Leaves! Studying microbes could pave the way for future farmers on Mars

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket emerges from a launch pad in Florida. (SpaceX via YouTube) Experiments en route to the International Space Station focus on general topics such as soil, but could be key to growing crops in space. Experiments funded by NASA – known as The dynamics of the microbiome in spaceor DynaMoS – … Read more

Microbes in Glaciers at Risk of Triggering Pandemic Waves, Experts Say

KOMPAS.com – Research shows more than 900 species microbes unseen before, found alive within glacier on the Tibetan Plateau. Analysis of microbial genomes reveals, some of which have the potential to spawn new pandemics, if the rapid thaw caused by climate change release him from the ice dungeon. In a new study, researchers from the … Read more

900 microbes buried in Tibetan glacier could cause new pandemic

Jakarta – Scientists discover more than 900 species microbes never seen before. Hundreds of new microbes discovered in highland glaciers Tibetand potentially cause pandemic only when the ice melts and is exposed to the outside world. In the new study, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences took ice samples from 21 glaciers in the … Read more

Indoor life survey reveals humans and resident microbes adapt to each other

Within and on every human being reside countless microorganisms – the microbiota that help shape and direct the lives of their hosts. A similar phenomenon occurs between people, microbes and the homes they share. Written in the June 24, 2022 issue of Scientists progressscientists at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and … Read more

This New Type Of Microbes Help Uncover The Formation Of Mars Living Creatures

NASA’s Goddard Flight Centre An illustration of Mars’ early environment (right), believed to have contained liquid water and a thicker atmosphere, is a world away from Mars’ cold, dry environment today (left). Nationalgeographic.co.id—Mars and Earth have some similarities. The similarities are what make scientists explore how life could form on the planet Mars by examining … Read more

Next-Generation Artificial Skin Sensing Surface Microbes | Sensors | Hydrogel Polymers | Artificial Intelligence

[The Epoch Times, June 13, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ni compiled and reported) After six years of research, Italian scientists have invented aartificial skinmore sensitive than human skin, evenmicroorganismSmall objects can be felt. Anna Maria Coclite of Graz Technical University in Austria presented a “three-in-one” function developed by her research group.artificial skincan sense temperature, … Read more

Small Cayenne Pepper, These 3 Microbes Can Benefit Plants

Lately we often hear mostly land Indonesia sick, due to lack of nutrients. The main cause is the use of excessive chemicals so that the element of organic matter in the soil is reduced. One thing that is predicted to improve agricultural soil is the use of microorganisms as ‘fixers’. Microbes Microorganisms are living organisms … Read more

Chromatin originated in microbes two billion years ago

A study carried out by researchers at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona reveals that the DNA storage structure in the cells of higher organisms evolved in an ancient microbe, the common ancestor of all eukaryotes, as a result of selective pressures in the Earth’s primordial environment, between one and two billion years … Read more

4 Examples of Food and Beverage Products That Use Microorganisms

https://unsplash.com/@fitnish – food and beverage products that utilize microorganisms are Did you know that there are several types of food and beverage products that utilize microorganisms? food and the drinks that we often consume everyday? Some food and beverage products that utilize micro-organisms are tempeh, yogurt, tape, and many more. What exactly is meant by … Read more

The benefits of bitter melon! It balances blood sugar, natural healing for stomach problems, cleans all the microbes in the blood! Rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, protein…

INGREDIENTS OF POMEGRANATE Iron, calcium, phosphorus and B vitaminsCucurbitacin derivatives40-50% ProteinFixed oils; Of the trienaccids, α-Elaosterinic acid and trichosanacidAlkaloids, Saponins, Quinones, Resin, Musilage, Sterols, TanninsMomordicoside, momordicillin, cucurbitins, cucurbitacins, lectins