The memes of Colombia – Uruguay destroy Yerry Mina

The Tottenham defender was not forgiven for his direct participation in Edi Cavani’s goal for the Uruguayan team on date 3. Colombia – Uruguay is played in Barranquilla and La Celeste hits from the start with Cavani as the scorer. In social networks, the fans respond, with force and with laughter, against the person responsible … Read more

Cold and memes … the best formula against the weather

Due to the season of cold fronts, the country has registered low temperatures in recent days. However, Mexicans are taking advantage of the cold to laugh and do memes about him weather. From September to May, Mexico expects around 54 cold fronts, which bring low temperatures, rains, snowfall, swell, wind, icy waves and events from … Read more

Memes Alavés-Barcelona 2020 | The best jokes

Enjoy the best Memes Alavés-Barcelona 2020 | The funniest jokes and loaded jokes “Messi should have been expelledWith the launch of the ball he wanted to intimidate the referee and that deserves a direct red card ”assured Andújar Oliver. For less they expelled CR in the League. But Messi is the protégé. – Fibo … Read more

A cat shakes his head to the rhythm of the music and becomes the most funky meme

If there is one star on the internet, it is cats. Either with adorable photos and videos until like protagonists of memes. And that is what has happened to this feline, who has shown that he likes to enjoy good music. This white mascot appeared in summer shaking his head to the rhythm of I … Read more

Microsoft makes the meme come true and creates the Xbox Series X refrigerator – MDTech

The fridge Xbox Series X is promoted by its creator Microsoft like a refrigerator that cools properly and has unique features. The light inside is green as is the identity of Xbox. When you open the door, the welcome music sounds when the console starts up. But attention fans! Doesn’t run video games … If … Read more

“Poor Messi”: the memes did not forgive the fall of Barcelona

A new edition passed between Barcelona Y Real Madrid. The victory was in the hands of Merengue and social networks were flooded with worn out for the team of Koeman, which showed a pale image. In addition, they returned the trend to the Argentine star with the phrase “poor Messi”, making it clear that no … Read more

Fabregas chose Alexis as the second best …

Meanwhile, a media supporter of the ‘Gunners’ ranked the Tocopillano as number 1. The time of Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal he continues to generate good memories. With the London team, “Maravilla” exhibited his best potential and left 80 goals in the 166 games he played between mid-2014 and the end of 2017. Now a partisan … Read more

eSports The best memes of the wacky and futuristic design of PlayStation 5 – The launch of the next generation of …

sports By: Redaccin eSports Updated: 13-06-202012:05 hours See guys He launch of the next generation of Sony consoles has given much to talk about. Although the expectation was maximum, its design left opinions mixed between those who loved it and those who detested it. What was not lacking were the memes and from ESports BRAND … Read more

The memes left by Piñera’s cabinet change

This Monday, President Sebastián Piñera released the names of his new collaborators and changes in your current cabinet, where it surprised the election of Cecilia Pérez as Minister of Sports. “This team will have the mission of listening and opening dialogue towards a fairer Chile”, were the words of the president before the expected change. … Read more

The networks respond with humor and memes to the request of the WHO to sing ‘We Are Family’

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants the classic seventies We Are Family become the new global anthem against coronavirus. It is a campaign that invites people from all over the world to record themselves dancing or performing this song by Sister Sledge. Own Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the WHO, has spoken about the … Read more