Elden Ring: Play as Dark Link, Harry Potter, Darth Vader or Darth Maul thanks to mods

Elden Ringthe latest from FromSoftware that has already passed the 13 million of copies sold worldwide, receives a new variety of mods that will delight fans of The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars y Harry Potter. In recent weeks we have seen the most striking outfits from the most creative users: there are several examples, … Read more

Batman: Arkham Knight looks more impressive than ever at 8K and ray-tracing thanks to mods

It may not have been the best optimized game to start with. PCbut over time Batman: Arkham Knight has become one of the favorite titles of the modders; the community loves to tinker with the latest installment of the saga Batman with which Rocksteady put an end to the serie Arkhamand proof of this is … Read more

the easy mode of the game prevails in Nexus Mods

Game that comes out on PC, game that the community moddea to include new and sometimes better additions, mechanics, textures or graphics. It seems like a unwritten rulebut get to this platform, even those console exclusives like God of War, translates to that. Not all games are moddeablesmany for its architecture Do not allow or … Read more

Tekken 7 and Elden Ring mod causes problems for Bandai Namco

It’s been a month since he arrived Elden Ring from FromSoftware and its reception has been so good that it inspired the mod creators to imagine a game of fights with their characters, using Tekken 7 as base. the mod of Tekken 7 in question was made by Ultraboy (@uwais_alqarani), who presented it on Twitter … Read more

console mods make ‘simulated handheld GameCube’ a reality

Start » Top News » Random: Console mods make ‘simulated portable GameCube’ a reality image: via GingerOfOz (YouTube) Think back to previous generations of Nintendo and you might remember models of GameCube handhelds inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP. If you want to have a real copy of something like this, well… that’s exactly … Read more

Console mods make the “Dummy Portable GameCube” a reality

Image: via GingerOfOz (YouTube) Think back to previous generations of Nintendo and you might recall GameCube handheld models inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP. If you want a real copy of something like that, well… that’s it Console modr and “GingerOfOz” on YouTube created. The mod was able to downsize this model into a … Read more

Age of Empires IV: Roadmap for 2022: Leaderboard, Mods & More Coming

In the new year 2022, Age of Empires IV players can expect a lot. Now the developers have presented the roadmap for the new year. Although more content was promised towards the end, the roadmap for 2022 essentially consists of two seasons. In Season 1 in spring you can expect the start of the ranked … Read more

GTA V looks this amazing with photorealistic mod and ray tracing | Grand Theft Auto | video games | GTA 6 | SPORT-PLAY

The developer company Rockstar Games has not yet shared details about the project GTA 6. It has focused, during the last few months, on the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a compilation of three old games, including Vice City. Waiting for the announcement of the sixth installment, the community … Read more