Heat pump – Avoid this mistake

Air-to-air heat pumps are a popular heating method in this country. The increased electricity prices have meant that sales have reached records. Even in the cabin, more and more people are getting a heat pump. Winter trouble It is recommended to buy and install a heat pump in the spring, as the weather is drier … Read more

Katy Perry says she refused to work with Billie Eilish: – Huge mistake

TALES ABOUT BOMBERT: Katy Perry, pictured here this weekend. Photo: MONICA SCHIPPER/AFP/NTB – Don’t let this leak online, says Perry jokingly in a new video. Katy Perry (38), one of the world’s biggest pop stars a decade ago, regrets not taking the chance to work with one of her heirs when she had the opportunity. … Read more

a mistake kicked him out of the first team, Fehrvr wants more money for the national football team

Karlsruhe, which is in the German second division, made a specific offer to MOL Fehrvr FC for the Georgian national team Budu Zivzivadz, but the Belarusians declined the offered amount. Roland Juhsz, MOL Fehrvr FC’s sports director, gave a clean slate about Budu Zivzivadz at the Cstrtk fan office. He stated that the Georgian footballer … Read more

Dutch viewers ask themselves questions about Erik Van Looy’s ‘mistake’ in ‘De slimste mens’: “Why with him?”

Erik Van Looy — © npo Erik Van Looy made his first appearance on Thursday in the Dutch version of ‘De slimste mens’. You might expect that a man who has been presenting that popular quiz program with us for almost 20 years knows the rules, but some Dutch viewers were annoyed by a ‘mistake’ … Read more

“A mistake to focus on weapons”: the protest of pacifists

<!––> Imagoeconomica Weapons, more weapons, only weapons. Without a parallel effort to find a diplomatic solution. This is the reading shared in the world of disarmament and peace associations, in the face of the next decree, the sixth, for the shipment of Italian armaments to the Ukrainian armed forces. “The Meloni government follows the same … Read more

Aleksandra Kwaśniewska pointed out a mistake to journalists. It’s about Iga Świątek

Aleksandra Kwasniewska made her media debut quite unexpectedly and relatively early. Teenage Ola’s life changed dramatically when her father became president in the 1990s. Kwaśniewska naturally grew up in front of Poles, and as soon as the right moment came, she appeared in “Dancing with the Stars”. When the leg sweeping on the dance floor … Read more

It became known about the main mistake of drivers when parking cars with automatic transmission

The expert spoke about the main mistake when parking a car with automatic transmission After parking the car, drivers often put the automatic transmission selector in (P) mode and turn off the engine, and then run into problems. About this writes the publication “Behind the wheel”. Often, drivers who have a car with automatic transmission … Read more

[스포츠타임] Why did the referee recognize the goal as a Manchester derby stained with ‘mistake controversy’?

▲ Why was Bruno Fernandez’ goal recognized? [스포티비뉴스=김한림·장하준 영상기자]”Why Bruno Fernandes’ Manchester Derby Score Was Recognized?!” The scene of Bruno Fernandes scoring in the Manchester derby on the 14th received a lot of attention. Before Fernandez scored, Marcus Rashford, who was in an offside position, followed the ball but did not touch it, and Fernandez … Read more

The man who captured Matteo Messina Denaro: “I’ll explain what his decisive mistake was”

The General of the Carabinieri Pasquale Angelosanto is the commander of the Ros which he arrested Matthew Messina Money. In an interview with Corriere della Sera today explain what betrayed the last of the Corleonesi. And he says the real investigation begins now. By pointing to the network that protected it in thirty years on … Read more