Central – Israel’s mobilization continues and anticipation of Netanyahu’s speech

Awaiting what the enemy prime minister will say in the government session tomorrow, the media interest in Israel declined yesterday regarding the Megiddo operation, and the occupation army is still on high alert along the northern borders, according to “newsWhile the enemy’s media continued to present reports, comments and analyzes that did not remove the … Read more

The Russians flee from mobilization to an exotic island. 20,000 people come there every month.

15 mark 2023, 12:39 | PAP | REN Foto: diy13 / Shutterstock Russians are fleeing their country for fear of mobilization and going to the front. This does not please the inhabitants of the Indonesian island of Bali, which some Russians like. The first deportations have already taken place. According to Al-Jazeera TV, in 2022, … Read more

ISW told what choice the Kremlin will face – World – tsn.ua

The defense enterprises of the Russian Federation began to take people with a criminal record and drug addiction. Russian the authorities continue to take steps to mobilize the Russian military-industrial base (OPB), which is experiencing difficulties for a long war against Ukraine. In particular, those measures that will force the Kremlin to choose between skilled … Read more

Greece: new mobilization in Athens after the train disaster | TV5MONDE

The Greek Prime Minister has apologized to the families of the victims of the train disaster which killed 57 people this week. The head of the Larissa station, implicated, is heard by the courts. New demonstrations are taking place in tribute to the deceased and to demand the truth. The details of our correspondent in … Read more

Union mobilization of the police in front of the Tihange nuclear power plant

A police union action began on Monday morning in front of the Tihange nuclear power plant, in the Liège entity of Huy. This brings together around a hundred officers who are demanding in particular better working conditions and measures to make the police profession more attractive. A hundred police gathered Monday at 6:30 am, in … Read more

The mobilization of a village for Divine N’Sunda, threatened with eviction

A school’s fight to prevent the expulsion of a host of Congolese origin arouses unprecedented emotion in Gentinnes, which is now spreading across the country. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the Culture Department By Nicolas Crousse Published on 03/3/2023 at 16:24Reading time: 4 mins Çit happens as in the opening of the Trial, by … Read more

The indigenous movement of Ecuador demands the resignation of Guillermo Lasso and declares itself in permanent mobilization

(CNN Spanish) — After a twelve-hour meeting of the Expanded Council of leaders and grassroots structures of the indigenous movement at the Casa de la Cultura in Quito, the president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), Leonidas Iza, announced this Friday that they have decided break the dialogue with the government of … Read more

Mobilization against Barça – AS.com

The Barçagate fire has not been extinguished in Spanish football. If last week the consternation was mainly among fans and institutions, yesterday it was fueled by the step forward of the First and Second clubs at the LaLiga headquarterswhose silence begins to break. The teams met face to face with Barcelona for the first time … Read more

A package of pelmeni for a fallen Russian soldier, the authorities in Siberia boast

Remote and isolated regions of the Russian Federation represent one of the places where the army in a larger rekrutovala their soldiers even before partial mobilization. For men from the regions, joining the ranks of the Russian forces is often one of the easiest ways to provide for a family. The Republic of Tuva, located … Read more