The Armed Forces Medical Services announces vacancies.. and specifies the required specializations and the method of submission

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The medical services of the armed forces revealed the availability of more than 30 jobs for diploma holders and above, in (Jeddah, Tabuk, Al-Kharj, and Sharurah). Vacancies include: 1- Patient Care Technician. 2- Pharmacist. 3- Radiologist. 4- Public health technician. 5- Nursing Technician. 6- Director of Nursing. 7- Emergency deputy. The workplaces include: … Read more

No one knows about this miraculous method! The amazing benefit of putting garlic in your ear: It shows its effect instantly

Garlic is one of the foods that has an important place both in our meals and in our health. Many effects of garlic, such as being a natural antibiotic, are known to everyone, but not many people know about this benefit for the ear. In this article, we will tell you about this little-known benefit … Read more

New method enables early and effective multi-cancer tests

​When cancer can be detected at an early stage, mortality is drastically reduced, but today’s screening methods are limited to a few types of cancer. An international study led by researchers from Chalmers shows that a new, previously untested method can easily detect several types of newly formed cancer at the same time – even … Read more

Doctor: Coronary heart can be intervened with the PCI method

Only through skin to vascular access Jakarta (ANTARA) – Cardiologist and blood vessel specialist Dr. Bimo Bintoro, Sp.JP (K) said, patients with coronary heart disease can be intervened without surgery using the Percutaneous Cornary Intervention (PCI) method or percutaneous coronary intervention. “So we don’t do surgery, only through the skin to vascular access and then … Read more

NBTC recommends a black grid satellite dish Can’t watch the World Cup live use the classic method

but official channels Watch Live World Cup 2022 That can still be viewed as usual are as follows– Digital TV system– Dedicated satellite system KU-Band (small dish) DTV Samart– True Visions network Regarding this, it is reported that Office of the NBTC. Has prepared information on watching live broadcasts of the 2022 World Cup after … Read more

3 things that you don’t have to let go of.Your feeling of “I don’t want to throw it away” was right – STUDY HACKER | Study method for working people & English learning

For improvement of mental health and efficiency of learning“Throw away unnecessary things” “Let’s get rid of them”I often hear that“Even if you say so, I can’t throw it away…”Some people think so. It’s okay if you don’t rush to say, “I have to throw it away even if I can’t force it…”. Why don’t you … Read more

Your tucking method can affect the child’s development

Most people know that sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. Especially for young children, who strengthen their immune system and produce growth hormones while they sleep. But the way we send our children to dreamland can also determine their behavioral development and temperament. At least that’s the conclusion researchers draw in one study … Read more

[Today to HOT]Zhou Zhuohua’s case was sentenced on 1.18, “helpless and incomprehensible” was charged with the underworld; American research reveals the potato-free diet method to lose 13 pounds in 8 weeks- Hong Kong Economic Daily- Instant News Channel- Instant Finance- Hot Talk

Hot Talk 22:19 2022/12/01 ▲ 【Today to HOT】U.S. study reveals 1 method of eating potatoes, blood sugar does not rise, and 8 weeks of continuous eating loses 13 pounds; Hong Kong men mention 3 reasons, according to buying a property, do not choose the Northwest 【ET Caizhi Talk】Analysis of asset allocation Honghu Lu Tinglong’s perspective … Read more