Iran Deploys Homemade Missiles in Desert Shows of Strength

loading… TEHERAN – Iran launched the special air defense exercise Modafe’an-e Aseman-e Velayat (Defenders of the Sky Velayat) starting Tuesday (12/10/2021). The maneuver for this show of force was carried out by deploying homemade missiles in the central desert. The military exercise began with the deployment of homemade missiles and the deployment of radar. These … Read more

If US agrees, Saudi Arabia will buy Israeli missile defense system soon

loading… RIYADH – Saudi Arabia has contacted Israel regarding the possibility of procuring a missile defense system. The news was revealed by the news magazine and special trade analysis, Breaking Defense, on Thursday (16/9/2021). The Iron Dome by Israeli defense technology company Rafael and the Barak ER by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are two options … Read more

Iran’s Bavar-373 Missile Defense System Can Outperform Russia’s S-400

The former head of Iran’s Defense Ministry’s Aerospace Organization said experts are developing a new generation of Bavar-373 which will be launched soon. Iran’s Bavar-373 missile defense system has capabilities that outperform the Russian-made S-400. Iran launched its Bavar-373 air missile defense system in August 2019. Bavar is capable of detecting a target or … Read more

New Version of Bavar-373 Missile System Better Than Russia’s S-400

loading… TEHERAN – Defense office Iran claims the latest version of the Bavar-373 missile defense system is more effective and better than sistem S-400 Triumf made in Russia. “A new edition of Bavar-373 is coming and soon, a new edition which may be at the same or higher level than the S-400 will be launched,” … Read more

Russian-made Missile Defense System Successfully Destroys Israeli Missile Attack on Syria

Illustration of a missile fired by Russia to repel an Israeli missile attack headed for Syria. (Source: Iranian Revolutionary Guard/Sepahnews via AP) DAMASCUS, KOMPAS.TV – The Russian-made missile defense system is the key to the success of destroying Israeli missile attacks that lead to Syria. The Russian military on Tuesday (20/7/2021) revealed that it had … Read more