracle cure for COVID-19, especially in Latin America, because the drug for treating parasitic diseases in animals and humans is cheap and available without a prescription. It is actually used to treat scabies and diseases caused by … Read more

Chaco Hoy – INSSSEP added to its nomenclator the benefits of assisted fertilization practices

The benefit for affiliates of the organization, between the ages of 18 and 45, recognizes 70 percent of the coverage and the other 30 percent is financed. Low and high complexity practices are considered, as well as psychological support. The manager of the INSSSEP Welfare Projects Carlos Ceballos announced, this Friday, the approval of benefits … Read more

SAVALnet – Science and Medicine

The first oral contraceptive pill was approved in the early 1960s and an estimated 80% of Western European women have ever used them. There are studies that associate its use with an increase in the risk of breast cancer, while others with a decrease in ovarian and endometrial cancer. However, the results are contradictory. On … Read more

Personalized Cancer Medicine Market Go To Acquire A Larger Piece Of The Industry || Leading Players – Abbott, Merck

A recently compiled report from medicalmarketreport, titled “Personalized Cancer Medicine Market Product Innovation, Evolutionary Growth, And Distributors 2022-2031 ″. Global Personalized Cancer Medicine Market Research Report provides an in-depth analysis of the entire economy and industry database for business management that could potentially deliver development and profitability for players in this market. This is a … Read more

Mila Ximénez makes a claim for lung cancer patients

Mila Ximenez wanted to make a powerful claim on Monday for all lung cancer patients who, like her, fight to win the battle against the disease. Thus, the collaborator of Save mewanted to make this disease visible, using the words of Ana Obregón in Las Campanadas as an example. “It is celebrated on the day … Read more

London NHS hospital in ‘disaster medicine mode’ and ‘unable to provide high-level care’ –

R The Royal London Hospital is in ‘disaster medicine mode’ and cannot provide ‘high-level critical care’ as the number of people suffering from Covid-19 continues to rise. The news comes just days after it was reported that emergency vehicles were forced to line up outside the hospital in Whitechapel on Tuesday. NHS chiefs at the … Read more

Why the Lakers are the favorites to win again- With Diego Calderón and Ricardo Díaz

Javi Without Filter Episode 23- New NBA season: Why the Lakers are the favorites to win again- With Diego Calderón and Ricardo Díaz Dec 31, 2020 Javier Velazquez In this episode Ricardo Díaz, Diego Calderón and I talked about the changes that occurred in the NBA, how it will affect the short rest of the … Read more

Treatment and research of breast cancer HER2 + in GEICAM T-Habla in mp3 (12/30 at 18:26:58) 32:54 63235459

Breast cancer, far from being a single disease, can be classified into different categories that professionals call molecular subtypes. This classification is of great importance when identifying the best treatment for each patient. We spoke with Dr. Isabel Álvarez, a specialist in HER2 + breast cancer, about the current state of treatment and research of … Read more

The medical advances (not covid) of the year – Health and Medicine

2020 has also been the year in which two pioneering transplants have been carried out, gene therapy may have cured certain anemias and a Spaniard almost wins the Nobel It doesn’t seem like it, but in the year we said goodbye he has reaped medical advances that have nothing to do with with the coronavirus … Read more

the most advanced radiotherapy is one year old in Spain

Cancer treatments are evolving dramatically in recent years, achieving significant improvements in the health and quality of life of cancer patients. One of the latest great advances to reach Spain has been proton therapy, a type of advanced radiation therapy that uses a high-energy beam of protons (subatomic particles with a positive electrical charge) to … Read more