D’Aversa: “First goal taken from our mistake”

The comment of the Sampdoria coach Roberto D’Aversa after Sampdoria-Torino, match ended 2-1 in favor of the grenade A bitter defeat for Sampdoria, which does not find victory from the challenge in the Italian Cup with the grenades. The Sampdoria, who initially had the advantage with Caputo, were recovered and then beaten by Toro, thanks … Read more

More and more questions about the meaning of an exceptional Dutch lockdown: “A mistake”

© BELGAIMAGE The Netherlands was the only European country to go into lockdown in December. Some experts defend that decision, others – such as Dr Jeroen Van der Hilst, infectiologist at Jessa Hospital – call it a simple mistake. On Friday, the brand new Dutch government will decide whether the measures will be extended or … Read more

Djokovic statement: Sorry for the wrong itinerary, clarifying the controversy before and after contracting the new crown – yqqlm

Original title: Djokovic statement: Sorry for the wrong itinerary, clarifying the controversy before and after contracting the new crown On January 12, Beijing time, Djokovic, the world number one in men’s singles, used his social platform to clarify the many recent controversies surrounding his re-infection with the new crown at the end of last year. … Read more

A new mistake in the African Cup!

Embarrassing situations continued in the African Cup of football, with the wrong national anthem of Mauritania playing three times ahead of its opening match against Gambia in Limbe. The incident came two hours after the hustle and bustle in the Tunisia-Mali match, when the referee ended the match before the end of its regular time, … Read more

Djokovic gave an interview knowing he was infected with COVID-19 – admits he made a mistake

World tennis player no. 1 Djokovic posted a statement on his Instagram account that he attended a children’s tennis event the day after he was tested for COVID-19. “I had not received a positive PCR test report before that event,” the report said. “The next day, December 18, I was at my tennis center in … Read more

Qiu Biao: The players reflect the fighting spirit He Xining: Every time he touches Guo Shao, he has a learning attitude – yqqlm

Original title: Qiu Biao: The players reflect the fighting spirit He Xining: Every time I touch Guo Shao, I have a learning attitude On January 11, Beijing time, the Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team regrettably lost 90-92 to the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team. After the game, Shenzhen men’s basketball coach Qiu Biao said when talking about … Read more

Viral video | Contest program pays a grand prize to one of its participants after a mistake in a question | YouTube Jimmy Carr | United Kingdom | nnda nnrt | CHEKA

Updated on 01/06/2022 07:13 pm Justice takes time, but it comes. Channel 4 of United Kingdom gave 18,000 pounds (over $ 24,000) to a contestant from ‘I Literally Just Told You’, the new quiz show from Jimmy Carr; however, his contestant lost not because he did not know the answer but because the question was … Read more

Constant disappointment? The sexologist sees our repeated mistake in relationships all the time: After the breakup, we are convinced that we no longer want such a guy and then?

We’ll find something similar anyway! It would be nice to realize all the mistakes after the breakup of the relationship and never repeat the same. But we are unteachable in love. Although we can learn and change our behavior, we will not change our personality. Why do women make the same mistakes in relationships? If … Read more

The tragedy in Tapolca: outlines what may have led to the terrible mistake of the authorities

As it is Infostart also reported four of them died in an accident in Tapolca on New Year’s Day in a railroad crossing. It was known that a passenger survived the accident, a young girl – but it turned out she was not the one the authorities first thought. Following the Word of Sümeg, Blikk … Read more

The Dakar “classics” are about mushrooms in the desert and a strategic mistake

The machines in the Dakar Classic group are divided into three classes H1, H2 and H3. Only the latest classic cars can start in the latter. The Lithuanian Toyota BJ 71, manufactured in 1987, could be registered in the H1 or H2 category. The speeds in these categories also vary by about 10 to 15 … Read more