They denounce alleged mistreatment of owl in Torreón; they thought she was a witch

Digital Millennium Torreón, Coahuila / 14.04.2021 15:19:00 Through the social networks of the Animal Defense Office from Keep, the alleged mistreatment of an owl was reported, which they said was a ‘witch’. The events were recorded in the Colonia José Ramírez Mijares, where neighbors allegedly murdered a large owl, on the grounds that it was … Read more

Mother suspects mistreatment for directing driving with children in car

Inês Banha 05 April 2021 at 08:13 Judge of the Azores had considered that it was a mere “estradal offense” and denied expertise to the cell phone. Relação says it may have endangered children. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) of Ribeira Grande, in the Azores, is investigating a woman for suspected crimes of abuse and … Read more

Chantal Abad said she was not surprised by the accusations of mistreatment of German Martitegui

The chef referred to the difficulties she had to go through in the gastronomic world and the unequal treatment of women. 04/04/2021 Chantal Abad became known for being part of Morfi with Gerardo Rozín. From Telefe went to America and now it is part of the cycle That’s where Guillermo Andino and Soledad Fandiño drive. … Read more

Obstetric violence affects almost half of mothers in the SUS, but it is normalized – 03/30/2021 – Balance and Health

Almost half of Brazilian women who have their children through the public health system are targets of a type of invisible aggression, obstetric violence. Despite this, this violence has no penal classification, is not recognized by the Ministry of Health and continues to be seen as a cultural aspect of childbirth, with a low rate … Read more

Telefe in the eye of the storm: rumors of mistreatment of famous people in a successful program grow

This last time, Telefe was on everyone’s lips due to the strong rumors of Cristina Prez’s transfer to Canal Trece, and now, the problem will be the famous cycle “MasterChef Celebrity“. Is that in the last hours, the successful contest I received a complaint of mistreatment from one of the last contestants who was eliminated, … Read more

Will Smith breaks down in tears when Fresh Prince co-star Janet Hubert relives the actor’s ‘mistreatment’ of her on the show’s set

Will Smith burst into tears when his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star Janet Hubert relived the actor’s “mistreatment” of her on set. The emotional conversation with the actress, who played Aunt Viv on the hit ’90s sitcom, came on Friday’s episode of the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk. The former co-stars buried the ax … Read more

They denounce mistreatment of an elderly man who continued to sell his newspapers under tropical storm Gamma

This weekend the states of the Yucatan Peninsula were affected by tropical storm Gamma, which generated heavy rains in the region; It was under these climatic conditions that Facebook user Genny Escalante took a photo of an elderly man, who, sitting in a wheelchair, continued to sell her newspapers on an avenue in Mérida, Yucatán. … Read more

Relatives of political prisoners in Venezuela reiterate complaints of mistreatment | Video

Relatives of political prisoners in Venezuela continue to denounce, as the UN report states, that their relatives are victims of torture and degrading treatment. Molly de la Sotta, director of the NGO Familiares de Presos Políticos y Militares de Venezuela, updated on the condition of her brother, Captain Luis Humberto de la Sotta, who has … Read more

animals in poor health and in an advanced state of decomposition, “there is an emergency” (photos)

Posted on Sunday, September 6, 2020 at 09:40 a.m. By Antoine Pontrandolfi Friday evening, the Society for the Protection of Animals of Mouscron broadcast images that are cold in the back. We see animals in poor health or in an advanced state of decomposition in an individual. The director calls out to the mayor for … Read more

Investigation of labor abuse in the Ellen Degeneres show – Movies and Tv – Culture

The WarnerMedia company hired the services of an independent investigation for the program ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, after knowing several testimonies that denounce a “toxic” work culture, professional harassment and racism in the team. The magazine run by DeGeneres since 2003 is one of the most watched programs in the TV in United States. (You … Read more