Australian Open|Hong Kong rising star Huang Zelin is cheered by Hong Kong people on the spot to put aside the pressure and move to men’s doubles (15:06) – 20220123 – Sports – Instant News

The 17-year-old Huang Zelin won the junior men’s doubles at the US Open last year, becoming the first Grand Slam winner in this category in Hong Kong, and will compete for the Grand Slam title at the Australian Open today. He played against Jasika Amor in the first round of the men’s singles in the … Read more

Now scientifically proven: Men’s and women’s brains work differently

With their latest research, scientists have revealed that men’s and women’s brains really work differently. Studying areas of the brain known to program ‘rating, flirting, mating and loathing’ behaviors, scientists studied how male and female mouse brains differ. MALE MICE DETECT GENDER MUCH FASTER In the study, it was determined that male mice quickly determined … Read more

Breakups and loneliness weigh more on men’s health

According to a Danish study, heartbreak and years of celibacy have a greater impact on the health of men than that of women. This conclusion therefore overturns certain preconceived ideas from a medical and more specifically an inflammatory point of view. Men more affected Affecting many people, loneliness is an important social and public health … Read more

A men’s race of 275 km, a first for 35 years!

We are not very far from the distance of Milan-San Remo. If the Italian race holds the record distance of the calendar, the 2022 Road World Championships in Wollongong (Australia) will not be far from 298 km. The men’s road race, drawn along the east coast of Australia, is expected to take place over a … Read more

Breakups and single years affect men’s health Teledakar

Did you know? Men who have experienced several breakups or years of singlehood feel it directly on their health, according to a large-scale study conducted in Denmark. On the other hand, for women, their love life would not have a direct impact on their health, specifies the research.Last year, a study conducted by Johns Hopkins … Read more

Heavy Duty Men’s Singles Team Coach After Hendry Saputra Left

INDONESIAN BADMINTON (L-R) Jonatan Christie, Irwansyah (Assistant Men’s Singles Coach), Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, Shesar Hiren Rhustavito, during a training session at the Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium, Wuhan, China, Monday (22/4/2019). BOLASPORT.COM – Hendy Saputra Ho no longer handles players Indonesian men’s singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, Jonathan Christie and friends in this year’s badminton world championships. … Read more

Hendry Saputra ‘Slides’ After 7 Years of Training in Men’s Singles at PBSI

Jakarta – Officially, Hendry Saputra is no longer the head coach of the men’s singles sector at the PBSI Pelatnas. He “shifted” after seven years in that position. Hendry’s contract has expired in December 2021 and has not received an extension of his tenure from PBSI. “It’s true that I have not joined since January. … Read more

Marry up to 8 women, all these men’s wives live under one roof and live in harmony, this is what he does

SERAMBINEWS,COM – A man in Thailand recently leaked about his personal life which has 8 wives. This was stated by a man known as Mr Nathapon, when invited to fill an event by a local television station. In the event, Mr Nathapon revealed that so far he has married 8 women to be his wife. … Read more

Study: long periods of celibacy have an impact on men’s health –

The results of a recent Danish study showed that breakups and long periods of celibacy affect men’s health. prone to inflammation A recent study on the consequences of celibacy was carried out by researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).The latter studied 26 years of love life of nearly 10,000 people, aged 48 to 62, … Read more

Lithuanian biathlon men’s relay team wins ticket to Beijing Olympics

The 20 strongest teams, including the Lithuanian team, will be able to delegate relay teams to the Games. Mūsiškiai took the 16th place in the ranking (2574 points), at the same time winning the right to participate not only in relay, but also in sprint and personal races – four Lithuanian biathletes will take part … Read more