The date of the upcoming Al-Hilal and Al-Shabab match is Friday 07/05/2021 and the transmission channels in the Saudi League

The date of the Al-Hilal and Al-Shabab match, Prince Khalid bin Sultan Stadium in Al-Shabab Club hosts the great meeting between Al-Shabab and Al-Hilal, within the twenty-sixth week of the Saudi Professional League’s postponements, the Prince Muhammad bin Salman Cup League, and the result of the first-leg match between the two teams ended in a … Read more

Between Dubai and Sharjah … a traffic accident involving 34 cars (photos)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Emirates Road between Dubai and Sharjah witnessed, on Monday, a huge traffic accident involving 34 cars, which resulted in 4 injuries, one of them severe, the other medium and two light. Credit: Dubai police This came in a statement by Dubai Police from Brigadier General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, … Read more

The new Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, its great specifications and its very exciting price

li”,”slideshow”:false,”controlNav”:false,”pausePlay”:true,”prevText”:” Previous“,”nextText”:” Next“,”playText”:” Play“,” pauseText “:” Pause“,”smoothHeight”:true}”> 1/2 2/2 Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is one of the most important and latest phones that were released by Xiaomi, which was announced by Xiaomi through its social media profile page, and it was also recently announced about the Xiaomi redmi 9t phone with great features and an … Read more

Ford’s smarter robots are speeding up the assembly line

In 1913, Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with the first movable assembly line, an innovation that made assembly of new vehicles faster and more efficient. Nearly a hundred years later, Ford is now using artificial intelligence to speed up existing manufacturing lines. The Ford plant in Michigan, where robots help assemble torque converters, now … Read more

Al-Ahly coach: “The Red Genie is like Real Madrid and Barcelona … and the youngsters are the club’s future.”

/ 629477 / coach-Al-Ahly-Genie-Red-like-Real-Madrid-and-Barcelona-and-the-juniors-the future-club “Laying the cornerstone of Al-Ahly is a very important step, as the red team is the first club to have its own stadium, and it is something special and happy to be present at this great festival,” said Prokic. Prokic continued: “When I came 8 months ago, in my first … Read more

Al-Ahly Stadium is a dream that we have pursued a lot. «Video»

/ 629474 / Khaled-Bebo-to-long-live-Egypt-stad-Al-Ahly-is-a-dream-our-pursuit-behind-many-video Khaled Bebo, a former Al-Ahly player, confirmed his happiness at the inauguration of the new Red Castle stadium in the club’s branch in Sheikh Zayed, stressing the need for players to make every effort for the player on the new stadium. Khaled Bebo said: “I would like to say congratulations to … Read more

Ismaily regains “Alsemsimiya” and rises to safety positions in the table after winning the production “Video”

/ 629461 / Ismaily-regains-sesame-and-rises-to-positions-safety-in-schedule-after-win-production-video Shukri Naguib scored the lead for Ismaily during the first half of the match after Ahmed Mustafa sent a wonderful pass behind the defenders from outside the penalty area, which was received by the Darwish striker inside the penalty area and shot it directly in the far left corner in the … Read more

The new Ontime Sport 3 channel frequency on Nilesat ON Time Sports 3 HD

The frequency of Ontime Sport 3 on Nilesat, many people are looking for the frequency of the new Ontime Sport 3 channel, ON Time Sports 3, on Nilesat, and the channel is new, as the channel was created alongside Ontime Sports channels ON Time Sports that display football matches And many other tournaments and sports, … Read more

Free Fire Gems shipping rates are in Egyptian pounds via MTCGAME

li”,”slideshow”:false,”controlNav”:false,”pausePlay”:true,”prevText”:” Previous“,”nextText”:” Next“,”playText”:” Play“,” pauseText “:” Pause“,”smoothHeight”:true}”> 1/2 2/2 Free Fire is one of Garena’s very distinctive fighting electronic games, where the Free Fire game has become the most downloaded game for the year 2019 with a number exceeding 500 million downloads of the game and the game size is not large as the game … Read more

I encourage an Ismaili who I have 7 years of “video”

/ 629134 / Muhammad-Salah-Bravely-Ismaily-who-and-I-have-7-years-video Mohamed Salah said: “I encouraged the Ismaili and announced it a while ago, with great encouragement because of my father, who was a supporter of the Dervish, and when I was growing in age, and I started encouraging Ismailis 8 or 9 years ago, then I fell in love with the … Read more