Counterbalance Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles, US develops prototype Glide Phase Interceptor

WASHINGTON – Ministry of Defense Missile Defense Agency United States of America (MDA) continues to develop prototype Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI) to keep pace hypersonic missile Russia and China. The Glide Phase Interceptor is designed to intercept hypersonic missiles in the glide phase of flight. The Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI) prototype has entered phase 2 … Read more

The thing that made Russia fail to achieve air superiority, the S-300 has actually been destroyed – Ukraine who received military assistance from various countries made him more resilient against Russia. Slovakia also provides a system missile anti-aircraft S 300 to that country. However, not long after, the Federation Ministry of Defense Russia claim that the system missile The anti-aircraft had been destroyed. Also Read: Insist on Demanding F-16s and … Read more

Councilor M5s: «The regasification terminal in Piombino? We risk a missile from Putin “

With the regasification terminal in Piombino (Livorno) “we jeopardize the safety of an entire city and transform it into a sensitive target in the event of a military attack by Russia”. He said it Silvia Noferi, regional councilor of the 5 Star Movement, on the sidelines of the session of the regional council in which … Read more

Egypt news | Science and Technology / NASA’s spacecraft finds a crater made by the mysterious rocket that collided with the moon

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Found (LRO)NASA eye in the sky in lunar orbit, on the crash site of the mysterious booster rocket that hit the far side of the moon on March 4, 2022. According to RT, it is surprising that the photos of LROrevealed that the impact crater, which was formed by the impact … Read more

Russia’s Iskander M tactical missile to be sent to Belarus ahead of Jokowi’s arrival to Kiev and Moscow – Missile tactical Iskander M or known as 9K720 Iskander currently being discussed. Because missile tactical Iskander The M, which is Russia’s ultimate weapon, will apparently be sent to Belarus. Also Read: After being ordered by Indonesia, the Rafale fighter jet will be ordered by a rich country in South America Earlier, Russian President … Read more

The United States will supply Ukraine with a Norwegian missile system

The United States will supply Ukraine with an advanced Norwegian-developed anti-aircraft missile system. A source with knowledge of the decision informs the news agency AP. The United States will provide Ukraine with the air defense system NASAMS, which has been developed in Norway. Here from a demonstration of the system in Oslo in 2016. Photo: … Read more

Norwegian Skjold Class Stealth Corvette To Be Upgraded, One Of Its Mainstay Weapons Is Targeted by the Indonesian Navy – AL Norway very lucky to have corvette stealth Shield class. Because corvette stealth Shield class itself becomes a warship belonging to AL Norway very prominent in Scandinavia. Also Read: The advantages are on par with PT Pindad’s SS2 V4 HB! Here’s the World Special Forces’ Dream Assault Rifle And it’s only right if … Read more

Ahead of Jokowi’s visit to Ukraine, Russia hits Kyiv with a series of missile attacks

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will go to Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky after attending the G7 summit in Germany. It is not known exactly what date or when Jokowi will fly to Ukraine. However, ahead of Jokowi’s visit, the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, was hit by a series of missile attacks by … Read more

Anušauskas: Putin offers to hand over Iskander-M tactical missile complex to Belarus

“Lukashenko has proposed to upgrade his existing SU-25 to carry a nuclear weapon in the next few months For Belarus to transfer tactical missile assemblies “Iskander-M“. The same ones who are already in Belarus and shot at Ukraine. After all, new NATO solutions for air defense are just waiting. However, it seems that we should … Read more

Alerts! Russia Returns Kyiv Missile, Civilian Killed

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – War Russia to Ukraine is still happening. Recently, Russia has again attacked the Ukrainian capital, Kiyiv. This is the second time since Russia decided to withdraw troops and focus attacks on eastern Ukraine in April. The attack was also the first in three weeks. In the report AFP The attack destroyed … Read more