Make no mistake, this is the reason behind the side effects of vaccines

SIANTAR, – Post-immunization follow-up events such as fever, nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, drowsiness, redness, and itching often occur by vaccination. This is the body’s reaction to a foreign object, in this case a vaccine that is inserted into the body. “The body responds, it is awakened to form immunity,” said the Head of Komnas … Read more

No filter and published by mistake: the bikini photo of Khloé Kardashian that her team wants to delete

These are not easy days for celebrity Khloé Kardashian. To the recent accusations of excessive filters in the images that he uploads to his social networks, he was added in the last hours the filtration of a photo of him in a bikini that was published by mistake by a member of his team and … Read more

They mistake a teacher for a LoL professional in networks and a team hired her

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums The Internet can lead to unexpected confusion. Some of them end in enormous chaos, but many others become stories worth telling. Today we have a case of the latter with the case of a teacher who, after being confused … Read more

Couple unwittingly vandalizes $ 500,000 painting: “They admit they made a mistake” (video)

A young couple vandalized a painting worth $ 500,000 in a gallery in Seoul, South Korea. The staff of a gallery in Seoul were challenged by new marks in dark green color on the painting of graffiti artist Jon One. Police were called and surveillance cameras uncovered that a young couple was behind the marks. … Read more

For Bart De Wever, the events in Bois de la Cambre are a consequence of the closure of schools: “An incredible mistake”

“When I see the pictures of the week, I think closing the schools was an incredible mistake.” According to him, this pushed the young people in the street, to get together and to party. “We really need perspectives. Young people no longer believe in anything,” he continued. He also criticized Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, … Read more

Saying “I got vaccinated, I don’t wear a mask” is the biggest mistake!

THERE IS A BAD TROUBLESHOOTING, DON’T STOP! Istanbul Taksim Training and Research Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Kaan Gideroğlu gave important information to SABAH about the Kovid-19 vaccination process. “Reflects the recently growing numbers all over Turkey fact. Some provinces and districts can be the unique differences. The figures show an increase from one place … Read more

Walter Biot screwed by Russian agent Alexei? “The worst mistake for a spy, so everything ended up in v *** a” – Libero Quotidiano

Aleksej Nemudrov e Dmitry Ostroukhov are the two names hidden behind Walter Biot, the naval officer who was arrested red-handed for selling secret documents for profit. In the order of the investigating judge in Rome, the man is described as an “unscrupulous traitor” and of “extreme danger”, but Alexei and Dmitrij recruited him: he writes … Read more

Donald Trump – Trump mistake: – Thought it was a joke

NEW YORK (Stock Exchange): On the very last day of Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States, on January 19, his administration decided to impose severe international sanctions on a restaurant owner in Verona, Italy. In the original the press releases from the Trump administration, the sanctions were to combat a “network that seeks to … Read more

Dr. Ion Bruckner: “It’s a mistake not to listen to your patient”

What is an internal medicine consultation? One of the major sins of modern medicine is that the patient is no longer examined. Analyzes do not solve everything. Making a diagnosis starts from the discussion with the patient and his examination, after which, obviously, the necessary analyzes must be made to make a correct diagnosis. Any … Read more

Formula 1 | Schumacher to learn from his mistake in Bahrain race

Mick Schumacher reconsidered his mistake at the start of the race in Bahrain. The German driver made a mistake similar to that of his teammate Nikita Mazepin, but without consequence, and understood what happened. “I made a mistake on turn 4 after the raise” regrets the German. “Once the tires are out of the window … Read more