Having mixed an unexpected ingredient into the kugel dough, Jurga has no doubts: you will enjoy every bite

Jurga Medžionienė, who lives in Norway, likes to experiment in the kitchen, and with this interest and successful results, she is in no way inferior to her husband, Inge, who worked as a restaurant chef for many years. And this time, Jurga, the author of the blog “Skanios istorijos” treats her followers with a new … Read more

Balinska’s and Chukste’s teams have mixed success in the quarterfinals of the Czech Extra League

“Bīlī Tygrži” of Liberec, represented by Latvian defenseman Uvja Jānis Balinskas, suffered a loss in the second game of the quarterfinals of the Czech Hockey Extra League in Hradeckrālov on Monday, while “Ocelārži” of Tršinec, represented by Kārļis Čukste, celebrated a victory in Prague. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Bīlī Tygrži” from Liberec … Read more

“Terrible Hybrid Treatment”… Queen Dong-joo, tears while confessing to mixed race discrimination (Attack’s Sisters)

SNS star ‘Queen Dong-ju’ Han Dong-joo, who boasts over 1 million views in ‘Attack Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, scrambled.On the 21st, ‘Attack on Sisters (Co-produced by Media S and SK Broadband)’, SNS star Han Dong-joo showed off a colorful and powerful dance and heated up the atmosphere in the salon. Han Dong-joo, who showed off his … Read more

Scientists find rocks mixed with plastic debris on Brazilian island | climate

16 mrt 2023 om 08:30Update: een dag geleden Scientists have discovered rocks mixed with molten plastic on the volcanic island of Trindade in Brazil. They speak of a worrying discovery, because the amount of plastic waste on the island is increasing. According to the scientists, plastic pollution is mainly caused by fishing nets, which are … Read more

Players who change their nationality… ‘betrayal’ and ‘choice’ mixed views

Lin Xiaojun singing the Chinese national anthem From Victor An to Lin Xiaojun, gold medals in other countries There are more naturalized players in Korea, including China. At the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Championships held in Seoul, Lin Xiaojun (Chinese/Korean name Lim Hyo-jun) won the gold medal in the relay event. Just as Viktor … Read more

[Germany Badminton Championships]Ng Ka Long and Lee Cheuk Yiu broke into the top 8 men’s singles and mixed doubles “Li Wupei” got revenge and advanced

[Sports News]The Hong Kong Badminton Team continued to split their battles in the top 16 of the Super 300 German Open on Thursday (9th). Together with their Spanish opponents, they reached the top 8. The mixed doubles team Li Jinxi/Wu Zhirou also defeated Indonesian Dejan Ferdinansyah/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja 2:0 in the number of rounds, repaying … Read more

The key metal for batteries is getting cheaper, and the price can also be mixed with a Chinese card

In the cobalt market last year, supply exceeded demand. British company Darton Commodities says this was mainly due to a sharp increase in production in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it has commissioned several new mines in the past two years. The supply of mined cobalt thus increased by 23% to 187,060 tons in … Read more

Tragic Man Drinking Alcohol Mixed with Viagra Ends in Death

Surabaya – A 41-year-old man in India tragically died. He died after taking Viagra and alcohol together. Quoted from detikhealth, The incident started when this man from Nagpur, India was staying at a hotel with a girlfriend. The two drank alcohol together before the man took two tablets containing 50 mg of Viagra brand sildenafil. … Read more

The last competition of the season in the mixed relay ends with the victory of French biathletes / Article

5. marts, 12:24 Added March 5, 1:41 p.m The French biathlon team, consisting of Lou Jeanmont, Caroline Colombo, Eric Perot and Fabien Claude, finished in one hour, six minutes and 32.3 seconds. The Swedish biathletes finished second, 33.6 seconds slower, while the bronze went to the Norwegians, who were 38.3 seconds behind the winners. Leaders … Read more

Mixed on Wall Street on the first trading day of the week: – The world we live in now cannot continue

The article continues below the ad This is how it looked for the leading US stock market indices at closing time on Monday: The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which consists of 30 hand-picked supposedly important stocks, rose 0.12 percent The Nasdaq Composite, which is dominated by technology stocks, fell 0.11 percent The collective index S&P … Read more