Viral: Neighbors beg a man to stop having sex every day at 6:00 am | United Kingdom | sexual intercourse | Mirror | Reddit | World

The call for attention was through a letter signed by “your neighbors at number 17”. A case of a residence in United Kingdom was known thanks to the medium The Mirror, after neighbors send a letter begging a man to stop having sex every day at 6.00 am “Just a reminder that you live in … Read more

Standard camera, Danuri camera ‘eye’ followed by 2m class optical mirror

“Did you know that our optical mirror was used in the high-resolution camera ‘LUTI’ of Korea’s first lunar probe, Danuri?” The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea’s representative national measurement standard organization. Yang Ho-soon, senior researcher of the Space Optics Team, whom we met here, said, “The optical mirrors made by the Standards … Read more

“I can see all the women in the men’s restroom”… Everyone was shocked by the ‘special mirror’ installed in the bar

Twitter A special mirror installed in a bar in China is controversial. The men’s and women’s bathrooms are separated by this mirror, and you can peek into the women’s bathroom from the men’s room. On January 22, 2023, according to the Chinese portal, a video filmed in the bathroom of a bar in downtown … Read more

“Would you like to see inside the women’s bathroom?”… ‘Amazing’ Chinese bar with special mirror installed over male urinal

enlarge photo In the women’s bathroom, it looks like an ordinary mirror, but in the men’s bathroom, a woman is adjusting her clothes in a special metal-coated mirror that is reflected through a transparent glass window so that you can see the women’s bathroom across the street. [사진 = 동영상 갈무리] Controversy is brewing locally … Read more

The photo of Romina Malaspina in front of the mirror that drove everyone crazy

This did not go unnoticed by her followers, who took it upon themselves to tell the model, influencer, and DJ everything. “How beautiful, by God!!!!!”, “Always beautiful”, “But what a beautiful woman”, “beautiful”, were some of the comments she received Romina Malaspina after his Instagram post. ► YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: “What a goddess!”: … Read more

Twice Jihyo, capital letter S line reflected in the mirror… This is why girl group one-top body

[마이데일리 = 이승길 기자] Group Twice member Jihyo showed off her unique goddess visual. On the 1st, Jihyo uploaded a picture wearing a dress with the words “Welcome to 2023”. In her photo, Jihyo is posing elegantly while wearing a dress that reveals her shoulder line. In particular, Jihyo’s unrealistic visuals, such as her glamorous … Read more

An argument on the air between Mahmoud Al-Osaili and Yasmine Ezz: “Spur me to say no

08:40 PM Saturday, December 31, 2022 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: The artist, Mahmoud Al-Aseeli, was a guest on the “Kalam Al-Nas” program, presented by the media, Yasmine Ezz, on “mbc” Egypt. During the meeting, Yasmine Ezz put forward a saying to “Al-Osaili”: “Men love the smart woman, but they marry the stupid woman,” which … Read more

The colorless “Mirror 2: Project Z” was renamed “Nova Island Story”, 12/20 early access to shelves | 4Gamers

The ill-fated “Mirror 2: Project Z” is finally about to be officially released. Recently, “Mirror 2: Project Z” was found to be quietly renamed “Novastella Island” (Novastella Island), and it will be available on December 20 in the early access mode. Steam. To review, “Mirror 2: Project Z” is one of the extension projects of … Read more

“Can some Devils look themselves in the mirror?”

De Preter was the man who brought Roberto Martinez to Belgium through contacts in England. After six years, despite their many differences in personality, they became close. Martinez’s exit also hurt him, both professionally and personally. “Football is an unscrupulous jungle,” he says. “One day, you are the hero. The next day, they take you … Read more