Machine Gun Kelly OUT OF CONTROL: Megan Fox’s fiancé goes hysterical in the middle of a concert and ends up with a bloody face

Machine Gun Kelly lost her temper amid her sold-out Madison Square concert Gardenmardi. He was caught yelling at a crew member and smashing a guitar. The singer of “Bloody Valentine” left the stage towards the end of her show in New York and walked towards an employee. Another crew member held the 32-year-old singer back … Read more

Megan Markle bared her thighs, shone in a miniskirt PHOTOS

The Duchess of Sussex appeared at the end of the field during a polo match to support her husband – Prince Harry, who took part in an important tournament. Kate Middleton with a blow to Megan Markle, the humiliation is great However, for her release, Megan Markle had opted for an unexpectedly scarce outfit, which … Read more

First photo of Lilibet, Prince Harry, Megan Markle and who their daughter looks like

Prince Harry’s family was relatively out of the spotlight during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. They were busy with something else – in the midst of the festivities, on June 4, their little daughter turned one year old. Lilibet Diana celebrates her birthday at Frogmore Castle, and here is her first photo since then. It … Read more

People are angry – Megan has publicly embarrassed Prince Harry

Experts and fans have criticized the recent public appearance of Prince Harry and Megan Mark, when Megan kissed her husband after a polo game, The Sun reports. Megana congratulated her husband’s team when he kissed her husband as well, but the way it happened has provoked criticism from body language and royal experts as well … Read more

Prince Harry, Megan Markle and their participation in the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be back in the UK soon. And the reason for this is the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth, which will mark the 70th anniversary of her reign. Will the Queen compromise on Harry and Megan? Not this time And apparently nothing will change the couple’s intention to respect Elizabeth. … Read more

Megan Fox cut a hole in her clothes so she could have sex. Fans disgusted

Machine Gun Kelly (check!) and Megan Fox began dating in secret even before the woman had time to divorce her husband Brian Austin Green. The relationship was only revealed after a few months, when they began posting joint photos on the network. From the beginning, the couple was extremely close to each other, but their … Read more

Megan Fox cut a hole in her venomous dress to have sex with her fiancé

Megan Fox and her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, couldn’t stand themselves at an awards ceremony: they ruined the actress’s casual clothes just to have sex. Megan Fox posted a scrolling post about her weekend on Instagram, with photos and videos taken at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas: The actress also showed off her … Read more

Megan Fox dazzles on the arm of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox caught everyone’s eye Thursday night at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Good Mourning’. The 35-year-old Jessica Rabbit-looking actress arrived on the arm of her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, in a slit pink rhinestone dress, showcasing the curves of her body. The 31-year-old singer directs this feature film with his friend Mod Sun, the … Read more

In the second final of “Eurovision 2022”: Ireland dropped out, Serbia continued with a song about Megan Markle

Ireland failed to qualify for the grand final of Eurovision. Brooke Scalion performed the pop song “That’s Rich”, but did not ensure success for his country. The country has competed 54 times, triumphing in a record seven times, but has not won since 1996 with Amir Quinn’s “The Voice”. Brooke from Ireland Photo: BTA Although … Read more

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got advice from vampires on how to drink blood

Ilya Bogomolov The star couple admits that they indulge in vampire fun. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Photo: Global Look Press After American singer Machine Gun Kelly told the press what he always carries with him a drop of blood his bride Megan Fox, the relationship of the star couple became even more “vampire”. … Read more