Ronald Hidalgo calls Magaly Medina “foolish” after fighting with Lucy Cabrera | EYE-SHOW

Ronald Hidalgo, winner of ‘Yo Soy’ as a Peruvian impersonator of Juan Gabriel, mocked Magaly Medina after she did not allow her lawyer Lucy Cabrera enters the set of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’last August 4. MIRA: Lucy Cabrera shoots Magaly after fight: “I wanted the scoop because for her everything is money, everything is rating” … Read more

Magaly Medina fights LIVE with Lucy Cabrera for the Ronald Hidalgo case: “I don’t like cheap shows” Farándula | SHOWS

EVERYTHING GOT OUT OF CONTROL. Magaly Medina starred in a tense confrontation LIVE with Lucy Cabrerathe lawyer of Ronald Hidalgo, who is known for being an imitator of Juan Gabriel. The former vedette wanted to enter the set to pronounce on the case involving the copycat’s son, but the Magpie prevented it. More information: Lucy … Read more

Magaly Medina outraged by the mystery of her navel: “How ridiculous and stupid” | Magaly Tv La Firme | entertainment | SHOWS

Magaly Medina He returned live to his program this Monday, after a vacation in the United States during the week of the National Holidays. The magpie was outraged since in recent days, several media outlets commented that she appeared in a bikini and showed her navel, after several rumors about that part of her body. … Read more

Pedro Loli: This he said about the ‘ampay’ of his ex Fiorella Méndez and Óscar del Portal | Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

Pedro Loli appeared last weekend at the Peruvian music festival in Newark, New Jersey (United States), and was approached by a team from “Magaly TV: La Firme”, who consulted him about the media ampay who starred his ex-partner Fiorella Mendez with Oscar del Portal. The cumbiambero spoke for the first time about the infidelity scandal … Read more

Anthony Aranda returned to the apartment of Melissa Paredes VIDEO with the prohibition of his daughter Rodrigo Cuba: “It’s not with him,” says Magaly Medina celebrity | SHOWS

STILL TOGETHER? Despite speculation of a split, the dancer Anthony Aranda was seen again before the cameras of Magaly Medina parking his motorcycle at the door of the department of Melissa Paredes. The ‘Activator’ entered the house, but alone. More information: Magaly to Jazmín for talking about leaking Melissa’s audio: “What does the donkey know … Read more

Jamila Dahabreh breaks her silence after being caught with Álvaro Paz de la Barra | Sofía Franco Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

After being captured walking through a shopping center with Álvaro Paz de la Barra, Jamila Dahabreh She broke her silence to explain her closeness to the mayor of La Molina, with whom she has been romantically linked on several occasions. In conversation with the production of the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”the popular “ambassador of … Read more

Marissya Icha Reveal CCTV Evidence when Debating with Medina Zein

Tuesday, 12 July 2022 – 09:56 WIB LIVE Showbiz – Marissya Icha recently disclosed the recorded evidence CCTV he argued bickering with Medina Which in mediation at the police station. He wanted to prove that the allegations of violence reported by Medina Zein were not true. It is known that the two have mediated twice … Read more

Magaly Medina was hospitalized in an emergency: “The doctor found some problems” | Magaly TV, the firm | Videos | entertainment

The driver Magaly Medina could not be present in his live program last July 7 and caused great concern in his viewers. The figure of ATV announced, through social networks, that she was hospitalized at the request of her doctor because he found some problems with his health. The message was broadcast minutes before the … Read more

Monse Medina offers to be a surrogate mother for Jomari Goyso to be a father

Jomari Goyso, the famous host of Univision’s Sal y Pimienta and Sin Rollo, He has always shown his interest in becoming a father, but it is a subject that involves many obstacles for him. The famous driver does not have a sentimental partner and although he is willing to adopt, it is not something so … Read more

Magaly Medina and the reason why she had to be hospitalized: “They found me worrying polyps” | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

Magaly Medina He caused concern among his fans after being absent last Thursday from his program “Magaly TV: La Firme”, this after presenting complications during his medical examination. From a clinic bed, the figure of ATV had indicated that by order of her doctor she had to be hospitalized and that she would not be … Read more