It evokes Putin’s messages on Piombino in order to counter the regasification plant

It is easy to say “regasification”. The real problem is then being able to make it happen. Perhaps Minister Cingolani, when he announced a ship for liquid natural gas (LNG) in Piombino in April, had not taken into account some factors. The Nimby syndrome, but above all the possibility that, in order to say “no”, … Read more

the trick to send messages and photos that automatically disappear

Update on June 30, 2022 at 2:55 p.m. Published on June 30, 2022 at 2:30 PM par Olivia Micenmacher WhatsApp has decided to lend a hand to users who regret having sent a photo through the application: for this, the company has developed an option that allows users to automatically delete everything they send or … Read more

“Defense, deterrence and messages to the Kremlin”. The reasons for the strengthening Born in Italy according to the former general Vincenzo Camporini

Twenty thousand soldiers more Americans on European soil, concentrate in Italy and Germany. President Biden himself has announced a strengthening of the forces in terms of men and means. In the afternoon, the Pentagon specifies that the United States will send a battalion for “short-range air defense” to Italy consisting of 65 military. A unit … Read more

The new function that WhatsApp will add to messages: an important change

The messaging application continues to work on updating its application and will now add emojis to the reactions. WhatsApp continues adding new functions to the application in order to improve the user experience and in the last hours it was known that will add more emojis to react to messagesan option that is currently reduced. … Read more

Report, Sigfrido Ranucci investigated for threats to messages on Whatsapp with Ruggieri (Forza Italia)

The conductor of Report Siegfried Ranucci is under investigation for threats. The public prosecutor of Rome entered it in the register after the denunciation of Andrea Ruggieri, Forza Italia parliamentarian and member of the Rai Supervisory Commission. We speak of a due act. The Republic writes that Villani is investigating the prosecutor. The story begins … Read more

Serial Forbidden Fruit TVP2 cast when broadcast end Love and Destiny

“Forbidden Fruit” tells the story of Yildiz – a girl who has a difficult relationship behind her and dreams of living on a level. – Instead, she lives with Sister Zeynep in a poor neighborhood. One day he meets Mrs. Ender. The woman is rich and influential. She intends to use Yildiz to seduce her … Read more

Instagram tip: this way you only see messages from accounts you follow

Instagram is increasingly showing featured posts in your timeline. Do you only want to see messages from accounts you follow? These are the options in the Instagram app. TikTok spearheaded a new kind of social media years ago. One where it’s less about who you follow, but more about what’s popular at the moment. With … Read more

How much time is there to delete messages sent on social networks

Social networks. (photo: YouTube) For people to communicate with friends and family, they always use messaging apps y social networks as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram y Signal In this sense, a large number of messages are sent during the day, so it is normal for users to make mistakes. Not all these applications allow … Read more

Strong messages from Rocío Marengo about her desire to be a mother after her last attempt failed

Marengo underwent fertility treatment to fulfill her desire to be a mother, but it failed For a long time, Dew Marengo She has the desire to become a mother and, this year, she decided to carry out fertility treatment, something that she decided to make public through her networks and in different media interviews, it … Read more