If you are missing any of the most popular GTA mods, there is a reason: Take-Two orders their withdrawal

Rockstar’s parent company has changed the mod policy and is taking down several projects for the DMCA. It seems that Rockstar’s parent company Take Two Interactive is getting serious about the dreaded DMCA, and they are claiming copyrights to several of the most popular mods on the GTA saga, knocking down their access. A) Yes … Read more

Dark Souls Nightfall, the PC fan sequel, to be released a month before Elden Ring

The modders behind the development of Dark Souls: Nightfall, a sequel to the first Dark Souls, have announced the release date of the title: December 21 of 2021. Indeed, it is a month before the premiere of Elden Ring, the next FromSoftware game to hit PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, and Xbox … Read more

The mod to play Valheim in virtual reality adds motion controls

In early April, modders Brandon Mousseau and Maddy25 posted a mod that allows you to play in virtual reality a Valheim. Although it was a step further into the immersion in the Viking world, the control was limited to mouse and keyboard or command. But this June 21 they have published a update that adds … Read more

Flight Simulator, mods: how to install and apply airline liveries to airplanes – News

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been available for a few days and the first freeware is starting to arrive. Among them is a livery pack (of the paintings) for two of the aircraft in the game, namely the Airbus A320neo and the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. To install these liveries or any other freeware, nothing could … Read more

Epic Games Store begins beta test with support for mods and achievements – Gaming – News

You expect Epic to build the features that Steam has spent nearly 17 years on in just under 2 years? Slightly faster should be possible, but you should not have such strange expectations. It makes sense that a new product would take a while to become a worthy competitor. GoG lacks even more features than … Read more

Fan creates a new Zelda with the Ocarina of Time engine

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / To The passage of time and the arrival of suitable tools on PC have allowed fans to unleash many projects that are based on the essential elements of their favorite games. Deliveries of The Legend of Zelda In Nintendo 64 … Read more