Executives of major gold mines: The industry’s crisis will not end soon

Executives gathered at the Denver Gold Forum last week were unanimous in their view that the current economic environment is unprecedented. Gold producers are grappling with the fallout from the U.S. central bank’s decisions: efforts to fight inflation have boosted the dollar and pushed down precious metal prices. Gold prices is under pressure, and shares … Read more

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | The early universe without metals

An American observatory stated that the first stars in the universe were significantly different from the Sun and similar stars, because they did not contain metals. The press service of the American observatory “Noire Lab” said in a statement carried by Sputnik yesterday that minerals were formed only in the course of thermonuclear fusion, and … Read more

Mysterious spherical objects appeared on the shores of the Black Sea. They confuse the experts

A mysterious phenomenon haunts a beach in Canada. Human feet wash up on it An expert on submarines and other underwater technology posted two photos of the suspicious objects on Twitter. “They look like mines, but I don’t think they really are. My theory is that it is part of the launch capsule of the … Read more

The new Linux malware mines with IoT devices, even the computing power of your TV and refrigerator, and the size is only 376 bytes | T Kebang

Whether it is a smart refrigerator, a color TV, or a washing machine, any device with a little computing power (Internet of Things and end-to-end) may be infected by this virus for mining cryptocurrencies, etc. An example is Shikitega, a newly discovered Linux malware by AT&T Alien Labs. Compared with some previous IoT devices, Shikitega … Read more

Comptoir des Mines Gallery meets the public of Casablanca

“Casablanca-Marrakech, the Comptoir des Mines hors les murs” invites you to discover works by 8 leading artists who marked the gallery’s previous artistic season in Marrakech and Dubai. “Casablanca-Marrakech, the Comptoir des Mines outside the walls” is the new collective exhibition of the Comptoir des Mines Galerie. Organized until September 23, this event will be … Read more

Sleeping Bear immediately put on the Red Devils goalkeeper. Mine’s gone, sorry for another blunder

For the first time in the season, Letenský was defended by Dominik Holec. It turned out that Matěj Kovář came as the planned number one. After his arrival, he managed one individual training session the day before the match. On it, the implementation team appeared as the coaches know it from the Lvíčat jersey. Confident … Read more

I did not accept that I liked the mines

lali1.jpg Confession. Lali without filters: “I didn’t accept that I liked mines.” Everything happened after the team of Nobody says anything (Luzu TV) remarked that in the last time the artist became “the platonic of all sexes” and consult him if that was something sought or simply happened. ► YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: Lali … Read more

Intimate confession of Lali Esposito: “I did not accept that I liked the mines” – News

After the shocking kisses that Lali Esposito gave to celebrities on her Disciplina tour, the singer spoke with an open heart about the facet of sex symbol that she displays on stage and in the media. “I feel like a couple of years ago you took on a role, or maybe it came naturally, much … Read more