Miraculous method in detecting heart attack! How do you know before a heart attack?

With the new researches, a first was achieved in the early detection of heart attack. According to this, the presence or danger of a heart attack can be detected beforehand with eye examination, which is one of the most important organs of our body. According to the results of the research, retinal scans can provide … Read more

Track-and-trace method predicts maximum sharpness in microscopy

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – Super-resolution microscopy is a groundbreaking technology that allows researchers to look inside living cells. The technique uses luminescent proteins that can be found in jellyfish, for example. In 2008, three top researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering and developing this luminescent protein, called Green Fluorescent Protein. Researchers can attach … Read more

West Java Motor Vehicle Tax Whitening 2022, this is the method, terms, mechanism for paying PKB and changing names

PRFMNEWS – Program bleaching tax vehicle motorized vehicles held by the West Java Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda West Java) starting from July 1 to August 31, 2022 presents various benefits that can be utilized by the community. Advantages in the program bleaching tax vehicle motorized 2022, among others, free of tax fines vehicle motorized vehicle … Read more

Beware of Genital Warts in Women, Doctors Suggest This Prevention Method

Artur Do not ignore genital warts in women caused by the HPV virus. NOVA.id – Cases of genital warts or genital warts in the world reach 120.5 cases per 100,000 per year with a peak age of 24 years. Meanwhile in Indonesia, women experience more (62.5 percent) with a range of ages 25 to 45 … Read more

Ulises Toirac qualifies as “low, mean and cowardly method” control of Pablo Milanés’ concert

the comedian Ulises Toirac described as “a low, mean and cowardly method” the control over concert tickets that the Cuban singer-songwriter will give at the National Theater Paul Milanes. “If you fear that an artist will expose his ideas on stage… why do you give it to him? To show him that you can hold … Read more

New groundbreaking method facilitates drug research

To develop new drugs requires a great deal of knowledge about nature’s smallest biological building blocks, the biomolecules. Now researchers can study them with a groundbreaking new microscopy technique. Researchers at Chalmers have developed a groundbreaking microscopy technique that makes it possible to study proteins, DNA and other small biological particles in their natural state … Read more

this is the right method

Did you know that barbecue can be carcinogenic? The important thing is to grill the right way. Here’s how to do it correctly. Carcinogenic barbecue – Image from Pixabay FOR ALL OTHER UPDATES FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM With the arrival of summer, the desire to have lunches with friends arrives at the same time as … Read more