Driving school: How to hold the steering wheel, how to adjust the seat and what to see in the mirror

Honza Červenka has been teaching people to drive for a long time, in recent years he has not only devoted himself to circuit riding, but he also organizes sports-defensive driving courses in districts and also does pure defensive driving. For many years, Honza Koubek has been shooting popular videos about cars, which entertain viewers with … Read more

Draghi puts the chaos engineers in front of the mirror of responsibility

Yesterday’s political day was dominated by two important scenes. The first scene, which is the one that counts, saw the Prime Minister as the protagonist Mario Draghiwhich shortly before receiving the broad consensus of the government majority on the resolution linked to its communications in view of the EU Council of 23 and 24 June … Read more

The world’s largest liquid mirror telescope comes online

Ask any astronomer, astrophysicist or cosmologist, and they will probably tell you that a new age of astronomy is upon us! Between breakthroughs in gravitational wave astronomy, the explosion in exoplanet study, and the next generation of ground and space telescopes coming online, it’s clear that we are on the cusp of an era of … Read more

Animated sequences, world map, mirror mode and more!

Home page // Games // Sonic Origins: Animated Sequences, World Map, Mirror Mode and More! Just received some of the new content from Segas Game collection, the first Sonic Adventure, Sonic Origins discovered. The title will have new specially produced cutscenes, a world map, mirror mode and much more. Impressive content Sonic Origins should appear … Read more

Mirror James Webb telescope is damaged after contact with micrometeorite | NOW

The James Webb telescope was hit by a larger-than-normal micrometeorite in late May, space agency reported NASA Wednesday. This caused damage to one of the telescope’s eighteen mirrors. NASA emphasizes that the telescope has been hit by at least four different micrometeorites since its launch in December. These are usually small fragments of an asteroid, … Read more

What can mirrors do? | Alkas.lt

Mirrors in the small bute is an interior detail that helps to optically expand spaces. However, due to the specifics of mirror reflection, a few details need to be known.The primary and most important function of the mirror is to show the viewer. However, its ability to reflect and create optical deception is also used … Read more

What is a liquid mirror telescope, the first Indian telescope in Uttarakhand

The country’s first liquid mirror telescope and Asia’s largest — operating over Devastal, a hill in Uttarakhand — will now monitor the upper skies to identify transiting or shifting objects such as supernovae, gravitational lenses, space debris and asteroids. The Indian Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) will help survey the sky, making it possible to observe … Read more

How to keep the motorcycle mirror from vibrating and to be safe while driving

It is very important for you to know how to prevent the motorcycle mirror from vibrating. This is because it is intended to make driving more comfortable and safe. It does require a bit of precision and patience to get the best results. As we know, a vibrating or shaking rearview mirror can interfere with … Read more

Mirror forest, wishing wall and steel band: Apple step full of surprises

The fifth edition of Appelstap will be a special one. With a mirror forest, wishing wall and the steel band, the Appelstap organization renews every time. But what is a mirror forest? Margareth Bahnmüller knows the answer to that. ‘But I won’t reveal much. That is to attract people to our event. What I do … Read more

The Dimensional Mirror in Doctor Strange Could Be Real

Telset.id – The dimensional mirror in Doctor Strange could become a reality. Scientists propose making mirrors like in the Marvel film. How come? Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is a reality-bending wizard who uses the symmetrical universe to hone his superpowers. The dimensional mirror in Doctor Strange is truly magical because it can turn everything … Read more