Even proper nutrition will not help: scientists have found out how a person’s weight depends on the behavior of intestinal microbes

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops archive Scientists have found out why, with the same diet, some people gain weight faster than others. Experts from the University of Copenhagen found that about 40% of people live in the intestines of microbes that allow them to extract more energy from food, which leads to weight gain. Writes … Read more

Microbes: Pylote wins two global contracts to protect credit cards and gloves

the essential The start-up signs two major contracts with the famous Mapa gloves and a bank card manufacturer to integrate its antimicrobial technology. The Toulouse nugget of clean chemistry has just won two major contracts. Pylote has seduced two giants with its antimicrobial technology: the American Mapa, famous for its gloves, and the Asian Toppan, … Read more

Gut microbes may boost motivation to exercise

Certain species of gut bacteria activate nerves in the gut to promote the desire to exercise, according to a mouse study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. The study was published today in Natureand reveals the gut-to-brain pathway that explains why certain bacteria improve physical performance. In the study, researchers … Read more

This study reveals new ways microbes can help humans establish colonies on the moon and Mars

years | Updated: 12 Of 2022 4:26 is Irvine (California) [US]December 12 (ANI): Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have been excited to see new ways microbes could help humans colonize the moon and Mars by studying the biochemical process by which cyanobacteria suck nutrients from rocks in Chile’s Atacama Desert.Researchers in the UCI … Read more

Melting glaciers are releasing hundreds of thousands of unknown microbes

collecting samples The researchers collected runoff samples from eight glaciers in North America and Europe, and two from the Greenland ice sheet. They found tens of thousands of microbes in every milliliter of water. The team estimated that the situation could result in the expulsion of more than one hundred thousand tons of bacteria into … Read more

Study Finds Ocean Microbes Get Their Food From An Amazing Mix Of Sources – Indian Education | Latest Education News

One of the smallest and most powerful organisms on the planet are plant-like bacteria known to marine biologists as Prochlorococcus. These green microbes are less than a micron in diameter, and their populations are scattered in the upper layers of the ocean, where a teaspoon of seawater can harbor millions of microorganisms. Prochlorococcus It grows … Read more

Microbes may have survived for millions of years under the Martian surface

Ancient bacteria could be sleeping below the surface of Mars, where they have been protected from the harsh radiation of space for millions of years, according to new research. While no evidence of life has been found on the Red Planet, the researchers simulated conditions on Mars in a laboratory to see how bacteria and … Read more

[새책] 100 microbes meet the universe

Send articles on social media Send article to Facebook Send articles to Twitter Send article to Naver Band Send article to Naver Blog Send article to Pinterest Send article to Copy URL Find other shares Is the world seen through a telescope wider or the world seen through a microscope? Written by an astronomer who … Read more

Mars once had a life but was destroyed because of his own actions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Tim researcher from the Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS) Paris, France, discovered the cause of the extinction of life in Mars. A new climate modeling study suggests ancient microbes are fueling climate change on Mars that is making the planet less habitable. In the end, it led to … Read more

Underground microbes may have overrun ancient Mars

Cape Canaveral, Florida (AP) — French scientists reported Monday that the ancient planet Mars may have had an environment capable of harboring a subterranean world teeming with microscopic organisms. The researchers concluded that if they existed, these simple life forms would have changed the atmosphere so profoundly that it unleashed Mars’ ice age and destroyed … Read more