MEPs report that pro-Russian activist Vladimir Linderman has been arrested once again

The reason for Linderman’s detention is not yet known. Last year, the LTV program “de facto” already reported on the broadcasts of covid deniers, all of which are being made in a cellar in the center of Riga. LTV managed to get confirmation that the programs are being filmed in a building on the corner … Read more

Viktor Orbán spoke to 44 MEPs

According to Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s position on the Russo-Ukrainian war was clear from the beginning, “We condemn the Russian attack on the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine, the violation of the Budapest Convention. We want peace. The armed conflict must end, disputes must be settled through negotiations. Ukraine must be helped and refugees must be taken … Read more

MEPs say “goodbye” to internal combustion engines – What’s going on in Kaunas

MEPs voted on Wednesday to tighten the carbon footprint of new cars and vans. pollution, and that they do not remain at all from 2035. Amendments to the rules on carbon standards for cars and vans were supported by 339 MEPs, 249 against and 24 abstentions. Based on this vote, The European Parliament (EP) is … Read more

MEPs call for revision of EU framework treaty / Article

This also applies to sanctions against other countries and tax policy. Therefore, objections from one country can hinder all others. MEPs believe that this practice should be abandoned and that the Treaty on European Union needs to be amended. MEPs have formally launched the process this week, but Daniel Freind, a German Green MEP, mentioned … Read more

MEPs slow down Green Deal –

Proposals to guide the EU towards meeting its 2030 emissions targets will be re-discussed by parliamentary committees. The EP should negotiate their final form with the Member States during the Czech Presidency in the second half of the year. MEPs voted on a revised proposal pushed by the strongest center-right faction of the European People’s … Read more

Three Czechs also voted against the MEPs’ call to reject Russian gas

The European Parliament has 705 members, and the resolution, which called for an embargo, passed by a majority of 513 votes. Among the 22 MEPs who opposed the call were three Czechs: Hynek Blaško and Ivan David (both SPD, European faction Identity and Democracy) and Kateřina Konečná (KSČM, faction Levice). Another Czech MEP, Ondřej Knotek … Read more

Zhdanok has been expelled from the MEPs for not condemning Russia’s aggression – BNN

Tatjana Ždanoka, a member of the European Parliament (EP), has become a non-attached Member, according to information on the EP’s website. Ždanoka was previously a member of the EP’s Green and European Free Alliance Group and served as Vice-Chair of the EP’s Committee on Petitions. MEP Sandra Kalniete (JV) noted that this is the fourth … Read more

MEPs support bill to ban anonymous crypto transactions – IT Pro – News

The problem that @D-e-n points out, I think, is that those self-enrichers are not waiting for these kinds of measures, they want right as little government interference and supervision as possible. Many of crypto’s most outspoken supporters are also highly critical of any form of government, especially when it comes to taxation, transparency and the … Read more

Germans and Hungarians are the frog at the source, Czech MEPs claim tougher sanctions

“There is no unity among EU states on the issue of the adoption of tougher sanctions,” Dita Charanzová, MEP YES, wrote to the News. Harder sanctions must be agreed by all member states, individual states can veto specific proposals. “We are trying to make the sanctions reasonable, not to ban the Russians from breathing slowly. … Read more

The threat to bitcoin has been averted. MEPs rejected criticized regulation

Cryptocurrencies – a phenomenon that has been moving the world for over ten years. And legislators are becoming more and more interested. On Monday, the European Parliament’s Economic Committee voted on a new regulation of the virtual currency market, which the parliament has been preparing since 2019. “In the European Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee, we … Read more