MORE CHAMPIONS AND MENTIONED THE GOLDEN BALL: The collective and individual goals that Serge Gnabry has set for himself

It was difficult for him to settle in the highest demand football, but he succeeded. After his adventure in England, he returned to Germany, his country. And on his return he was climbing little by little. Came to Werder Bremen, and stood out. Bayern Munich decided to sign him. However, before sending him into his … Read more

The storm is the prelude to a cold wave with a minimum of -10º

The storm is the prelude to a cold wave with a minimum of -10º The storm Filomena that yesterday left Teruel, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Castelló and Valencia on a red notice for extreme risk, is the prelude to a cold wave that will last until next Thursday, with a minimum of -10ºC, according to the special … Read more

Ash mentioned his dad for the first time in over 20 years »Hero Network

Ash Ketchum He has been a character that has accompanied many since childhood. With his long career in the anime of Pokémon We have witnessed his arduous journey to become the Pokémon Champion since 1997 to date, passing through the different regions that constantly expand the vast world of the franchise. However, since its first … Read more

Vox describes as “theater” the sessions of the Faffe commission where those mentioned refuse to testify

Angela Mulas, Vox MP for Cádiz, in a file photo. – VOX – ARCHIVE SEVILLE, 12 Dec. (EUROPA PRESS) – Vox has described as a “play” the sessions of the investigation commission on the defunct Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe) in which the people who are summoned refuse to testify. In a statement, the … Read more

Cinema, Favino and the scene with the Chinaglia ball: “Lazio? I haven’t mentioned it”

The film Padrenostro was presented yesterday in Venice. The film directed by Claudio Noce is set in the mid-70s and is based on the attack on the assistant superintendent Alfonso Noce, father of the director, and how this event has upset the life of the family. The film, in competition at the Venice Film Festival, … Read more

[MàJ] Xbox Series: S version mentioned again on Xbox product – News

Rumors of a second console planned alongside the Series X have been hanging around the internet for a long time. Gradually, these are intensifying, even if Microsoft has still nothing formalized. On August 10, an Internet user published the Xbox Series X controller packaging photo, whose authenticity was confirmed by The Verge and Tom Warren. … Read more

Shin Tae-yong mentioned one wish of Jack Brown

BOLASPORT.COM – Coach Indonesian U-19 national team, Shin Tae-yong, express one wish to Jack Brown before leaving abroad. Jack Brown indeed now enters into the centralization of training Indonesian U-19 national team which is directly monitored by Shin Tae-yong. Shin Tae-yong glanced back and called Jack Brown ke Indonesian U-19 national team on August 10, … Read more

These names are mentioned as Ronald Koeman’s successor at Oranje | Football

AMSTERDAM – It is a short day for the KNVB to present a successor for the Nations League international matches against Poland and Italy at the beginning of September when Ronald Koeman leaves today or tomorrow. That is why the decision can be lifted over these two international matches and Koeman’s assistant Dwight Lodeweges will … Read more

Weronika Marczuk confessed that she was considering adopting. “We decided to try to the end.” In the interview, she also mentioned her daughter Pazura

Weronika Marczuk at the beginning of the year, after many years of efforts, she became a mother. In the world she welcomed her daughter Ania. The producer said from the very beginning that having a child is a dream come true, so I keep my baby on the step. Now she confessed that in the … Read more

Researcher: study mentioned by Van Dissel is unclear about the use of mouth masks

The study that Jaap van Dissel of the RIVM cited yesterday to illustrate that there is no evidence that a national mouth mask obligation works, does not clarify this. It could well be that such an obligation does have a positive effect in certain situations, says Norwegian researcher Bjørn Iversen who did the study. The … Read more