In the hands of Ten Hag, Antony Explains the Differences in the Training Menu at MU and Ajax

Antv – Antony is one of Manchester United’s signings in the transfer market last summer. He was recruited from Ajax Amsterdam with a fantastic dowry of touching 95 million Euros. Antony spoke about his experience training at Manchester United. Although both trained by Erik Ten Hag, Antony revealed that the Red Devils’ way of training … Read more

‘Billion dollar luxury watch’ I can buy ‘Roll XX’ for Simon D and Gian 84… [MD리뷰]

[마이데일리 = 이승록 기자] Cartoonist Gian 84 (real name Kim Hee-min, 37) and singer Simon D (real name Jung Ki-seok, active name Simon Dominic, 38), a best friend of the same age who were born in 1984, talked about being drunk. Recently, on Kian84’s YouTube channel ‘Life 84’, a drunk interview video with Simon D … Read more

Jung-jae Lee Emmy Award Winner? Next is Woosung Jung… Slope during slope, double slope (‘Year-round Plus’)[종합]

[마이데일리 = 강다윤 기자] Actor Lee Jung-jae picked Jung Woo-sung as the next Emmy Award winner. On the 22nd, KBS 2TV’s ‘Year-round Plus’ featured an interview with Lee Jung-jae, who returned to Korea after winning an Emmy Award. Previously, on the 12th, Lee Jung-jae was the first non-English-speaking actor to win the Best Actor Award … Read more

Thief XX Breaks a car window and steals Ivy, theft in the US → 9 pieces of $20 found

[마이데일리 = 박서연 기자] Singer and musical actress Ivy was thefted while traveling to the United States. On the 21st, Ivy posted a picture on her personal Instagram account with the caption, “A memorable trip to the United States. As I was leaving the hotel, I picked up nine $20 bills from a chair (there … Read more

Son Bo-seung, son of Lee Kyung-sil, accidentally hit Son Bo-seung and became a grandmother unintentionally (family register mate)

[마이데일리 = 고향미 기자] Comedian Lee Kyung-sil revealed that his son, actor Son Bo-seung, had a speeding marriage. On the afternoon of the 20th, in the MBC entertainment program ‘Household Mate’, Lee Ye-rim prepared a birthday party for Lee Kyung-gyu. As soon as Lee Kyung-sil saw Lee Ye-rim, she praised her beauty by saying, “Yerim … Read more

Sergio Herman once deleted mussels from the menu at Oud Sluis, and the customers also disappeared. Now he pays tribute

Sergio Herman went out to sea with a mussel cutter. “It was only there that I saw what they do to get that mussel on your plate.” — © Kris Van Exel Star chef Sergio Herman (52) has not yet fully processed the death of his father. A new book has helped him with that. … Read more

Peruvians went viral after wearing red heels to get the Yatra menu from McDonalds [VIDEO] | Sebastian Yatra | McDonald’s | red heels | social networks | | SOCIAL NETWORKS

Updated on 09/15/2022 08:19 pm the fast chain McDonalds and the singer Sebastian Yatra they collaborated and created the ‘Yatra menu’. This news unleashed fury, so much so that thousands of people came to the venues with their Red high heels, only condition, to get the free combo of hamburgers, fries and sodas. This incident … Read more

The healthy diet that can be up to 15% cheaper than the average menu of Argentines

The food one is one of the items that most drives inflation. And when you put the magnifying glass on the increases within that category, the healthiest are the ones that increase the most. Eating healthy, it is known, is more expensive and always has been, as different studies have shown in this regard. Until … Read more