Registration 30 thousand new infections in Korea, we and 552 deaths in Brazil – one world – out of bounds

Announced the Brazilian Ministry of Health yesterday, Sunday registration 30476 new cases with MERS-CoV within twenty-four hours, in addition to 552 deaths. Offers Brazil now million و344143 confirmed cases و57622 deaths. Follow World News from the statement via Google News Print Email Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pin Interest Whats App .

Significantly reduced.. health know the number of injuries and deaths Corona day spa

08:59 pm Saturday 27 June 2020 Books – Ahmed Gomaa: The Ministry of Health and population, today’s Saturday, exit 403 infected with MERS-CoV, the level of isolation and quarantine, after they received the necessary medical care and their recovery in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total recovered from the … Read more

Foods and beverages must have the interests of Corona addressed.. and comes without

08:00 pm Thursday 25 June 2020 Written-Shima Marina Because the simple cases of the medium and of the sources of MERS-CoV isolate themselves at home, after a reception hospitals for critical cases, the contacts that they follow the instructions and procedures necessary to prevent transmission. Dr. Amjad Haddad, consultant Allergy and immunology treatment and vaccine … Read more

Daughter, please see: didn’t you say there’s no hope for you my Lord is able surrounds the bone which is SAPRO”

Suggestions of places to go out Commented Amira Mukhtar, son of the artist, please see, again via its page on the social networking site “Facebook”, on the state of health of her mother. She wrote Princess on her page: “did you say mama de Salvation, no hope.. say … don’t I almost do not know, … Read more

Decline of an outbreak of Corona in Beijing again – one world – out of bounds

China reported 12 new cases of corona virus during the last 24 hours, where they showed the process of negotiation in Beijing declined again. Reported that Chinese health authorities on Wednesday that among the new cases, seven cases have been registered in the capital, and two in Hubei. Also recorded two cases coming from abroad … Read more

Corona is facing necrosis Brazil.. 39436 new injury و1374 death – one world – out of bounds

Announced the Brazilian Ministry of Health on Tuesday about the recording 39436 new cases of ncov in twenty-four hours recent, as well as 1374 death caused by disease of these-19, which is caused by the virus. The ministry said the injuries to the corona exceeded the total 1.1 million cases since the start of the … Read more

Tue | news | in formal speech.. club Egypt agrees to conduct a survey of the resumption of activity

The club sent Egypt an official letter to the committee of five charged with the management of the Football Association, declaring its full commitment to the decisions of the Egyptian state represented by the Ministry of youth and sports. Dip club Egypt about the idea of refused to conduct a survey in preparation for the … Read more

US study the table on drug Hydroxy Chloroquine – SGRF-19

Reported a new study conducted by the National Institute of Health American to drug Hydroxy Chloroquine antimalarial is useful in the treatment of patients with the novel coronavirus (SGRF-19). And stop National Health Institute clinical trials on the use of this drug in the treatment of HIV these are 19-after that the council decided that … Read more

Dr. rival explains the reasons for the increase in injuries and deaths in Korea we Among Men

Dr. Ashraf Okba, head of the organization, Ain Shams University, said there are multiple reasons why the mortality rate with MERS-CoV is high among the men than the ladies, explained during the news coverage provided by the colleague Hisham Abdel Tawab of the morning editing “the sixth day”, that since the pandemic Koroma noted most … Read more