E.Sashenko, who mentioned the birth of his son and his birthday: “It is more than happiness” | Names

Evelina Sashenko, speaking in a soft voice and speaking calmly, gave the impression that true happiness is hidden in the embrace of peace. 15min when asked if this was true, the performer agreed. True, she used to shiver and didn’t get stuck on the spot, but the husband and birth of the baby helped her … Read more

Jokowi Disappointed with Numbers Installed by Hospitals, Then Mentioned DKI Jakarta

Illustration – The atmosphere of handling Covid-19 patients at Cengkareng Hospital, West Jakarta, Thursday (24/6). Photo: Ricardo/jpnn.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo asked regional heads to prepare isolation places for exposed residents COVID-19 mild symptoms, which are located centrally at the kelurahan or sub-district level. Besides, President Jokowi also asked the local government to … Read more

Often Mentioned in the Midst of the Covid-19 Storm and Must Always be Monitored, What is Oxygen Saturation

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The two words “oxygen saturation” have recently become more common as the number of patients continues to increase positive for Covid-19 in Indonesia. Saturation oxygen It is important to check regularly for Covid-19 positive patients. Then, what is oxygen saturation? Quoted from Kompas.com, Monday (12/7/2021), oxygen saturation is the percentage of hemoglobin bound … Read more

Rossi is not mentioned, this is a rare talent in MotoGP history -…

Jorge Lorenzo reveals a rare talent in MotoGP history, who is not Valentino Rossi. (photo: MotoGP) GenPI.co – Jorge Lorenzo reveals a rare talent in MotoGP history, who is not Valentino Rossi. If we talk about history MotoGPOf course, the figure of Valentino Rossi who has given a new breakthrough since his debut will be … Read more

D.Maskoliūnas, who is not expected to play for the charity Lithuanian national team, mentioned his possible successors

It has been a week since the position of the coach of the Lithuanian national team is vacant. Darius Maskoliūnas resigned when Lithuanian basketball players lost the final of the Olympic basketball qualifying tournament for Slovenia and did not enter the Olympic Games for the first time in the country’s history. The Lithuanian Basketball Federation … Read more

📷 “The boss is back”: Didier Lamkel Zé announces that he remains in Antwerp … one day after having mentioned his desire to leave – All football

The Didier Lamkel Zé saga is far from over. With the episodes of Panathinaikos or the jersey of Anderlecht last year, Didier Lamkel Zé distinguished himself with escapades of which he alone has the secret, in order to force a departure from Antwerp. The last date of yesterday : Antwerp announced the group for its … Read more

Xbox Series X Pro isn’t coming soon. Phil Spencer Reveals Immediate Plans And Mentioned Acquisitions

Phil Spencer, on Podcast Unlocked, highlighted the importance of the Xbox One premiere, which contributed to Microsoft’s current position and attitude towards business. Microsoft employees were faced with a harsh reality, but at the same time they understood what customers were waiting for. Spencer said that the Xbox division is now focusing on healthy development. … Read more

Jolanta Fraszyska mentioned a serious illness. At first she downplayed her symptoms. “I thought I’m dying”

Jolanta Fraszyńskawhen she began noticing changes in her mood and incessant migraines, she ignored these symptoms. The moment she realized that she needed professional help was an acute anxiety attack. In a recent interview, she talked about her struggle with depression. Watch the video How to support a person suffering from depression? Anna Lewandowska in … Read more

Lee Hye-young, ex-husband Lee Sang-min mentioned, “People have no sense”

Lee Hye-young, ex-husband Lee Sang-min mentioned, “People have no sense” Edited 2021.06.22 09:43Enter 2021.06.22 09:43 Lee Hye-young was furious about her ex-husband Lee Sang-min’s mention. Photo = Screen capture of the YouTube channel ‘Jong-Shin Yoon-Jung-Hwan’s Jeolla’ [아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] Actress Lee Hye-young laughed at her ex-husband and singer Lee Sang-min’s comments. On the 18th, on the … Read more

Head of Brimob Ops Division of Riau Police Apologizes After Boxing Guard Officer

Merdeka.com – The case of the beating carried out by the Head of Operations Brimob of the Riau Police, Kompol RW, against a guard, Bripda FZ, is being handled by the Propam Sector. Both are said to have forgiven each other. “So, after the (beating) incident, Kompol RW immediately apologized. He also ordered Bripda FZ … Read more