China Will Become an Evil Empire, the Chinese Communist Party’s Biggest Threat on Earth

loading… WASHINGTON – Former United States (US) vice president Mike Pence warned that China is on its way to becoming an “evil empire”. According to him, it was a bigger threat to America than the Soviet Union in the Cold War era. The former vice president of Donald Trump has urged President Joe Biden to … Read more

The night of madness in Wisconsin: and now the NBA also stops

Two dead, one wounded and civil war scenes in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is just past midnight between 25 and 26 August. A boy with a baseball cap turned backwards moves along Sheridan Road, in the center of the city, for the third consecutive night in no man’s land. He carries a long-barreled shotgun over his … Read more

Trump unexpectedly arrived at the Republican Congress. “If Biden wins, we will be owned by China,” Czech Television warned – ČT24

Donald Trump called the November vote “the most important election in the history of our country.” “Our country may be heading in the wrong direction. If this guy wins, we will be owned by China, “the American president threatened in his speech and repeatedly attacked the Democrats and their presidential candidate Joe Biden. Trump earned … Read more

The USA has Kamala Harris, we only have Olaf Scholz

The US Democrats send Kamala Harris as a runner-up candidate. It’s historical, that’s brave. What is the SPD doing about it? To rely on Olaf Scholz is a wasted opportunity. The Democrats have this week Kamala Harris nominated, the Social Democrats Olaf Scholz. Almost everything is said about the state of the two traditional parties … Read more

After another record of cases, the United States would return to Phase 1 in 18 states | Chronicle

He government of U.S is studying an internal report in which it is classified as “red areas“to 18 states, which should resume confinement measures for slow the progression of the disease, after marking Thursday a world record, with 77,255 coronavirus infections in a day. Among the states included in that report prepared by a team … Read more

Donald Trump and the Tulsa Rally: A week to Forget

Donald Trump seeks the liberation, however, its mass event in Oklahoma, will become a non-starter – and the Symbol: The President does not find a way out of the Defensive. Donald Trump is, as once as a Reality TV Star now as a President, obsessed with appearance, and its medial effect – and according to … Read more

What is the story of “Moderna vaccine”? .. Pence announces “a surprise against Corona”

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " US Vice President Mike Pence quoted an epidemiologist and Trump advisor, Anthony Fawcci, that a possible vaccine had shown promising results, after 45 participants received two doses of the vaccine, and all of their bodies were able to develop antibodies that were … Read more

United States – Donald Trump fires senior officials again: “act of retribution”

It was almost the weekend when the US president kicked the head of an internal control agency out of his post. The Democrats see a striking pattern in the incident – and want to investigate. Senior Democrats in the US Congress want to get to the bottom of President Donald Trump’s dismissal of the US … Read more

Trump fires inspector general in the State Department

AMerika’s President Donald Trump has fired an internal State Department investigator who has just launched an investigation into department head Mike Pompeo, according to Democratic MPs. The State Department confirmed the release of Inspector General Steve Linick late Friday evening. The news portal Politico and the CNN broadcaster reported that Trump had informed the representative … Read more

Half of the results inadmissible ?: Authority has doubts about Trump’s rapid test

A corona quick test – used daily by Trump and publicly advertised – promises quick results. However, several studies suggest that the test results are unreliable. The manufacturer’s denial follows promptly. In a Corona rapid test used in the White House, among others, in the USA, there are increasing doubts about the reliability. The US … Read more