Barcelona – La Liga: Not selling Messi was Bartomeu’s last mistake

Barcelona – La Liga Carlos Carpio gives his opinion Barcelona are on the verge of bankruptcy. They’re in debt beyond their means as a result of irresponsible financial management. They have the most expensive squad in the world, and the money isn’t going out. Carles Tusquets confirmed as much on Thursday and it was explained … Read more

Did Donald Trump mistake Maradona for Madonna? Confusion on Twitter

A screenshot of an apparent tweet from US President Donald Trump’s account suggests he misled the soccer legend Diego Maradona with pop singer Madonna. However, local sources confirmed, it was a fabricated tweet. The news of Maradona’s death on November 25, 2020 led many sports stars and public figures to pay tribute to the former … Read more

Zero Day vulnerability discovered in Windows 7 by mistake

A French security researcher has accidentally discovered a zero-day vulnerability or Zero Day. It affects operating systems Windows 7 y Windows Server 2008 R2. Meanwhile, an update of a Windows security tool is being worked on. A Zero Day vulnerability in Windows 7 must be addressed The vulnerability resides in two misconfigured registry keys for … Read more

Leclerc receives the prize of the defeated of Italy for his mistake in Turkey

A humorous TV show rewards the biggest disappointments of the year Charles receives for the first time an award given to Ferrari in 2017 and 2018 Italy takes it again with Ferrari. This time the country does not forgive Charles Leclerc’s mistake that made him lose the podium in Turkey and that is why they … Read more

The worst mistake in the history of the NBA draft

The NBA draft is one of the most important events that the Yankee basketball league has: that night, as happened last Wednesday when Leandro Bolmaro was chosen by the New York Knicks and immediately traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the franchises are distributed to the young stars. One by one, from the laziest to the … Read more

Brexit: a majority of Britons think leaving the EU was a mistake

In this file photo taken on December 11, 2019, British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson poses after nailing a “Get Brexit Done” sign. Source: AFP A record majority of Britons believe that leaving the European Union (EU) was a mistake, according to a new survey, while Britain prepares to leave the single … Read more

Xbox Poland recognizes that the smoking Xbox Series X is a real mistake and will study it

Shortly after Xbox Series X was launched on November 10, the first unit appeared with a really serious failure. A user showed on Reddit how he had found his brand new console fuming from the upper ventilation grill, so he contacted Xbox to make use of the warranty. Its ruling was questioned and many tried … Read more

Trump’s incredible mistake that sparked the mockery of Leeds United

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, still in the eye of the hurricane, as he continues to manifest himself through his twitter account after losing the elections against Joe Biden and on this occasion, the president attacked the chain Fox News and made a curious mistake, that hee cost a series of taunts, … Read more