Meloni resumes dossier, ok to autonomy but no tears – Politics

Having archived its first budget law, the government takes over the reform dossier. Giorgia Meloni assumes the (collegiate) direction, it is the mantra that is repeated at Palazzo Chigi – and assures that on differentiated autonomy the intent is “to arrive, in one of the next meetings of the Council of Ministers, at the approval … Read more

The Meloni government snubs the Davos Forum and isolates Italy even more

This year, Italy sent Giuseppe Valditara, Minister of Education and Merit, to the Davos International Forum, a person of culture who, however, is unfamiliar with the themes of the event that are faced every year in the mountains dear to Thomas Mann . Last year, say, there were four ministers in the Draghi government: Daniele … Read more

Putin strengthens the army. Zelensky: we are waiting for Meloni – Mondo

45 people were killed in the attack on the residential building in Dnipro, in one of the bloodiest bombings since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Among the victims also 6 children, the youngest was 11 months old. The Ukrainian rescue services announced in the afternoon that the search for any survivors had ended. … Read more

Poll – Expensive petrol, bills, inflation: one Italian out of two rejects the government. The first braking of Meloni and Fdi in the consensus

Giorgia Meloni also tried to quote Garibaldi to revive the action of his government. “Here Italy is made and one dies,” said the premier. Then it came too raise it to allies: “Just put i sticks between the wheels”. An attempt to reunite the center-right and try to start again after the first real one … Read more

Meloni and the majority table to “discuss the problems and resolve them quickly” –

Of Monica Guerzoni The leader: «Don’t exaggerate, there are no real problems. But in Forza Italia: they try to unload on us » Convening a table with the prime minister and the “big” Brothers of Italy would give the impression of a government in difficulty, which needs summon allies to order and trying to close … Read more

Gasoline, Meloni backs down (half) 48 hours after the decree: discounts on excise duties if the price increases

The government’s first half step back on excise duties, just 48 hours after the transparency decree on fuels. After the controversy surrounding the stop to discounts and faced with fuel price increases, the executive meeting in the Council of Ministers modified the text and established that there will be a cut in excise dutiesif the … Read more

Meloni government decree: Lufthansa will probably take over airline ITA

Decree of Meloni government Lufthansa will probably take over airline ITA 01/10/2023, 09:50 am Lufthansa is once again trying to secure Alitalia’s successor. According to a media report, a decree by the Italian government now indicates that the German group will be awarded the contract this time. After years of takeover rumors, the time has … Read more

Mps marries the Meloni plan. And she is a candidate to be the protagonist of banking risk

The Meloni government calls and Banca Mps, 64% controlled by the Treasury, responds. The managing director of the Sienese bank, Luigi Lovaglio, in an interview with Only 24 hours, firstly stressed how, after the recently completed 2.5 billion capital increase, the bank no longer represents a “systemic problem” for Italy. Above all, however, the MPS … Read more

The ramshackle strategy of the right shows that Meloni has nothing Dragon-like about it

And luckily she was Dragonian. Giorgia Meloni is breaking all the alleged threads of continuity with her illustrious predecessor at Palazzo Chigi. And it’s not just the strange case of the failure to confirm the fuel price cut, even if the crime plastically gives the idea of ​​a break in continuity, but rather the completely … Read more