The new Mondadori Duomo bookshop in Milan

Three floors, one of which is a mezzanine, immersive spaces for all ages and experiences, 100,000 volumes available and, as a backdrop, a neo-Renaissance building that overlooks the Duomo of Milan directly: these are some of the characteristics of the new Mondadori Cathedralthe library inside the Palazzo dei Portici Meridionali designed to be a new … Read more

Engineering in Milan, History in Rome: where to study in Italy according to the world ranking of the best universities

At the end of the course of higher education, many Italian students are faced with various unknowns: to stop or continue with university studies? And in this second case, how to orient oneself in choosing the most prestigious university in Italy to follow one’s vocation and one’s interests in a specific field of study? The … Read more

K. Maksvytis – about the changes in “Fenerbahçe”, the return of I. Taylor and Sh. Napier, who is raging in Milan

Having lost absolute leader Keenan Evans due to an Achilles tendon injury at the beginning of the match against Istanbul “Fenerbahçe”, Kaunas “Žalgiris” rallied, Laurynas Birutis played a career match in the EuroLeague, and the guests from Turkey were beaten 86:66 on Nemunas Island. The students of Kazis Maksvytis fought back and then won three … Read more

2026 Olympics, Milan Turin: why is it a clash on skating?

At six o’clock yesterday afternoon Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, leaves the Sala Verde of Palazzo Chigi where the control room of the 2026 Winter Olympics has just concluded, and crossing journalists he explains: «As a Milanese, of course I would like the my city also hosted the skating competitions ma … Read more

In Milan, 70,000 march against the mafia: ‘It is possible to beat it’ – Lombardia

The demonstration in memory of the innocent victims of the mafias ended in Piazza Duomo in Milan, which began at 9 with a procession starting from Corso Venezia. On the stage set up in the square, in front of 70 thousand people including over 500 family members, the president of the Public Notice Roberto Montà … Read more

Milan, the announcement of the Municipality: “Crush on short-term rentals that remove apartments from those who want to live in the city”

Increasingly high house prices prevent students and workers from finding accommodation. While there are 15 thousand private apartments intended for tourists who occupy them for a few days or for short periods. Councilor Maran: “Companies that do it for work or those who have several houses know that they are the target of this initiative” … Read more

The Milan Stock Exchange was down, followed by the other European markets

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Piazza Affari is moving in decidedly negative territory. The same downward trend also for the main European stock exchanges. L’Euro / US Dollar shows a modest gain, with an increase of 0.24%. L’Oro the session continued on the rise and advanced to 2,004.2 dollars an ounce. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) … Read more

Milan, the European Patent Court is coming: “Risk of halved skills”

Il European Patent Court will it arrive in Milan and with what functions? The recent parliamentary question by the Honorable Member Lia Quartapelle (Pd) on the transfer of the European Patent Court to Milan (in addition to Monaco and Paris, with Luxembourg only as the Court of Appeal) has rekindled the attention on a long-standing … Read more