Horror game “12 Minutes” releases a new trailer to break the time loop and change the ending | XFastest News

Today (May 11) foreign media IGN released a new demo of the interactive horror game “Twelve Minutes”, introducing the game mechanics. Today (May 11) foreign media IGN released a new demo of the interactive horror game “Twelve Minutes”, introducing the game mechanics. Let’s watch the video together! “12 Minutes” was developed by Luis Antonio and … Read more

Mom, who died of a coronavirus, could only spend two minutes with her newborn baby

A mother in the Covid-intensive care unit who could spend only two minutes with her newborn baby died and was then placed in deep anesthesia soon after. Although combined heart and lung transplantation arose, he was eventually taken off the waiting list, saying his body would not be able to withstand the intervention. The woman … Read more

Chinese missile | Astronomical Research: He passed through Egypt for two and a half minutes

11:08 PM Saturday 08 May 2021 (Masrawy): The “Extra News” satellite channel published a live video clip of the Chinese missile while it was orbiting around the Earth. The video, broadcast by the channel this evening, Saturday, showed the missile as it passed over the Pacific Ocean on its way to North America. Dr. Gad … Read more

How to play the original Minecraft 2021 game, latest release in 5 minutes

How to play Minecraft 2021، Minecraft is one of the most famous games for a long time. Many young men and women everywhere in the Arab world have been interested in learning about the game and playing it, whether through computers or mobile devices, the game has created a large fan base in a short … Read more

7 minutes to open the national road, change lanes and receive 11 tickets, the verdict comes out, driving is fun-Society-Zhongshi

The truck driver surnamed Liao in Yunlin County changed lanes on National Highway 3 without turning on the direction lights and occupied the center lane. The public reported that he changed lanes 9 times in 7 minutes. The police issued 11 fines and fined 48,500 yuan. Liao Nan Dissatisfied, the Yunlin Supervision Station cancelled 3 … Read more

Pat Suthasini reveals his experience with the COVID vaccination in America, taking less than 10 minutes.

While the Thai people are waiting for when they will get Covid vaccination But many Thai people People living in foreign countries have gradually started getting the second dose of vaccine. One of which is “Pat Suthasini” Singer-actor living in Los Angeles, USA. I just received the second vaccination, which referred to the experience of … Read more

“The Army of the Dead”: Netflix will unlock the first 15 minutes of the film on its YouTube channel Celebs Army of the Dead NNDC | FAME

On Thursday, May 13, Netflix will have a live global event only on its YouTube channel and fans will be able to connect live to be part of this interactive experience in which the first 15 minutes of the long-awaited Zack Snyder film will be unlocked, “The army of the dead “. With guest appearances … Read more

Kena Bridge of Spirits, 12 Minutes and these 6 games are the nominees for the first Tribeca Games Awards

The film festival wants to reward unpublished games that show potential “for artistic and narrative excellence.” Videogames are increasingly recognized within the world of culture and audiovisual entertainment. A good example of this is that Tribeca Film Festival 2021, the next edition of the well-known New York film festival, will dedicate a specific category to … Read more

Even though it is a 4-hour program, the role of a 10-year-old child “exited for 5 minutes” The ruthless “run for money” was “on the contrary good impression” Why was it embraced: J-CAST News[Full text display]

In response to the opening scene of the “Run for Money” (Fuji TV series) 4-hour special broadcast on May 5, 2021, there were voices saying that the content of the program was unforgiving, such as “Hunter adults should wear a handicap.” .. On the other hand, there are also voices from viewers who take the … Read more

OPPO Reno5 Series 5G Smart Phone 5G Beautiful Video Shooting 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Super Charge 100% full charge in just 30 minutes

As you know OPPO To be the leader in smartphone fast charging technology that has been recognized by users around the world. Both in terms of the speed of charging Safety that is supported by international standards Along with continuous development of fast charging technology To provide the best charging efficiency And not only flagship … Read more