Tests to detect evils that kill Mexicans the most collapse

The test to detect diabetes fell from 23.7% to 15.3 percent, despite being one of the main causes of death in Mexico. Photo: Notimex / Archive MEXICO CITY. The tests to detect early three of the evils that kill the most Mexicans plummeted in the last six years. Fewer women and men underwent a medical … Read more

They look at the stars; the NBA draft is taking place today

MEXICO CITY. Dince their homes, future NBA players will await team decisions when the draft takes place tonight with guard LaMelo Ball as the favorite to be chosen in the top spot of the draft. The coronavirus pandemic forced the league to cancel the event it had planned to hold at the Barclays Center in … Read more

Bruno Bichir; the theater is your need

MEXICO CITY. For Bruno Bichir, doing theater in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, with sanitary measures in between and time restrictions, as well as the 30 percent capacity, among other conditions, is both “necessity and foolishness” for those who engaged in such art. The actor, who is part of the works Villa Olímpica, via … Read more

Beauty and social message, at Mexicana Universal

Commanded by Lupita Jones, the broadcast will air on November 15, 22 and 29 at 9:00 p.m. with 120 minutes duration. MEXICO CITY. Mexicana Universal, a contest that seeks to overcome the overcoming of women in our country, reaches the Imagen Televisión signal. Commanded by Lupita Jones, the broadcast will air on November 15, 22 … Read more

Famous people exercise their right to vote

MEXICO CITY. Figures of the American artistic medium were present in yesterday’s electoral elections in which citizens asserted their vote to decide whether Donald Trump (Republican Party) or Joe Biden (Democratic Party) will control the country for the next four years. For example, singer, actor, designer Kanye West, who was also running as an independent … Read more

Raspberry Shells for Breast Cancer Awareness

MEXICO CITY. To raise awareness about breast cancer, the Rossetta bakery in the Roma neighborhood created a special edition of its traditional sugar shell. The bread is shaped like a breast and will be available throughout the month of October. This, because October is considered the Pink Month or raising awareness about the importance of … Read more

51-year-old pregnant woman waiting for her first grandchild?

MEXICO CITY. A new story is bursting on social networks, that of Breanna Lockwood and her mother Julie Loving, asFor several years, Breanna, 29, and her husband Aaron Lockwood, 28, have tried to become parents, but after 476 injections, eight frozen embryo transfers, two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, they ended up heartbroken. Its plot … Read more

The paradise of invention, your theatrical lifeline

Photo: Courtesy Karla Lisker MEXICO CITY. The actors Marina de Tavira and Alfonso Herrera agreed that the play that will premiere on November 27 via the Teatrix streaming platform, The Paradise of Invention, was their lifeline during the pandemic, in which the theaters in Mexico were closed and the Live entertainment stopped. For me it … Read more

Millionaire losses in the cinema after six months of confinement

Photo art: Jesús Sánchez / Photo: Quetzalli González MEXICO CITY. In the five months that the 953 movie complexes in our country were closed, due to the pandemic caused by covid-19, the movie industry lost 10 thousand two hundred twenty two million pesos in box office income, being affected by this situation 50 thousand families … Read more

AirBit Club facing the rise of Bitcoin in 2020

Bitcoin suffered a price decline during 2020, but just a couple of months later it recovered and reached its highest price in months, showing that its adoption with businesses like AirBit Club is a smart alternative. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has created as much speculation and expectations as it does profit. The digital … Read more