Vaccine vs. Moderna cancer increases remission in patients with melanomas – El Financiero

Adding a personalized cancer vaccine to the drug Keytruda kept in remission to more melanoma patients than immune therapy alone, they reported Sunday Moderna y Merck & Cowhich revealed the details of a key study. About 79 percent of people who received both treatments remained cancer-free 18 months later in a mid-stage trial, compared with … Read more

Moderna expects its cancer vaccine to be available by the end of the decade

2030 is the deadline that Moderna has set to be able to offer a series of vaccines with which they aspire to make a qualitative leap in the care of highly prevalent diseases. As the company’s medical director, Paul Burton, has assured the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, by the end of the decade “we will … Read more

COVID: Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were withdrawn in the US, what are they and why?

Two years after the vaccines began to be applied Pfizer y Modern against him COVID-19 worldwide, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) I decided to cancel some types of doses so that they are no longer used within the North American country. At the same time that the body approved new types of serums … Read more

Experimental vaccine from Moderna and Merck manages to delay the recurrence of cancer

A experimental cancer vaccine based on the mRNA developed by Moderna Inc y Merck & Co reduced the risk of death or recurrence of the deadliest skin cancer by 44%, compared with Keytruda, Merck’s immunotherapy alone, US researchers reported at a medical meeting on Sunday. The findings suggest that adding a personalized cancer vaccine based … Read more

A Moderna cancer vaccine improves the efficacy of immunotherapy

An experimental messenger RNA vaccine developed by the Moderna company has reduced the risk of cancer progression and mortality in people with metastatic melanoma receiving immunotherapy treatment, according to results of a clinical trial presented at the American Research Association meeting. of the Cancer that is celebrated in Orlando. Moderna’s vaccine, which is created individually … Read more

Vaccine from Moderna and Keytruda May Delay Recurrence of Deadly Skin Cancer

An experimental mRNA vaccine developed by Moderna and Keytruda reduced by 44% the risk of death or recurrence of skin cancer deadlier compared to that of KeytrudaUS researchers reported at a medical meeting on Sunday. The findings suggest that adding a personalized cancer vaccine to Keytruda could prolong the time patients have without recurrence or … Read more

The Moderna pharmaceutical company assures that it will have a vaccine against the syncytial virus ready in 2024 for people over 60 years of age

3 min. The first vaccine prevention against respiratory syncytial virus for people over 60 years of age will be ready in 2024, as assured by the medical director of Moderna in Spain, Jose Maria Guillenwho explained that it is about acting against one of the most frequent and serious respiratory viruses for the extremes of … Read more

Moderna says potential flu vaccine needs further study

Moderna shares fell Tuesday morning after the developer of the COVID-19 vaccine said its potential flu vaccine needs further study in a late-stage clinical trial. The company said an independent data and safety monitoring board found that the potential vaccine “did not meet the statistical threshold necessary to declare an early success” in the study. … Read more

Moderna and BioNTech want to fight cancer with vaccine

© AP The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech and Moderna were the tipping point in the fight against Covid. Both developers now also want to use the same technology to detect and destroy cancer cells. A cancer vaccine by 2030? “It is certainly not unrealistic,” says immunologist and cancer expert Jo Van Ginderachter (VUB). Anton Goegebeur … Read more