The matches of D. Motiejūnas’ season determined the victory of Monaco in the Euroleague club derby

Lithuanian in Monaco (8-2) compensated for the loss of Mike James and scored as many as 28 points, and his team 84:82 (19:20, 27:21, 22:20, 16:21) overtook Vilerban’s ASVEL (7-4). D. Motiejūnas scored 8 double points out of 12, 2 three points out of 3 and 6 free throws out of 10 in 27 minutes. … Read more

Blow for “Monaco” club: Kaunas will probably come without the brightest star | Euroleague

The Monegasque reported that the defender will not be able to compete for about 10 days due to muscle sprain. A more accurate diagnosis will become clearer after more detailed research, so James’ time without basketball may be extended. James was injured in a match with Istanbul’s Fenerbahche, where he scored as many as 31 … Read more

Former great hope of Monaco, Bongiovanni is relaunched at Patro Maasmechelen

Adrien Bongiovanni, who was without a club this season after the termination of his last year of contract with Monaco, initialed a 6-month contract with Patro Maasmechelen, ambitious leader in D3 ahead of FC Liège. After two difficult last years, the Liege has agreed to go down two notches in the hope of relaunching his … Read more

James rages in Istanbul, but Monaco loses to Fenerbach | Euroleague

In a point-to-point match at Fenerbach, he escaped to victory in the fourth quarter after winning 16: 5 and gaining a double-digit lead (83:71). After playing the most productive match with the Monaco outfit, M.James still tried to save the guests (84:79), but the hosts withstood. Originating from the bench and playing for 12 minutes, … Read more

New public appearance for the children of Charlene of Monaco: Jacques and Gabriella attended an event on the Rock

After Monaco’s National Day, on November 19, the twins of Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II made a new public appearance on Monday, November 29. They attended a new event alongside their dad and aunt Princess Caroline of Hanover. Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco are increasingly present at public events on the Rock. The … Read more

Charlene of Monaco “divorce”, this plot foiled by Albert

In recent months, Charlene of Monaco, but also Prince Albert of Monaco, have been targeted by a smear campaign. The implosion of the princely couple is regularly fueled. It would perhaps be the work of the old guard of the principality which would refuse the princely reforms. This track was mentioned in Paris Match last … Read more

French media: Neymar is expected to be reimbursed in 2021 due to injury for six weeks

Original title: French media: Neymar expects six weeks of truce due to injury, early reimbursement in 2021 In the 3-1 reversal of Saint-Etienne in Paris last night, Neymar left the field due to injury before the end. When he jumped to avoid the tackle, Neymar landed with his left foot on the opponent’s foot, which … Read more

In the Principality of Monaco, a space victory from the center of the square Euroleague

3 seconds before the end of the match, Vilerban’s ASVEL lag was 2 points. Things were going to get worse for the visitors. However, the striker who played the career match was the first to catch the ball, turned around and bitched the season throw, butter from the midfield. VIDEO: The wonders of the Euroleague: … Read more

Is the palace lying about the status of the Duchess of Monaco?

FÜLES Princess Charlène of Monaco is officially said to be struggling with nervous exhaustion, but an insider says it’s a lie and doesn’t need medical treatment for it. 2021-11-26 06:00:06 Author: The_M He announced a week ago II. Albertthat his wife has already retreated from the world to nervous exhaustion and help with your mental … Read more

“Leave her alone”: Albert of Monaco talks with Stéphane Bern and sees red

Enough is enough. We wrote it this November 23, rumors are rife about Charlene of Monaco. On the brink of death according to the American press, helped by a Russian billionaire according to that of Great Britain … the 43-year-old princess has fed in spite of herself all kinds of speculation since her express return … Read more