billionaire in sight, he turns on Gims and Kaaris

Not the time to fool… He may be retired, Booba continues to make the news in the French rap game. Already, because he has released many tracks in recent months, often in feat with the artists signed on his labels. But also thanks to the clashes, even if in this area he seems to have … Read more

Magaly Medina on Alfredo Zambrano: “He is my ‘Sugar Daddy’” | Farándula NNDC | PEOPLE

Magaly medina she is on vacation in Europe with her husband, the notary Alfredo Zambrano. This is how he talked about how she has accepted that he gives her his likes and swallows her up. The event occurred when the ATV driver claimed to be proud of her husband for his singing talent. “If I … Read more

Magaly Medina explodes against Yahaira Plasencia by not saying goodbye to JB: “He came with the air of a diva”, video

Yahaira Plasencia She was a guest on JB’s ATV show to promote his latest song, ‘Dime’. Nevertheless, Magaly medina He showed certain attitudes of the gravy boat that got people talking. However, for the journalist, the interpreter of ‘Dime’ would have arrived with ‘diva airs’ to the space of Jorge Benavides, Well, at all times he … Read more

Chibolín, Andrés Hurtado, reveals about Magaly Medina and her daughters: She is like a protective mother for them, Josetty Hurtado, Dalia Durán, video

The television host Andrés Hurtado broke down when talking about the support that Magaly Medina was for his daughters and him when he was going through your fight against coronavirus, ensuring that despite the bad relationship they have had in the past, she sent him all the good vibes with the wish of his speedy … Read more

Irene Kharisma and Medina Make History at the Chess World Cup

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Two Indonesian chess players, Women Grand Master (WGM) Irene Kharisma Sukandar and Medina Warda Aulia, made history at the Chess World Cup in Sochi, Russia. Irene and Medina became the first Indonesian female chess players to qualify for the second round of the prestigious chess tournament in the world. Successfully reaching … Read more

Tilsa Lozano to Magaly Medina: “things are said about her that don’t make her look good as a woman either” | entertainment | nndc | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 07/12/2021 08:18 am Tilsa Lozano broke her silence and responded to Magaly Medina, who days ago said that Tilsa had no “moral authority” to pronounce on the case of Dalia Durán since she was described as “the first mistress of Peru”. SIGHT: “Whoever learns to live with his darkness, shines”: Tilsa Lozano responds … Read more

Magaly Medina and her husband Alfredo Zambrano flew north to enjoy the Máncora sun | OPINION

HELLO MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest Chollywood gossip … My uncle CARLOS VÍLCHEZ He received his first dose against the coronavirus and, true to his style, wrote on his social networks: ‘What life is, now it’s time for me to get vaccinated’. Good … And speaking of vaccinated, YAHAIRA PLASENCIA … Read more

Magaly Medina was shocked: Doctor confirms with her ID that her signature is a happy face | SHOWS

Updated on 06/30/2021 11:18 am Magaly Medina was very surprised to see that the signature of the doctor that endorsed John Kelvin’s toxicological test was a happy face, made in handwriting. In this regard, the redhead driver was shocked to confirm the signature was true. Dr. Olga Chunga contacted Magaly Medina’s production to confirm that … Read more

Edson Dávila | Santi Lesmes warns Giselo about Magaly Medina: “Your godmother is going to get a note regretting everything she said about you” | Farándula | SHOWS

Santi Lesmes surprised the drivers of América Hoy on Friday by revealing an alleged information about Magaly Medina’s program tonight. The Spanish assured that the Urraca would attack his ‘godson’ Edson Dávila, the popular Giselo. SIGHT: Magaly on ronderos in Lima: “They have come to stay in the best hotels in the city” “I bring … Read more

Rick Ross annonce son nouvel album, “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been”

An entire program. Decidedly, everything smiles on Rick Ross at the moment. A few days ago, he won a lawsuit against 50 Cent, his sworn enemy, what he did not miss celebrate to make fun of the New York rapper. And here he is announcing the upcoming release of his album, “Richer Than I’ve Ever … Read more