Kymco Officially Releases Electric Motorbikes for Cities, Mileage Translucent Tens of Kilometers – Kymco officially released a new electric motorbike for cities. The electric motorbike is the Kymco i-One. Conceptually, the Kymco i-One is suitable for beginners who are looking for a compact electric motorbike for busy roads. The appearance of the Kymco i-One has a design line that looks elegant, typical of European scooters, but … Read more

For sale is a beautiful Mercedes SL. The iron with V12 is after the first owner and with low mileage

The Mercedes-Benz SL generation R129 earned the nickname “The Iron” among Czech car enthusiasts for its characteristic shape. However, it is also interesting for other reasons. One remarkable specimen is currently for sale in the country. The luxury roadster was presented to the world at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show and went on sale in … Read more

Viar Releases 4 Cheapest Electric Bikes, Numbers 3 and 4 Have a Mileage of 60 Km and 75 Km

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Brand Viar one of the manufacturers that released a lot electric bicycle cheap in the market. interestingly, electric bicycle This Viar offers price relatively sufficient cheap. Interestingly enough, four electric bicycle it has a range comparable to that of an electric motor. Read Also: The Netherlands Releases Sophisticated Electric Motorcycles, Can You Buy … Read more

In the cold wave, the electric car’s mileage is cut in half… “There were no charging refugees”

On the 29th, a citizen is charging an electric car at an electric car charging station in Yongsan Station, Seoul. 2022.6.29 News 1 Mr. Han, who rode an electric car for two years, visited Daegu, his hometown, by high-speed train instead of a car during the Lunar New Year holiday last year. This is because … Read more

Exceptionally well-preserved Superb I for sale: With legendary engine, low mileage and after 1st owner

The first generation Škoda Superb is a car that is quite often found in used car ads for sale. But we were interested in one piece in an unusually well-preserved condition. And with an interesting engine. Let us remind you that the Mladá Boleslav car company presented the modern Superb in 2001. First, at the … Read more

180 Km Mileage, This Electric Version of the Honda Vario Is Only Rp. 12 Million, Makes the Honda PCX Electric Shrinking

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Motorbike manufacturers from India have again made a splash for automotive enthusiasts after presenting them electric motor Twins Honda Vario recently. The electric motor, named Okinawa i-Praise, looks very similar to the design Honda Vario. Reportedly, electric motor similar Honda Vario will soon pave in Indonesia in 2023. Read Also: MATCH HONDA! NIU … Read more

This is how high your mileage allowance should actually be | Car

The untaxed mileage allowance has finally been increased after seventeen years, although the increase is by no means large. The Association of Business Drivers has calculated that the mileage allowance is not comprehensive. An average mileage allowance of 0.31 euros would come closer. This year, the tax-free mileage allowance has been increased from 0.19 to … Read more

Rowan Atkinson is selling a Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II, rare color and low mileage

The famous actor bought the car in May 2021, but has not even driven 3,000 kilometers. But he gave the car perfect care. Rowan Atkinson is primarily a famous actor and comedian, but at the same time he is also an occasional racer and an enthusiastic car collector. One of the cars in his collection … Read more

The mileage of every seventh electric car may be fake

Buying a used car should be a joyous occasion, but a lack of transparency in the trade can dampen the joy. In this sense, the situation has not changed even with the increasing popularity of electric cars. Many people are switching to electric cars to reduce emissions, operating and repair costs. On the other hand, … Read more

Run on the spot – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

At the end of the year, the demand for used cars in Russia turned out to be more stable than for new ones. Against the backdrop of a shortage in the market, Russians have become more actively interested in three-year-old cars. As a result, even in the third quarter, sales were higher than in 2021. … Read more