Mobilized rebellion. They had field training

Local residents noticed several armed Russian soldiers fleeing from the large Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground, located a few kilometers from Baranovichi. The fact of the desertion was to be confirmed by the comrades-in-arms of the Russian soldiers. It is known that one of the fugitives is aged 25-26 – we read in the messages published by … Read more

Fight against AIDS has mobilization in Boca Maldita, in Curitiba

Disclosure This Wednesday (11/30) the sidewalk on Rua XV de Novembro, in Boca Maldita, will host a mobilization to reinforce the importance of prevention against infection by HIV, the AIDS virus. The event, which will take place from 9 am to 4 pm, marks the activities of the World AIDS Day, celebrated this Thursday (1/12). … Read more

Russia detains conscientious objectors in at least ten cellars in Ukraine

ASTRA/Telegram NOS News•Tuesday, 6:51 PM•Amended Tuesday, 6:57 PM Paul Alexander foreign editor Paul Alexander foreign editor “We’ll shoot you and put you in a hole in the ground and report you missing to your family.” That was what the mobilized soldier Mikhail Nosov was told by his Russian commanders after his refusal to continue fighting … Read more

Ukraine: Russia is preparing for a new wave of mobilization

It is said that this new wave could begin on December 10, and the mobilization would be carried out both in Russia and in the occupied territories. Recently, rumors about the possible announcement of mobilization in Russia in January have already been circulating on social networks and in the media. Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of … Read more

Maneuver: Landini, strike? We do not exclude anything – Economy

“We are not excluding anything. In our opinion, the maneuver is wrong. As we currently have no place for discussion, nor any certainty that there are possibilities for changes, it is clear that we have to think about any initiative and, since times are very tight, we have to think also to creative forms of … Read more

They would have asked for $300,000: film director accuses unemployed truckers of collecting tolls in La Serena | National

Members of a film production company accused that the mobilized truckers “charged tolls” on Route 5 north in order to pass. $300,000 is the amount that those affected were asked for. A film producer accused that the truckers who are mobilized in the north would be charging money to those who do not adhere to … Read more

Since the beginning of the mobilization, Russian women have intensified their protests against the war in Ukraine: “Nobody listens to us”

Every day they waited for five hours, but no one opened the door to make an appointment with the women or accept their written application. “No one listens to us,” said Viktorija Sannikova, who came from Siberia to take part in the protest. – They are not interested in our problems. We knocked on their … Read more

One million Russians away from Putin’s war – World

“There are journalists who flee because they have lost their jobs, there are those who flee simply because they oppose the war and President Vladimir Putin and lately also many men who didn’t want to go to fight after the mobilization announced in September”. Eva Roporot is a thirty-year-old Moscow academic who works at the … Read more

Hole patching in progress. Russia is preparing a gigantic mobilization [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Tuesday is the 272nd day of the Russian invasion. “Russia is preparing for a new wave of mobilization in January 2023, and the plan calls for 500,000 to 700,000 reservists,” Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, said on Tuesday. Russian independent media, such as the Wiorstka website, write about preparations for the … Read more

Ex Ilva, the strike has begun, in Taranto also garrison and procession – Economy

The strike of the direct workers of Acciaierie d’Italia, of the contract and of Ilva in As called by the unions has begun. In Taranto, an 8-hour stop for each shift, a 4-hour stop at the other group sites. The mobilization was organized “to get rid of – explained the trade union organizations – the … Read more