“Mom, I missed the plane!”: injuries still significant for Joe Pesci

The actor who played Harry – one of the famous thieves from the “Mom, I missed the plane!” – returned to his numerous injuries sustained during the filming of the films and more particularly when it was necessary to set him on fire. • Read also: My beautiful Christmas tree: 5 tips to keep your … Read more

California mom speaks out after losing infant son to RSV complications

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. – A Southern California mother who lost her infant son to RSV is sharing her tragic story to warn other parents as a wave of the dangerous virus is rapidly spreading across the country. “He was truly the best baby and the sweetest little soul. We loved him. We love him so … Read more

How have the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt changed? Their daughter wanted to be a boy. She looks like mom now

Now Maddox is 21 years old. Since 2019, he has been studying in Korea – not one, but three majors. The boy is very talented. He is said to speak five languages. “I’m happy that Maddox has grown up to be such a good man.” He’s smart but also hard-working,” Jolie told Entertainment Tonight.

“Is mom going to allow that?”

Apparently the couple would spend parties together and not in the company of their families. One of the most criticized couples of 2022 were patrick parody y Luciana Fuster, who have now announced that they will spend Christmas together and on the plane. This news was covered by the entertainment program that leads Rebecca Writenswho … Read more

Little S fell on a bicycle and “sprayed 4 teeth”. Mom thought something was wrong: Do you want to talk to Xu Yajun | Entertainment | CTWANT

Be safe while biking! Recently, the host Xiao S said on the show that she once fell on a bicycle in the park and sprayed 4 teeth. When her mother knew about it, she asked Xiao S if she had been domestically abused and if she should talk to Xu Yajun. Xiao S recently said … Read more

“This phone is weirder than taking your mom to see Nymphomaniac at the movies”

One thing is for sure – in the not-so-distant past, phone designers were really brave. The era of smartphones has brought us more options, but also a certain boredom in the appearance of our devices. And before, companies were not afraid to experiment with strange solutions – QWERTY keyboards, folding phones, buttons and displays in … Read more

15-year-old stabbed neighbor (53) to death to protect mom and sister (Maldegem)

©  svg A teenager who stabbed his 53-year-old neighbor to death during an argument has been acquitted by the Ghent juvenile court. The judge considers it proven that he acted in lawful self-defense: he wanted to protect his younger sister and his mother. “He thought they were in mortal danger.” Cedric Lagast, Laura Moens and … Read more

Oh Eun-young, miss and grieve your mom to your heart’s content. 4 siblings who lost their mother. Real advice to a single daddy. My baby is like gold.

‘My baby like gold’ (Photo=screen capture) Oh Eun-young gave comfort to a single dad who is raising four siblings who lost their mother. On Channel A’s ‘My Little Baby These Days,’ which aired on the 18th, the worries of a single dad raising four siblings alone were revealed. On this day, a single dad with … Read more

Julia Dybowska took her mother to the Chanel party: “Are you sure it’s mom, not SISTER?” (PICTURES)

Julia Dybowska appeared in the world of show business thanks to her relationship with a Tehran billionaire Robertem Chenguizem. Although many did not bode well for the celebrity and a businessman over 30 years her senior happy ending, the couple are together to this day. Dybowska does not hide that she is with her beloved … Read more